Help Help the Tvorlites are trying to kill me!

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Help Help the Tvorlites are trying to kill me!

Postby bimble » Sun Nov 28, 2004 6:14 am

Bimble sat on the edge of the high walls of Waterdeep and looked
down on the throngs of humans, dwarves, half-elves - all the mixed
stew pot of races that made up the population of the harbor city.

Most of the inhabitants brought a stifled giggle to Bimble's lips.

With thier fat belly's and big noses they made the giggles boil up in Bimble!

But today was not a day for unstifled laughter. It was a important day, a day of great and well earned responsibility. Finally someone had seen the hero in Bimble and given him an important job.

The soon to be Arch mage Sonon and his human bodyguard "Luron Life Ender" had finally listened to Bimble's warnings about the Tvorlites getting into the city dressed as the normal inhabitants. It was certainly easy to get lost in the crush of people coming and going from such a busy place. And Waterdeep was certainly busy!

Important people were listened to!

Feeling his sore arm, the one where the big bulging eyed man had grabbed and whirled Bimble around, slamming him into a wall at Durnans - he thought it was good someone was listening to Bimble.

A burst of frustrated air left Bimbles lungs as he momentarily spied a unruly layabout try to follow a loaded wagon into the city right below his perch!

"Hey!", yelled Bimble over the wall. Pointing at the man most emphatically he followed with "HEY!" at the top of his lungs.

Far below, the guard whirled on his heal with military precision and threw the half rotten apple he was examining from the loaded wagon in Bimbles direction, "Mr. Bimble get back and away from the wall!" yelled the guard.

With much pride Bimble retreated as the apple flew to spot he was standing and splattered with great force.

"The guards have heard! They've been warned at last!" beemed Bimble to the open air. "They know I'm on the job and a important peson. They are trying to save any attempt at murder of my person by that mean ol'layabout below." "Master Sonon told them surely.", Bimble concluded with a solemn nod.

"Apples before Daggers" my Gaffer used to say!

It didnt bother Bimble for a moment, that the day before the same guard that was throwing apples today was ignoring his pleas to come to Durnans to confront the Tvorlite that was hiding in the Tavern.

Bimble had explained it to the guard thoroughly!

Bimble was at Durnans telling the candy story (which was always good for a few pieces of hard candy at its conclusion) when the big'ol bug eyed man had entered. He was wearing a huge cloak that drug on the ground and covered him from head to toe. His backpack looked heavy and pulled him down by the shoulders, he was tired from his long trek and shifted his backpack from shoulder to shoulder. It was hard to tell much about him because the shadows created by his oversized cloak hid his inner clothes. Those shadows piqued Bimbles interest to the point of obsession!

Deep down in the heaviest fold of the dirty dust covered cloak was a large lump.

Something was there alright! Only a halfling would catch the hidden lump on the man. The mean old man had obviously hid it from prying eyes. Much taller prying eyes! He was hiding the lump on purpose!

Bimbles mind raced as he tried to make out the outline of the lump in the shadows.



Magical doohickey exploding thing!



As the man sat down Bimble caught the upper edge of a white cylindrical tube poking out of the hidden pocket. Sealed with thick red wax and the heavy imprint of flames, it could only mean one thing!

The man was a messenger from far away, far far away. An important official!

But he was dirty and well, ugly with his bug eyes and fat ham like hands. There was dirt under his nails and half way up his arms. There was nothing official looking about the man at all!

"He's a thief", growled Bimble under his breath.

The news was all over Waterdeep. A strange group of people were trying to burn down the pastry shops and close the bars in every town. They called themselves the Tvorlites and they could be identified by thier maniacal use of fire! Or maybe they were trying to burn the world to a crisp - Bimble couldnt remember.

"A fire breathing Tvorlite!", growled Bimble.

Bimble had already made up his mind, as he carefully moved closer to the overly large man. As he inched closer the man started a quiet conversation with Durnan the proprietor of the Inn.

Bimble would be a hero!

"Aye Master Doornan it was a lung trek to the Ceety.", drawled the man in brogish drawl.

"Its the most impoortunt treep of the year yaknow. O'Ranny sunds a cryptic massage to T'lites of Waterdeepun, so one duy we mught also have the flames burn at nught in our toun." "A uniun of like munds ya know."

Bimble's knees went weak as the huge man made mention of the Tvorlites! Bimbles mind raced as fast as his heart was beating, Tvorlites in Waterdeepun!", Bimble almost gasped out loud.

"I dunt understund the wurds of the massage, tus too cryptic for myne eyes...."

The man was interupted as Bimble dashed forward very stealthly and mad a grab for the cryptic massage!

As Bimble pulled the red wax top free from the hidden pocket, chaos broke out!

