A Welcome Fit For a King

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A Welcome Fit For a King

Postby Clan Blindhammer » Thu Nov 13, 2003 4:49 am

Would like to thank Nilan for helping out on this story. This is the second time Artikerus and Nilan have teamed up. I think we're a great mix, and you guys wouldn't have an Arti to come back to without him. Thank you Nils.

"You don't just leave a kingdom. You don't leave your brother in charge, and you shouldn't pretend to think that it's going to still be there when you return."

Artikerus grumbled as the illithid continued on, audible only in his mind as he continued to climb up the steep, slippery slope of one of the randomly running tunnels deep within the Underdark. Besides his grunts, and of course his curses, the world around him was deathly silent and still.

Artikerus kicked a boot, wedging it deep into a crevice as he continued to climb. The mindflayer, Ssixxizzirrill, appeared floating in the air over his right shoulder.

"Returning now will probably result in your death you know."

Artikerus muttered again, dislodging a chunk of rock and throwing it at the illithids head. The awkward position of the prone dwarf made for an off-balanced throw, and the rock fell harmlessly to the side of the illithid. Ssixxizzirrill waved his tentacles, as close to a smirk as the purple headed being could get.

"...thats to say even if you're lucky enough to see Drulokerus still in control this time.."

Artikerus said nothing at that. He knew his brother. Half Duergar or not, he was still as pale as any other dark dwarf in Gloomhaven, and held the same loyalties (none) as any other. No doubt if Drulokerus knew he was returning he'd be killed long before reaching the Halls of Gloom. He also knew that if any of the other clans...Trilk, Puspok, Bukbukken...found out he had left Gloomhaven for so long, no doubt Clan Blindhammer would have been driven back out of the city. It'd happened twice before, and only Artikerus' cunning had ever gotten Clan Blindhammer back in the good graces of the duergar populace.

Artikerus finally reached the summit, pulling himself out of the nearly vertical tunnel. The illithid followed along, obediently, the insistent tugging of the evil artifact, a shriveled tentacle of a mind-flayer that dated back most likely before the oldest of the sentient races, that Artikerus always carried with him, holding him captive. Artikerus turned towards the mindflayer, mentally bidding it to look ahead for any disturbances. The illithid faded into nothingness at his bidding, but Artikerus could tell even before the first rings of mental alarm sounded that something was up ahead. Artikerus willed himself invisible and crept along a moss covered wall. The mindflayer was still around, giving mental pictures of the creatures ahead, lying in wait for the Duergar King. Although even Artikerus couldn't see Ssixxizzirrill, he could all but point at him with the aid of the artifact. What Artikerus could see bothered the duergar all the more - - before him waited a large contingent of Duergar warriors, silently waiting for....something.

"Me?" pondered Artikerus, slipping further back into the darkness. He touched the artifact in his pocket, communing with it to allow him to see through the eyes of the illithid. Ssixxizzirrill was floating just over the heads of the duergar battallion, heading to what was most likely the commander of the force. They flew no flags, bore no insignia’s or clan emblems, which most likely meant the group was a special core of silent assassins, a battalion of shock troops to quickly overthrow the enemy without giving away who they were.

Suddenly a light flashed, and one Duergar priest tossed what looked to be glowing embers into the air, directly at Ssixxizzirrill. The illithid immediately began to climb into the air, willing it’s body to fade back into nothingness, but the magical dweomer of the Duergar cleric had taken full effect, dispelling the psionic magics of the floating mind flayer, sending it crashing into the ground. Duergars leaped, small hammers in hand, at the flailing illithid. Artikerus heard the scuffle as he rounded the bend, the final, resounding, sickening thud that ended the mind flayer’s life. A burning sensation in his pocket caused the wily dark dwarf to yelp in pain as the artifact, the wilted mind flayer tentacle, disintegrated.

Artikerus rounded a corner, knowing that his cover would soon be blown if he stayed anywhere near the amassed soldiers. Unstrapping his hammer from his pack, Artikerus all but ran into another group of Duergar with a large quaggoth, a huge, white animal used for tracking and hunting that entered the same tunnel across from the King. Artikerus growled and tightened his grip on his hammer as the Duergars recovered from the surprise of their prey falling so easily into their hands.

