Shamans, Me, and my crazy Ideas

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Galok Icewolf
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Shamans, Me, and my crazy Ideas

Postby Galok Icewolf » Thu Feb 08, 2001 6:14 am

Shamans, good ole' shamans. They were our nothern friends of great stature and small minds. In my humble opinion I've always seen shamans as more of a 'Paladin', 'Ranger' type class. What I mean is mainly warrior like with a few spells rather then based mostly on spells. 2-3 spells a level at max with a little better set up for hiting skills and such. I belive this would do 2 things. 1st would make it so spirits can be helpers not tanks. 2nd it would make them less dependent on spells.

I don't see any barbarian, much less troll or shaman casting much, and in Soj2 they seemed more like medicine men. *Shrug*. Of course I wouldn't want them to be a paladin wannabe.

Just an Idea, prolly a crazy one at that.

Galok Icewolf

P.s. The spell list would have to change alot, but in the end I think the game would be better for it.
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Postby cherzra » Thu Feb 08, 2001 8:12 am

I really like the spells shamans get on duris, they are really 'shamanistic'. On Toril, they are just a combination of cleric/enchanter/whatever, but all spells on duris are pretty much unique to the class. And most of 'em are pretty darn nifty..
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Postby Klurg » Thu Feb 08, 2001 5:54 pm

Duris just made druids so very useless with their setup of the shaman they got etherportal = moonwell
iceball more damage then sunray
greater mending as good as a heal except it dont cure blindness
purify spirit = cure blindness and other negative enchantments
earthen rain a tad worse then doom

The rest of the spells is fairly well with what I think of a shaman. I see them as a medicine man. A regen spell would surely fit in there and some version of the purify spirit mebbe. Ravenflight should be levitate and a faster regenaration of movement points.

Shamans rule!!!

/Klurg Split Skull
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Postby Braggo » Thu Feb 08, 2001 9:56 pm

ya can't forget (greater)earthen grasp, when it still did massive area damage and para'd it was crazy.

Nekler BlazingWolf
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Postby Nekler BlazingWolf » Tue Feb 13, 2001 1:55 pm

Played a shaman on Duris long enough to figure out how to get outta town, and then just lost intrest in Duris all together.
So with that being said.. I can't really comment on how their spells were, but I do agree that something needs to be done with shaman's on Sojourn. With the move of tanking to being more twards PC's, that pretty much leaves shamans filling the role of temporary cleric(heal)/enchanter(stone) at lower levels, and at higher levels basicly just gheal. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't like knowing that the only reason I'm in a group is because the type of person they really wanted wasn't on. I liked shaman they way they were on soj2 pretty much. Had a little bit of tanking with spirits here and there, and also had some nifty spells that came in handy if you knew when and where to use them. I guess what I'm really curious about is what the staff has in store for this class.
I see shaman as someone that is in tune with the spirits, and someone that takes care of the clan they belong to. As such, they should have more group type spells.. altho that might be hard to balance and not take away from other classes. Might also consider making their spirit more like a familure since it will be pretty much useless as a tank from what I understood. Even if it isn't downgraded that much, a shaman's spirit wasn't just there to take damage for the shaman. It was there to give advice and help the shaman through hard times and choices.
Might be kinda hard to implement in a mud setting, but they are just my ideas of what a shaman and a spirit guide are ment to be.
Enough of my rambling for now I guess..
I look forward to seeing what the staff has planned for all the classes. Any word on when that might be? Image
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Postby Ragorn » Tue Feb 13, 2001 6:09 pm

I've shamaned for 3 wipes now on Duris, I can give you some idea of what the spells over there do. Most, if not all of these wouldn't be practical in the Sojourn setting, but we can get some ideas and go from there.

Molevision 3rd - Lowers enemy tohit roll. I could see this being usable.

Mousestrength 4th - Lowers enemy strength, and thus damageroll. Also viable.

