A spy among us!

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A spy among us!

Postby bimble » Wed Dec 08, 2004 1:48 am

Bimble tottered on the edge of Waterdeep's high walls as he quickly scrambled to turn and watch Teflor enter the arching east gates. Pulling his foot back over the crumbling edge of the morticed stone, Bimble fell to one knee, rolled into a little somersault and came up crouched behind the wall perfectly aligned to watch the ranger strut down Delzarn street towards the Town Square.

There had been many many Tvorlites entering the gates over the last week. Duty was a mighty responsibilty and it was not to be taken lightly. It was rightly so that Bimble was hoarse and tired from hollering at the evil bug-eyed Tvorlites from the top of the walls as they entered the gate. It was frustrating that the guards were not paying enough attention to Bimbles paniced warnings.

This was no time for warning the guards however. Letting out a little snarl, Bimble clung to the evening shadows as the sun set low over the walls and concentrated on controlling his breathing. Once he had done so he started racing to the stairs off the walls, in a mad attempt to follow the lanky ranger. Bimble had known enough rangers to figure out that they were hard to surprise and harder to track in the wide open spaces of the wilds but this was the city, the city of Waterdeep, where the sneaky walked the shadow and ruled the alleys!

"Teflor the Ranger will never know the trouble he is in.", giggled Bimble to himself as he shadowed the heavily laden wanderer southwards along Silk Avenue.

"Hurm I cant remember how much Sonon was going to pay me for this!?", he mumurmed silently to himself.

"Sonon tells you to watch Teflor and Ayra and report thier movements and conversations!, Sonon tells you he will pay you well!", Bimble whispers to himself as he dodges in the Gemsmiths shop - just as Teflor turns north for a moment as if to check his tracks.

Counting four full breaths, the little thief waited, then entered the street sticking close to the building walls. Walking a even careful pace the short little halfling was engulfed in the early evening shadows.

Rangers were dangerous sorts. They often spent too much time talking to themselve! "Yes they do!", confirmed Bimble to himself in a soft whisper. Half crazy from wandering in the darkness of the woods by themselves, eating rodents and insects to stay alive. Why Bimble had once known a Ranger that got hives each time he sat on a pillow! The comfort almost killed him! Bimble stifled a laugh, sticking half his fist in his mouth to keep the sound from escaping.

The thought on lost funds was beginning to bother the little thief. "How much was that, I certainly was not paid in advance!", Bimble thought as he felt the little bag that contained exactly 5 silvers and a gold. "This is dangerous work and requires advance payment and danger pay!", "surely it does, surely!"

Teflor was moving faster now, a sure sign he was nearing his destination and making a subconscious push to get to his destination. Bimble almost lost sight of him as he entered Selnue's smile. Playing the ever thoughtful thief Bimble decided to walk past the entrance and let the ranger get settled into the open bar. Just as he approached the small southern fountain of Waterdeep, Bimble spotted the second mark - Ayra!

With a cat like fall, he rolled into the fountain and submerged into the cold waters with a little *splash*!

Holding his breath as long as he could, he finnal grabbed the rounded edge of the fountain and watched Ayra enter Selunes smile.

Nodding to himself Bimble dunked one more time into the fountain and came up with a handfull of copper coins and a smile.

Bimble jumped from the fountain in a high halfling arch, and started running north, all the while yelling, "Sonon! pay me!".
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Postby teflor the ranger » Wed Dec 08, 2004 4:13 am


He's like my little LOTR golem.
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Postby bimble » Wed Dec 08, 2004 4:56 am

GAW! *snort*

That little wart was ugly!

I quite the opposite - yes I am, I say!
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Postby Clan Blindhammer » Wed Dec 08, 2004 5:59 am

Would anyone, ever, call a ranger their 'precious'????
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Postby Lahgen » Wed Dec 08, 2004 6:19 am

So....Sonon is playing spymaster as well now?

Heh...I can see that I've taught the boy well....*smile*
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Postby Sonon » Wed Dec 08, 2004 7:45 am

we never did agree on a price did we bimble well we shall have to meet and make one out and lahgen you have taught me nothing i have taught myself.
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Postby bimble » Fri Dec 10, 2004 4:40 am

Bimble really didnt like being so much shorter than everyone else he met. He had already been standing beside the Arch-mage Sonon for several minutes before the magiciam had noticed Bimble.

