An ally, no more.

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An ally, no more.

Postby Karae » Tue Jan 06, 2004 7:33 am

A dark cloaked messenger stood there waiting, perfectly still, waiting for me to come out of my room. He handed me a message, it read.

Jalahon the master of shadows requests your services. To travel deep into undermountain. To talk to the sorcerer Agamon, an ally of triobrand. If you are willing, come to the Intersection of Street of Dragons and Silk.

I nodded at the messenger just as shadows overflowed him, and he disapeared. I headed down to the Innkeep, and handed him a few coins. 'I really have been staying here alot lately' I thought as I left the establishment. I strolled down the lanes of the city of splendors, to the interesection.

Of course there was that barbarian oaf blocking almost the entire street! He really should take a bath that Thanuk! He was accompanied by the halfling bard Birile, who happened to be telling a daring tell about a young gnome, who saved his village from some worms! Of course Jalahon, the master of shadows was in the corner, I greeted him, and we talked for a little bit.

As the Time past two more bards arrived, Tharrin and Wikle came along, both sing songs of wonderful places, that lifted all our spirits. Then the last to show was the lady Tida, a spellweaver, who had a mysterious past, that no one knew.

Jalahon gathered us, and strode the Yawning Portal Inn, as we traveled down, deep into undermountain, we where joined by the dark elf assassin, Nilan. As we hacked our way through Agamons guards, who would not listen to reason. In an hour or two, we had reached him.

Several questions flew, but he had obivously gone insane from the years of solitude and dealing with Triobrand. We walked into his workshop, there sat his marut, we destroyed.

We walked back to to Amagon, tried to deal with him reasonable, we presented his dead creation. Yet that demented mage still refused to listen to us. He would not betray triobrand it seems.

We decided to pick off his people one by one, to see if he would talk. His mouth was still silent.

"Your life has grown short with dealing with Triobrand." I said as Thanuk fell the mage with a last mighty slash from his sword.

"Let this be a message to Triobrand." Said Birile

"We will take his every safe spot" Hissed Jalahon from his shadows.

"He is down one ally." I joined in.

We took our leave, and head back to the Yawning Portal Inn. This victory shall give us and others hope.

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