A Birth of a Bird

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A Birth of a Bird

Postby Karae » Mon Jan 05, 2004 6:10 am

A week exactly had past, as I strolled into the meadow where Deshana was keeping the roc egg. She had whent on, about the destructable golem, but i dispensed with chatter, we both knew the reason I was here. Something about this roc, that Torm wanted me to have. She lead me to a quite place in the meadow, next to a tall oak tree. I settled to my knees and touched the egg, it was warm, the nature magics must be keeping it alive.

"You sure its going to hatch today?" I asked her in a questioning tone.

She kneeled low, and touched the egg, "Matter of fact just a few minutes, its almost time"

As I bent down to sit on a stone, I thought I caught a child out of the corner of my mind. "What was that?"

"Oh nothing." She said, I could tell she didn't want to press the matter anymore.

Cracking came from the egg, I could see a small beak pressing out, it was amazing.

"What are you going to name it? It needs a strong name, a male name. I sense much strength in him."

"A strong name?" I sat down thinking, as I watched the baby roc emerge from his shell. It was a splendourus red, with stripes of green, and orange. Had to be one of the must beuatiful things I've ever seen. Then it came to me

"I'll call him Kress, after my brother."

Deshana handed me a small bag, "here, feed him this regularly, this is a special formula, it will help him grow faster, and be strong young bird.

As it hoped around, its made its way towards me, I picked it up, it eyed me deep into my soul.

"Its pleased" she said.

As I held and walked away, I wondered, what could this little creature do that could aid me.

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