A Search... For Something...

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A Search... For Something...

Postby Karae » Mon Jan 05, 2004 2:03 am

It was in the temple of Torm when this happened, just a little past midnight, I'm here when I can't sleep. I was deep in prayer when he came to me, a flash of bright light. He spoke to me "To the mountains to the east, close to the greycloak hills, Is something that will aid you in your travels, go there, seek it out."

I finished up my prayer, and gathered my things. I strolled down the deserted streets to the stable where I had left my mount. I had gotten my mount, and left a generous tip for the young man, I bothered not to wake him, for he was asleep. I got my stuff from the local Inn where I was staying, and whent on my way.

The sun had begun to rise, its rays creeping threw the trees, cool fresh breeze sweeping threw the forrest. I came to the edge of the forrest, coming up to a vast grass plain, several buffalo roamed the lands. The mountains, just ahead, not to much further to the east, but how would I find what Torm was talking about, no use doubting, he will show me what I need.

It took a day to climb the mountains, and to find greycloak. I hadn't been to greycloak in awhile, but my memory had not failed me. The foul stentch of death came across my nose, some how I knew I must find where it came from. I followed the smell, down a forrest trail, dead orc bodies, blood bones, and strewn muscle and meats of the orc.

What was so interesting about this? Only orc bodies could be found... Wait a minute, thats all there was orc bodies. I walked around this apparent battle sight, there, a giant nest, some bird, all of its eggs where cracked, but one. I picked it up, I had no idea what kind of egg this is. I know someone who would know, Deshana the druid and libarian.

I traveled to her, and presented her the egg, she gently took it from my hands, and examined the egg.

"Its a roc egg, seems like it might hatch in about a week. I'll take care of it, if you don't mind." She spoke in a soft voice.

"Sure, I will return in one week to see how the egg is doing." I said as I walked off, "But how does an egg that is close to hatching going to help me?" I muttered.

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