Bonded Fates?

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Bonded Fates?

Postby Karae » Sun Dec 21, 2003 8:46 am

Here is a little RP between me, stabby, birile, and Sylvos. Since it is incredibly long, i'm just going to hit the major parts.

Karae strode down the path, back to waterdeep. As the night drew near, he seeked a place to rest.

"A tent is just a little farther up, I can make camp there tonight, for the gates of the city are closed."

As Karae, opened the flap.

"Hello Knight" came the words from a dark drow, it was Nilan.

"It seems like our paths keep crossing." Replied Karae.

A halfling bard by the name of Birile spoke up, "A paladin speaking with a drow. People never cease to amaze me!" Birile began to snicker and he continued on "Be quiet, don't want your gods to notice you this close to Nilan, Karae."

Karae spoke up in defense, "Torm knows about my where-abouts, and he knows who I consort with. We all strive towards a common goal in this dark time, he holds his moral code with honor, and is not upright in the laws of his people."

"Maybe it is coincidence, that we meet again." Nilan spoke, as he pulled back his hood.

"You know better than that assassin, nothing is coincidence." Karae replied as he glanced into the assassin's eyes.

"Indeed it is not." Nilan spoke.

"I have learned lots since we last spoke, back at the monolith. Do you have time?" Asked Nilan

Karae nodded slowly.

The three exchanged words, learning, and giving. Bringing up more questions, and giving more answers to each other. The hours passed.

A metallic thanatar ripped threw the flap of the tent, smashing towards its target, the drow, Nilan. Birile began singing a song, that made everyones blood race, while Karae positioned himself infront of the thanatar. As the battle raged on the three, overpowered the thanatar, and slew it.

As the the thanatar disapated as it hit the ground, Nilan shouted "Trobraind, Get out of my head!"

"What is wrong assassin, what was that, why did it want you?" asked Karae

"It was Trobriand, I betrayed him, he taunts me, he wants me dead." Nilan replied.

"Let us get back to the business at hand, the monolith spoke of the end.." Spoke Birile.

Thats the end of it for now. More tommorow!

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