“Come ‘er n’ git it ye scaly gnome lickers,” growled Artikerus. Two of the Duergars dropped to one knee, steadying themselves as they pulled large crossbows out to bear. The other Duergar snapped a whip and the quaggoth was released from its chains. Artikerus dove to the side as the first quarrel flew in, immediately beginning a prayer as he steadily backtracked from the closing beast, keeping it between him and the second crossbowmen. He finished his prayer, pointing at the quaggoth, blinding it with his spell. Still it came on, thrashing with its mighty paws, each the size of Artikerus’ own head. The crossbowman cleared the flailing quaggoth, drew a bead and fired, the bolt slicing a neat line across Artikerus’ forearm. Instinctively Artikerus rolled, dodging yet another swipe from the furry monster, and came to bear on the crossbowman. His comrade, seeing the enraged King coming, stepped forward, drawing a large dirk and shield in front of him. Artikerus feinted right, then launched a straight forward attack, knocking his heavily enchanted hammer into the Duergar’s shield. A blast of lightning shocked the duergar’s shield arm, blasting it out of the way. While Artikerus’ prepared attack launched into the defenseless duergars skull, the deflected lightning bolt slammed into the ceiling, raining rocks and boulders into the cavern. The second duergar dove for cover as Artikerus ran deeper into the tunnel, turning to watch as the blind quaggoth was slammed once, then again, by falling rocks.

By then, shouts echoed all along the tunnel as the rest of the Duergar war party herded its prey along the corridors. Artikerus knew he was being led around, but had no choice but to run on, hoping to catch one section of the encompassing Duergar off guard, to blast through that section of defense and find some way back into the Underdark.

Murmuring more prayers under his breath, Artikerus enchanted his body with magical armor. As soon as the spell took place, another crossbow slammed into the dark dwarf, this time bouncing harmlessly aside. Not looking, Artikerus pointed a finger at the attacking crossbowman, praying again for a spell to come to his aid. The flame strike engulfed the Duergar, melting the stone it was hiding behind. The dark dwarf’s shrieks echoed loudly throughout the cavern and Artikerus felt the net closing swiftly on him. His spells were nearly exhausted, and the climb before the battle had taken most of the surly dark dwarfs energy from him. Artikerus continued running, many times just beating other Duergar through the tunnels as he continued on. The roar up ahead alerted Artikerus that he had run out of options - that the duergar army had finally cut off his routes.

Artikerus surveyed the cavern he was in, looking for some last ditch escape route to save him from what would most likely be his slow death at the hands of what was probably his own clan. Artikerus groaned as he saw a small glint of light reflected from above, in the darkness of the stalagtites above. Finally pinned, Artikerus grabbed his hammer in both hands and readied himself for his last battle….

Nilan snickered softly, his arms folded confidently across his chest, as he surveyed the carnage unfolding below him. Clanging steel and battle cries echoed clearly in the tightly enclosed cavern. Nilan recognized the accent of grey dwarves, which appeared consistent to match the short squat figures that mulled about beneath him. "Duergar killing duergar, how quaint," the assassin mused, a mirthful smile spreading across his ebon face. Civil wars were common occurrences in the Underdark, but mostly fought within city walls. Though only a few Duergar had entered the cavern and joined the battle, the Drow sensed more in the numerous levels of the darkened caverns below him. Nilan knew the Duergar to be an altogether traitorous bunch, but this many Duergar in the wild Underdark, and, even stranger, seemingly after a single prey, caused the hidden dark elf to ponder all the more.

The assassin stalked within a few paces of the cavern’s ledge and peered below. Nilan quickly checked the myriad of daggers secured about his body, arranging all within easy reach of his deadly hands. He began to coat his six throwing daggers with deadly poison. When all appeared in order the assassin bowed low, crossing his arms as he offered a prayer to his god. Fastening a silken black mask about his face Nilan whispered softly, “Vhaeraun, shield me in the shadows of the night.” Shadows began to swirl around the drow assassin until they almost became part of him, strengthening his armor and shielding him in darkness. Placing and ebon hand over his insignia Nilan gracefully floated into the air and over the crevice, slowly but carefully lowering himself closer to the battle below.

Artikerus charged the nearest enemy, barreling through the sturdy dwarf and rolling several feet along the corridor. When the pair of entwined dwarves finished bouncing, Artikerus luckily landed on top, immediately beginning to slam his skull into the fleshy part of the dark dwarf's bulbous nose. Blood and sweat mixed on both dwarves until even the closest of attacking Duergar could no longer tell which of the grey dwarves was bleeding worse. Finally, Artikerus leaped off of the prone dwarf, grabbing it's wickedly spiked mace from the ground. Hearing the roared battle cry of another combatant, Artikerus spun and released the mace, smiling wickedly as he heard the enchanted weapon meet the face of yet another attacker. Surveying the wide corridor, Artikerus felt another small pinch in his side as a barrage of crossbow bolts sailed at him.

