En Tel'Gothrim Ar' Tel'Quessir

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En Tel'Gothrim Ar' Tel'Quessir

Postby Zen » Sun Apr 11, 2004 11:53 pm


As I have said I would, I set pen to parchment in order to relate to you the information I have recently learned. In the company of the minstrel, Gurns, I traveled to Baldur’s Gate to speak with a mage I know there, one I am sure you have heard of.

Ragefast was as eager as ever to greet me, and somewhat resigned to answering my questions. As you have no doubt heard, for Gurns is fond of telling everyone everything, it was some time ago that I discovered a fragmented gem. It was of this gem that I hoped to speak with Ragefast, either to confirm or deny my suspicion that this token could be of use to us. Thankfully, I have good news to report in that regard.

Because the fragment we have is only part of the whole, and the remainder of it is incorporated into the vile ones golem shell, any spell cast on the fragment we possess acts as if it was cast on the entire gem. Ragefast seemed to think that a practitioner of powerful magic could disrupt or destroy whatever layer the emerald was part of. Be assured, when we go into battle, at least part of the foes armor will not be functioning.

There is more to relate, but not of a nature that I can commit to paper. I have left much of what I have learned unsaid already, the risks are to great should my letter fall into the wrong hands. Seek me out should your curiosity get the better of you.

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