"oOOoOooOOo" yelled the man as he grew magically in size and stood up from his bench seat. With gigantic hands he grabbed Bimbles arm. Bimble watched stunned as the man's head almost touched the ceiling and his hands grew to the size of bear barrels! The man was a doppelganger giant!

Before Bimble could yell, "Tvorlite!" he was slammed into the wall with great force, knocking the bone white scroll case to the floor.

Scrambling to his feet, Bimble fled out the wide open doors of Durnans screaming, "Help Help the Tvorlites are trying to kill me on the street of Silks!"

Running in a panic he crossed the Southern Square and past the clock tower, screaming "Tvorlites!" each time he regained his breath - until he ran headlong into a young mage outside the Imm of the Dead Orc.

Headlong into Sonon Safiso.

Who put a hand on top of the halflings head and stopped him dead in his tracks.

Snarling the mage said only one word, "Where!"

Panting, Bimble pointed south and screeched. "Durnans!"

Sonon looked at a seething warrior for a second, then turned back to Bimble. With a tap of a slender finger Sonon commanded, "Get to the gates Halfling and watch carefully, dont let the Tvorlites get in or out!"

Almost instantly two men brushed past Bimble, Sonon's robes created a slight breeze right before a heavily armored warrior knocked Bimble into the dirt of the street. Heading south, Bimble knew the young mage and Luron Life Ender had listened to enough of Bimble.

And thats how Bimble explained how he got to the gates, and told the whole story to the gate guards on duty. Each looked at him with unbelieving eyes - but bound by duty one was dispatched to Durnans. Bimble didnt like the man's tone as he said, "Lots of fellas get cryptic massages in south Waterdeep!", which brought peels of laughter from the other guards.

Starl had been a guard for the City now for 11 years. Quite a long time for a professional military man to stay in this part of the world. He had a home and a family and knew just about all the residents of Southern Waterdeep where he and his family lived. With disbelief he waited for 30 minutes at Durnans for good man Durnan to return. In his 11 years, Starl had never known Durnan to leave the Inn during business hours. Nor had he known a halfling to get the whole story straight.

As the Inn was closing and Durnan's wife began to clean the open room, Starl finally decided to give up. "Good wife I came to question about a event today, seeking Durnan for a explaination of capital spying and crimes unknown."

Smiling the woman said, "A lightner from far away was bringing a message to the lightners union here in Waterdeep. They hope to join forces to make working conditions in thier city like those that our good street lighters have here.", for a moment she looked appreciative, "those lightners keep our streets well lit at night. Waterdeep is safer for having them."

"A strange halfling accosted the foriegn lightner, attempting to ruin the union of the two cities workers...."

Before she could finish Starl bowed quickly and left the Inn scowling all the way home - another halfling misunderstanding!

Bimble had been on the wall for three days now, the remanents of the scrambled apple on the city walls was kind of tasty - like apple porridge if one put his mind to thinking that way.

He had never heard back from Sonon and his deadly Warrior friend. The guards were obviously on high alert since they regularly shouted encouragement to Bimble from down below. Bimble couldnt hear thier words well from this height, but he was sure they were supportive!

Tired and hungry, Bimble made the decision to return to his rented apartment and rest.

"I've spied out 13 Tvorlites entering the gates and 2 leaving!", "its been a good three days!" "My throat is sore from shouting at them, just think diguising yourself as a fat old farmer or little girl to get into Waterdeep! The Nerve!", he steamed as he strutted along the walls towards the fountain in the northern part of the city.

Confident that he had saved the lives of all in the city.

Bimble joins the fray as a anti Tvorlite, he loves pastries and bars too much to let them burn!
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Postby Sonon » Sun Nov 28, 2004 9:01 pm

hmmmm.. I'm an Arch Mage now. i have no idea who this bodyguard might be. i would love to have a bodyguard though. i also found no traces of tvorlites in or below durnan's tavern.
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Postby Cirath » Sun Nov 28, 2004 11:17 pm

Perhaps you didn't notice that your primary source of information is a _halfling_. They were made short for a reason: they are easier to ignore that way.

(Seriously though, loved the post.)
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Postby Sonon » Mon Nov 29, 2004 1:07 am

I was sitting in the Dead Orc Inn lost in my thoughts when a hysterical halfling by the name of Bimble ran in screaming something about a bug-eyed tvorlite that had attacked him in Durnan's tavern. I grabbed Bimble by the arm and asked him if he was sure it was a tvorlite and not just a very ugly man. He told me he was certain so I rushed out of the inn hoping to catch the tvorlite to ask him some questions that were gnawwing at my mind. I ran as fast as I could to the Yawning Portal Inn desperate to have my questions answered but I found no sign of any tvorlites in or under Durnan's tavern I questioned every person I found inside,outside and under the building to no avail. The tvorlite if one had been there was gone. I walked back to the Dead Orc Inn with a dejected look on my face. As I went up to my room to retire for the night I whispered to myself, "Maybe next time just maybe."

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