Artikerus cursed his luck as he peered over the rocks that shielded him. The tunnel behind him ended in a dead-end, and several more Duergar were joining in the battle. He watched a single dwarf, standing behind the first line of crossbowmen, ordering the duergar around. He knew that dwarf.

"Trait'rous leper no-good-fer-nuttin' quaggoth matin' bastard son of a skinny gnome's last droppin's!" swore Artikerus, ducking behind the rock again. Quarrels rained down around the rock, some just barely missing the dwarf. Artikerus remembered why he had left, remembered all of the battles he and the illithid had had in the few months down in the wilds of the Underdark. He had faced hook horrors and other evils successfully - - for once a disappointing feat for the surly dwarf. Losing the power of the ring he had removed from a Red Wizard of Thay - a ring that was supposed to lead Clan Blindhammer to its greatest power ever - had thoroughly devastated the usually opportunistic, and optimistic, dark dwarf, to the point that he had left his cushy home in Gloomhaven to die a warrior's death in the Underdark.

Not to die to the hands of his own traitorous clan.

Cloaked in shadow, the drow’s keen eyes picked out two duergar crossbowmen taking aim at a target on a ledge diagonally across the way. Intrigued, Nilan decided to get a closer look at this, unfortunate target, whoever or whatever it might be. Hovering above them, he dared lower himself even closer. The shadows concealed him still and the duergar seemed more intent on their target then a lone drow floating in above them. Bolts whizzed beneath him, and Nilan realized that he had gotten a bit too close for comfort. One errant bolt thudded into his side causing him to grunt, his breath momentarily taken from him. The magical cloak of spiders he wore absorbed the bolt entirely, leaving him with a bruise but nothing more. Snickering he gave thanks to the spider-loving bitch priestess he slew to acquire such an item. It had served him well thus far, allowing him to infiltrate the very temples of Lloth slaying her priestesses for the vengeance of Vhaeraun.

A muttered curse turned the assassin toward what was the intended target of the duergar. “Ye want o’piece o’ me, yer good fer nothin’ gnome licker! Come taste me hammer then!” Nilan couldn’t help but chuckle as he recognized the voice of a duergar cleric he had crossed paths with on numerous occasions. Though the two had fought in the past, the assassin couldn’t dismiss the time Artikerus saved his life as he lay unconscious, bleeding badly from several arrow wounds. Had the priest not arrived when he had, the paladin sent by Lord Piergieron would have killed him. Nilan spat in disgust as he recalled the incident.

Another barrage of crossbow bolts tore him from his dark thoughts. Artikerus grunted in pain, cursing vehemently as the bolt grazed his meaty forearm. Nilan quickly surveyed the area where the duergar priest was. Besides a short tunnel that dead-ended as soon as it began behind him, the surly dwarf king was surrounded by sheer stone on three sides. Artikerus was indeed trapped. Nilan couldn’t help but chuckle. A stalactite above the priest caught his eye. A cave, deep and dark stood some fifteen feet above the trapped duergar. Nilan noted that water dripped freely from its entrance. To the master assassin, where there was water, there was a way out.

Another volley of bolts sailed through the air, and by Artikerus’s string of expletives, Nilan could only guess that at least one found its mark. Nilan floated easily toward the unsuspecting crossbowmen. He counted four in all, and decided on the two in the back as his first targets. Drawing ‘Shadow” from its sheath, the blade seemed to come alive, humming silently at the anticipation of tasting blood. In his left hand he tore a throwing dagger from the bandolier across his chest. When he was directly above of his targets, the assassin closed his eyes and whispered softly, “Vhaeraun, I am your hand, guide my blade this night, Lord of Shadows.” With that the assassin dropped ever so quietly behind his targets.

Nilan circled his first target with ease, ‘Shadow’ running cleanly across the duergar’s unprotected throat, warm blood bathing his hand as the divine dagger drank its fill. The startled dwarf gasped a gurgled warning but was dead before it even hit the ground. The sickening thud of its comrade got the attention of the remaining three grey dwarfs as they whirled to meet this new threat. “Drow!” one managed to shout just before a poison coated throwing dagger sank into his chest. He advanced on the assassin nonetheless but toppled over suddenly, gasping as his body began twisting into gruesome convulsions.

