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Pkill for Upcoming Events

Postby Auril » Fri Nov 19, 2004 8:32 pm

We plan to turn on pkill for some future RPQ events. It will operate on a highly restricted basis.

1. PK will not be turned on for every RPQ event, because it is not relevant for every RPQ event.

2. PK will be turned on only for players participating in applicable RPQ events.

3. It will be turned on for every roleplayer within those events.

4. Having PK on doesn't mean anyone must be killed during the event, but allows the possibility of that being a part of RP.

5. In terms of mud code, being killed by a player will have arena-like results: You'll end up in your guild wearing your equipment, with no pcorpse and no loss of xp.

6. In terms of that RPQ event, you will have been 'killed out' of the event and may not return until debrief. You personally will have 'lost' the event, even if 'your side' eventually succeeds. For later RP purposes, it will be assumed that you were safely ressed immediately after the event, and so can participate in future RPQ events.

7. If PK will be possible during an event, we'll alert you at the start of that event. If you do not wish to participate in a PK environment, that's the time to leave. If you come late to a PK-possible event, we'll try to remember to warn you, but don't guarantee it.

8. PK is a tool we're using because it is suitable within the context of our current RPQ campaign. Abuse will not be tolerated. Any PK within an RPQ event that is not justifiable within the RP campaign, for campaign-based RP reasons, will be treated as interference with an RPQ session, and referred to Admin. If you aren't sure what pkills would be considered to be justifiable within the campaign, we strongly advise you refrain from all PK except in self-defense, or confirm your reasons with us long before you attack anyone. During sessions, we will not be visible, but petition still works.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the RPQ staff.


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