Shrewtameness 5th - Like ray of enfeeblement, this drastically reduces enemy combat effectiveness. When combined with the above 2, probably too much for Sojourn.

Hawkvision 4th - Considerable (5 or 6 at level 50) +hit for a friendly player. If people object to the 1/1 Ranger spell I proposed, forget it.

Lionrage 6th - The damage equivalent of Hawkvision, maybe +4-6 damage at level 50. Not viable for Sojourn.

Elephantstrength 7th - Raises max_str and max_con about 18-23 points each, with accompanying +dam and hp bonuses. Lowers agi and dex by 35-40. Max stats are significantly more influential on Duris than Sojourn, I doubt this would be very viable on Sojourn.

Ravenflight 7th - Low duration, refreshable fly. Not on Sojourn.

Earthen Grasp 6th - Low damage elemental spell with a chance to minor para. Minor para being useless on Sojourn, I don't see this being much use.

Greater Earthen Grasp 11th - Area spell, significant damage and chance to minor para all mobs in the room. Since Sojourn zone fights are just inferno/swarm fests anyway, area minor para is pretty bunk.

Iceball 9th - Standard single target spell. Less damage than bigby's clenched fist, and it's cold-based so prot-cold will halve the damage. It's a generic damage spell that gets through globe, which higher level shamans sorely need.

Earthen Rain 10th - Area spell, moderate damage + earthquake effect. Nice compliment to group heal, could possiby find some use on Sojourn as a quest spell.

Etherportal 10th - Moonwell. Shyeah, right.

Basically Duris shamans serve two purposes.. they enchant players/mobs with their animal spells, and in a pinch they can put out some damage with iceball and greater earthen grasp (GEG was the only area not severely downgraded on Duris). Sojourn shamans aren't built to fit that role, but I think 2 or 3 of these spells could be salvagable for Sojourn. If nothing else I think a moderate damage, unglobable nuke would be a good idea, and possibly a high level area quest spell, like Earthen Rain. Something that doesn't do a whole lot of damage, but produces a nice side effect (like quake).

Of course, the 6 invokers in your group might get upset if you quake them out of their infernoes, but fuggem! :P

- Ragorn
Galok Icewolf
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Postby Galok Icewolf » Wed Feb 14, 2001 12:47 am

Yea, thats what I am saying. ROFL, Invokers have plenty of damage anyways. Not etherportal, but maybe like spirit teleport or something, they need a travel spell of some sort. Image
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Postby Gormal » Wed Feb 14, 2001 9:17 pm

Not to bring another MUD into this forum too much but I like in alot of ways what Duris did with shamans. They took the groupheal spell and made it do about 80 to everything in the rooms and doesnt cure blindness (mobs included) and not be instacast. and gave them some damage potential. Duris doesnt have the beefy spirit tanks or small mentals though. That would mre then make up for them not having the lame etherportal. Some ok damage spells and adaptation of healing would be nice.
Give clerics massheal like duris too at once! Make sense!/rant

Postby Guest » Wed Feb 14, 2001 9:47 pm

Without going into any details, I can tell you that as part of the balancing process, Uthgar has reviewed the shaman class. He is currently putting in place changes to the class which should differentiate it from just being a sorc/cleric hybrid with a spirit pet. When he's finished, shamans will be their own class with their own benefits and utility to a group.

--D2 (wait and see!)
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Postby Sarvis » Wed Feb 14, 2001 10:12 pm

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR><font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by D2:
<B>Without going into any details, I can tell you that as part of the balancing process, Uthgar has reviewed the shaman class. He is currently putting in place changes to the class which should differentiate it from just being a sorc/cleric hybrid with a spirit pet. When he's finished, shamans will be their own class with their own benefits and utility to a group.

--D2 (wait and see!)</B></font><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

What about rangers? Can we be differentiated from a warrior/sorc/cleric hybrid too?

Sarvis, wants to be differentiated

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