Nilan lunged at the next dwarf closest to him, ‘Shadow’ barely deflecting the deadly axe coming toward his neck. The drow danced gracefully away delivering a cut along the length of the dwarf’s exposed arm. Roaring in anger the duergar charged in a berserker rage, his axe leading the way. The assassin dropped into a roll, closing the distance too fast for the dwarf to alter his course. ‘Shadow’ led the strike, burying itself deep in the duergar’s stomach. Nilan quickly tore the blade upwards, killing him instantly.

The drow scrambled suddenly to avoid being pinned by the heavy duergar corpse as it fell to the ground. As he did so, he staggered backwards, pain coursing down his right leg. Groaning, the assassin’s hand closed around a bolt in his upper thigh. Blood flowed easily from the wound and Nilan clenched his teeth to avoid crying out. The duergar that had fired the shot glared, but elected not to approach the deadly drow. Instead he grinned and began to load another bolt in place. Nilan retreated but his leg refused to bear his weight, staggering the assassin dropped to one knee, blood stained hands quickly drawing a perfectly balanced throwing blade from the sheath across his chest. The duergar leveled the crossbow and fired. At the same instance Nilan hurled the blade with deadly accuracy twisting his body bringing with it an agonizing groan as he shielded himself with his magical cloak. Nilan heard a sickening thud and knew the blade had found its mark. The dwarf lay dead, a poisoned dagger imbedded in its throat.

Artikerus tore the newest bolt from his arm, muttering about the weakness of his own armor spell. The bolts stopped for a second, and new battle sounds erupted from in front of him, where the bulk of crossbowmen had hidden.

"Drow! Drow!"

Artikerus had no idea what the fools were yelling about, but he wasn't about to let his chance for escape pass him by. Concentrating briefly, Artikerus used his races innate power of strength, his muscles bulging wildly as the magic took effect. With a small grunt, Artikerus hefted the large boulder he had used as a shield, took two steadying steps, and tossed it at the second group of Duergar. Yells of alarm, followed by a sickening squish, erupted from the second group. Artikerus pulled his hammer out again and charged towards the mass of Duergars rushing towards him. "VERGADAIN!" cried Artikerus as he neared the first Duergar, slapping horizontally with his hammer, sending the dwarf flying head over heels into the stone wall. Artikerus felt his magical strength beginning to wane, and so he picked up his pace. Accepting a wicked blow to the chest, Artikerus slammed his hammer once, then twice, into the nearest Duergars head, killing him instantly. A pair of Duergars backed off and circled the crazed king, and Artikerus knew if he took too long with the last two, more would come in support.

Rushing forward, he sent several short chops with his hammer at the foe in front of him before rolling to the side. Where he had been, the foe behind him stabbed, cutting nothing but air. With a growl, Artikerus sent another flurry of vicious chops at that dwarf, again rolling to the side before the first dwarf could hit him. Artikerus' arms burned with the effort, but he attacked the first dwarf again, sending several short and vicious blows into the defending arm of his attacker, but instead of rolling out of the way, Artikerus ducked, accepting a boot in both the face and the side as both Duergars overcompensated, driving their blades deep into each other over the prone king.

Artikerus snickered softly as he pushed the two corpses off of him. He looked down and began to guffaw loudly. "Dumb dwarves." remarked the King.

Nilan tried to stand and staggered. Cursing, he clutched his insignia with bloody fingers and muttered the words that allowed him to once again levitate taking weight off his wounded leg. As quickly as he could he floated the cavern diagonally across where he saw Artikerus. The dwarf had slain those duergar that had managed to gain access to the ledge, but Nilan spotted more grey dwarves approaching the priest. The assassin drifted up between the stalactites to the cave entrance he had spotted earlier. Once inside, he surveyed the area. Water trickled freely and Nilan clearly made out the entrance of a larger cavern some fifty paces to the rear. Here was their way out.

Nilan quickly removed a black silken rope from the folds of his enchanted cloak. Tying off one end to one of the stronger looking stalactites, the assassin let the rope fall to the priest below. Wincing, Nilan calmly gazed down at the duergar. “What in der nine hells…” came the startled gruff voice. Nilan managed a smile, and chuckled. The dwarf’s eyes grew wide. “If you want to live, priest, climb it,” was all the drow managed to say as he slowly backed into the shadows of the dark cave.

After several grunts, the hefty dwarf climbed the rope settling himself on the upper ledge. Artikerus muttered as he looked into the red-glowing eyes of his dark-elven savior. "We ain't out o de goddammed fight yet, elf. I got me one more dwarf to be killin' afore I'm headin' to the surface, and don't ye be doubting that group with the cleric'll be on yer arse soon e'nuff."

