A letter to a friend

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A letter to a friend

Postby Zen » Sat Mar 13, 2004 3:43 am


My friend, I take my pen up briefly to inform you of news that touches on your well being somewhat. As you knew I would, I have appraised her majesty of events surrounding the Amulet of Oberon since it left our borders. While it is not my place to repeat the Queen’s councils, I will tell you briefly what I may for much of it pertains to your well being.

Her Majesty was not at all pleased to learn of the taint placed on the amulet, but showed remarkable restraint. On this point she is quite adamant, the drow are not to be considered as enemies of Tel’Quessir in this matter, despite anything they may do. They may have a part to play in this before the end. As you are, more by fate than blood, an ambassador of Tel’Quessir in the realms, you must act according to her Majesty’s will in this. She has alluded that there will be a time for retribution, but it is not now.

I pressed her Majesty on the issue of weaponry, as I told you I would. While she has promised to research the matter in the great libraries and archives of Leuthlispar, she could not speak to any other weapons than those known to us. I did relate to her the nature of your visitors, and while she was deeply concerned about some of then, she did say that the elven ghost that visits you might be one known as Iradydrai, a warrior champion of Tel’Quessir who fought in the last confrontation. Perhaps that knowledge will be of some use to you.

Lastly, I would relate to you some puzzling events of a more personal nature. A short time ago I learned that The Twilight Raven had recently resurfaced and was sold to a traveling merchant. As the story was related to me, The Twilight Raven was a massive emerald etched with a black raven. It was found by Lorgan Blackmane and sold to a private collector for a considerable sum, money he used to fund the initial ventures of the adventurers group which he named after the gem. Regardless, when the chance to re-acquire it came up, I jumped on it. Unfortunately, tracking it down lead to a series of dead ends, ultimately resulting in a visit to the kobold smith.

It seems that the emerald was acquired amid myriad other gems and brought by baneites to the kobold, and eventually incorporated into the host. When I questioned the kobold about it, he as reluctant to provide information. I did however take the time to search his smithy, and found a fragment of what can only be the massive emerald itself. While I do not know what this bodes for faerunn, I do know that it bodes ill for our company. Even as our namesake has been shattered so has our guild. My alliances now lie entirely with my Queen and my distant kin.

Somehow, in a way I cannot quite explain, I think the remnants of this emerald are still connected to this puzzle we face daily. When the opportunity presents, perhaps we will have the chance to examine it more in detail.

Your friend,

Llandrien Brightwater
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