Mourning of a lost one.

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Mourning of a lost one.

Postby Karae » Fri Dec 19, 2003 10:32 am

Its been several years now, several years since he died. Karae stood up from a gravestone. It read
R.I.P. Kerss Rykul a Loyal Knight of Torm
Slain In Battle to save those who could not save themselves the Children.

Karae slowly walked away, as he took his somber steps he said "My brother died, protection the children of an Orphanage in Calimport. My parents greaved greatly over his death, their first born son, a Paladin of Torm. It is the custom for the first born son to become a paladin of torm, in my heritage."

Karae slowly mounted his horse and headed south of waterdeep, towards the desert city of calimport. He had business to attend to, business that he would finish, what his brother started.

"Kerss was killed cause he found something, I need to find out what he found. What ever it was, it knew him well, well enough to attack the orphanage, they knew he would defend it until he died." Whispered Karae. This was going to be a long journey indeed.

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