Nilan nodded but said nothing. Artikerus pushed past him roughly to take a seat on an exposed rock. "Commere," he commanded.

Nilan grumbled but obliged, limping over very tenderly. He heard the dwarf mutter something about 'only a flesh wound' as he began to trace the wounded leg. Nilan closed his eyes and whispered a small prayer to Vhaeraun that the surly dwarfs healing would be kinder this time as he heard the priests own prayer reach its climax.

Nilan waited for the jolts of pain and cold sweats that he felt the last time he let the magics of Artikerus Blindhammer save him. He tensed, and waited.

"Ye gonna stan' there all day or are ye gonna help me kill these trait'rous bastards??" inquired Artikerus, looking back down at the grey dwarves. Nilan opened his eyes and looked down at his thigh, wiping a smear of dried blood where his wound had been.

"Why couldn't you have done that the first time," muttered Nilan. Artikerus snorted, obviously hearing the elf. Nilan looked at the dwarf, who bled from several open wounds. The dwarf’s chest was ripped open, exposing pectoral muscle and blood. Artikerus began his own prayer and the wounds, most of them, began to heal.

Artikerus felt the eyes of the dark elf on his back. "I'm down to 'bout three more o' dem heals afore I'ma drop dead," he said without turning around. "An' they're readyin' up to be headin' to this tunnel. So we're jus' gonna need to be fightin' em now and not gettin hurt this round."

Nilan held his tongue. He never fought insanely out numbered battles. His fight was calculated and swift, he was the shadow of nothingness that killed without sound. Artikerus was more like the wild barbarian hordes of the surface that would destroy even the stone around him had he the strength.

Artikerus watched as the duergar cleric entered the cavern. One of the few survivors pointed up at the tunnel Artikerus and Nilan now stood in, and the cleric nodded as he listened to the story. Artikerus counted only 10 dark dwarves in all now, including the priest and the familiar dark dwarf standing behind him.

"Ten of them." Nilan cursed silently. "Five to one."

Artikerus looked at the dark elf curiously. "Ye complainin'?"

Nilan threw his hands up emphatically. He never should have even gone down there, let alone left a rope for the surly dark dwarf to climb up. Saving the dwarf from a sure death is one thing, but giving him the chance for round two with suicide is another. But he was involved now, so might as well go through with it.

Nilan watched as the duergars prepared their plans. He turned back to Artikerus to find him standing very close to the tunnel wall. He began to walk towards the dwarf.

"Damn'ow! Can't a dwarf get a bit o privacy ye nosy pointy earred mange rat?!" Artikerus made a sort of shaking motion and quickly turned around. The acrid smell of urine wafted by the Drow.

Nilan spit on the ground disgustedly. "What now, dwarf?" Artikerus began to shrug but stopped as Nilan's scowl increased. Instead he pulled off his pack and began to pull out various vials and rings. He shook some, held and concentrated on others. Many were tossed over his shoulder (some creating small bursts of flame that Artikerus ignored), and very few were lain in a row in front of the dwarf. Nilan approached the dwarf as he finished, finding four items displayed before him.

"A fireball scroll, a ring of grease, a wand of digging, and a dimension door scroll. Not much I be thinkin' but they'll do." Artikerus handed the scroll of dimension door to Nilan. You wait 'til I'm done and then you use that thingie there. You go after that wish'e'was cleric."

Nilan nodded absently, fingering the ribbon holding the scroll closed. He wondered what the eccentric dwarf had in mind. Below them, the dwarves were getting even more agitated, and the cleric had begun casting. The tunnel itself slowly began to shake.

Artikerus muttered, "Rock to mud." Nilan gulped audibly as he watched the tunnel slowly begin to melt. Artikerus took the first of his components, the wand, and fired at the group of soldiers. One soldier bridged the gap, slamming into the casting cleric and knocking him over as the rest plummited nearly 15 feet into the hole Artikerus' wand had created. The duergar king then took the second of his components, the ring, and placed it on. Muttering a word under his breath, he pointed at the group of duergar soldiers, and the hole began to fill with grease.

Tugging the rope to make sure it would hold him as he went back down into the tunnel, Artikerus nodded at Nilan. "NOW," shouted Artikerus, as he dropped back into the tunnel.

Artikerus saw the flash as Nilan’s scroll took effect, but lost sight as he slid down the rope. The cries of the duergar, 7 of the soldiers who were now floating in a pool of grease, echoed back to Artikerus. Pulling out his final component, Artikerus grinned wickedly. He quickly recited the scroll, pointing his finger at the duergar-filled hole, flinging a flaming ball of fire into the pit. Immediately the grease caught fire, and the screams grew to a crescendo. Flaming grease splashed out of the pits as the duergars splashed to put out the inferno.

"Duergar fritters," thought Artikerus, a wide smile across his face as he sprinted towards where he had seen the flash of light.

"NOW," shouted Artikerus as he dropped back into the tunnel. Nilan unraveled the ribbon and opened the scroll. The magical script burned at his untrained eyes as he recited the archaic wording. The scroll turned to ash in his hand as a black door way opened up before him. Through it he could see the astonished face of the duergar priest. Nilan leapt through, his dagger ‘Shadow’ leading the way, piercing the duergar's neck before he was even half-way through the portal. The other duergar, the warrior Artikerus wanted to badly, cursed and disappeared, although his stomping boots could be heard as he fled down one corridor. Nilan turned where he expected the last of the soldiers to be bearing down upon him to see the dark dwarfs corpse sliced in half where the magical portal had opened up.

"That was easy enough," thought Nilan as he watched Artikerus sprint up. Without even saying a word Nilan pointed to where the other duergar had escaped and Artikerus ran after him.

Barokerus was panicking. He had ran into three dead-ends and was still heading backwards - - back towards the open cavern where the deadly Drow waited - - knowing that Artikerus, his prey...his father... was chasing after him.

He turned yet another corner, sprinting at full speed, slamming head first into a wall. The wall grunted, then chuckled. Barokerus landed on his butt and looked up. Artikerus reached over his shoulder and pulled his hammer down. He cocked back and swung, slamming Barokerus' head into the adjoining wall with a blast of mithril and lightning. The headless body of Barokerus teeter-tottered for a moment, then fell to the ground.

Artikerus grabbed the body by the boot and pulled it back into the corridor. He past the Drow, who looked away in disgust, as he began to go through his son's pockets. A few coins, a small dagger, and a few baubles did not please the surly dwarf. He kicked the corpse hard in the ribs, prodding it into the boiling pit of grease and fried duergar. He wiped his hands clean and turned towards the Drow.

"So, where'n the nine hells are we goin' to now, Elf?"

Nilan chuckled and began to walk towards the silken rope. He nimbly began to climb up.

"Well?!" cried Artikerus from the ground. He grumbled loudly and began to climb up the rope, much more slowly than the agile elf. Once he made it up, he spat a curse. "Well??" he inquired again, laboring for breath.

Nilan turned towards the dwarf, his head cocked to one side. "Vergadain?"

Artikerus harumphed and shrugged his shoulders. On the back of one arm had what looked like a fairly new tattoo glowing, even covered in the dirt and blood from the fighting, on it. Artikerus rubbed it unconsciously and Nilan could finally make out the symbol: a gold coin.

"I guess you can't go back to Gloomhaven, so I guess that leaves only one place right now," remarked Nilan. Artikerus groaned loudly.

"Dobluth K'yor."
King Artikerus Blindhammer
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Postby Ambar » Thu Nov 13, 2003 5:06 pm

Duergar fritters and milk .. YUM!

Another outstanding story :)

Hurry write more!! If yer headed to DK, Telina can adventure .. her protective magiks will help greatly I think!
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Clan Blindhammer
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Postby Clan Blindhammer » Thu Nov 13, 2003 10:34 pm

When I told Nilan I was going ahead with the post last night, I also mentioned that if we added 1 overbearing warrior and 1 female mage, we'd have our own darkie version of the Companions of the Hall
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Postby Nilan » Fri Nov 14, 2003 2:00 am

Great Story Arti. It posted really good. Was glad to co-author Nilan's part with ya. We seem to write prety good stuff togther.

Was fun

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Postby Mirsas » Fri Nov 14, 2003 2:49 am

Great writing you guys... anxious to see more.

Arti, you have the best damned dwarven insults.

keep writing :D
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Postby Vassana » Fri Nov 14, 2003 3:07 am

Wow, very enjoyable! :D

I've been thinking of how to add the King into my storyline because he is certainly part of it. But am having second thoughts! you set a very high standard.


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Postby Clan Blindhammer » Fri Nov 14, 2003 3:30 am

I set no bars. I only hope my meager tales encourage more players to roleplay and figure out a role for their own characters. This world is only as rich as we make it.

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