"Aww there you are.", said the Arch Mage. "I've got a very important job for you. You are a stealthy sort are you not?"

Not knowing what stealthy meant, Bimble thought it best to just nod his head.

"So then Bimble if you are free to take a job I have a offer!", pulling out a clean white piece of paper, Sonon briskly placed it in Bimbles hands.

Hopping very lightly on one foot, Bimble nervously looked at the paper and began to prespire in the places that only Halflings prespire.

"O darn!"'thought Bimble. "Mage marks on the paper! this could be a trap or it could be something written in mage scratches!"

"Its a list of things I need done.", continued Sonon. Not noticing that Bimble was moving the paper closer then farther way from his face as if to try and adjust the writing on the paper.

"Stealth is a must.", Sonon said in a serious tone.

Bimble responded by turning the paper upside down, "Maybe the scratches are upside down!" he thought quickly. It didnt wasnt understable that way either.

Starting to panic, for every sensible person know that Arch-Mages could turn good persons into toads, cats and dogs if they were wronged. Bimble quickly responded, "yay, I can do this stuff." and finished with, "easy!"

"Good!", said Sonon. "Now about payment."

Bimbles mind raced as he knew he was truly trapped. After agreeing to the contract and not actually knowing what was on the paper he had no idea how many coins to charge for the work!

Eyeing Sonon closely, Bimble sized the mage up. There deep in the folds of Sonon's belongings was a small heavy looking leather pouch.

Curiousity, burned in Bimble - "A chance lost is a chance not taken!" my old gaffer used to say, thought Bimble to himself.

"Gimme your leather pouch and its contents!", blurted Bimble. Thinking either the pouch would be to valuable and the contract would be voided or that at least it must be filled with important stuff to be held so close to a Arch-Mages Body.

Reaching into the folds of his clothing Sonon pulled the pouch out of hiding, "This? This holds important magic scroll, fluids and potions of power." Looking keenly in Bimbles eye he continued, "If this is what you want, then the deal is set." Promptly handing the small leather pouch over to Bimble.

"You are free to start your work Bimble, contact me here at my apartment if needed.", Sonon finished in a dismissing way.

Frantic and paniced Bimble didnt even to think of asking the Mage to read the contract before his little feet carried him down the stairs and out to the street in a flash.

Bimble turned north and passed the clock tower quickly, with one thought on his mind, "I gotta find someone trustworthy that can read!"


Hours later Bimble had made a list of his own. A hodge podge of pictographs and letters, it said simply:

Tef (ranger stick figure) nor
(picture of a fat heavy book)salian
lilllilir(picture of a lyre)

Trustworthy readers were narrowed down to four people. Ayra, Sonon's senior in the world of Arch Mages mainly because *all* mages could read and it might be best if someone could counter act any sneaky magic on the paper. Teflor the Mad Ranger, who knew too much for his own good - which usually meant you could read. Lorsalian the Ranger, better known as Longspindles in Beluir. Lorsalian was a good hearted half-elf and although he might not be able to read, was certainly trustworthy. And lastly Lilira, well because Bards could read, well probably read. But usually told *everything* they knew while drinking and singing.

The simple fact that magic scared Bimble put Ayra at the top of the list. '"Let majicers fight majicers!", my old Gaffer used to say.' thought Bimble.

Bimble soon set off to track down Ayra.

It didnt take long to find Ayra, standing in a dank dark alley way. Bimble was surprised to see her with Teflor. He had his suspicions that the two were friends since spotting them both on differing occassions in the back of Selunes Smile.

Sauntering up nonchalantly like he had business in the alley, Bimble waited off to one side in the shadows for a polite chance to speak.

Casually listening in Bimble was privy to hear:

Teflor says quietly 'Research of recent events?'

Teflor raises an eyebrow. Whats this?

Ayra flashes a wicked grin at Teflor.

Ayra says 'nah'

Ayra says 'I was a research assistant before i broke off to help you'

Teflor nods.

Ayra says 'specifically the Taleweavers assistant.'

Teflor says quietly 'I know of those...'

Teflor begins to ponder on something.

Ayra says 'this is the first time anyone has asked how i know things.'

From outside, the faint chimes of the clock tower sound 12 noon.

Ayra says 'people are wierd sometimes.'

Teflor says quietly 'Now, we have the weapons, and the defenses, and the volunteers, what makes us await the attack?'

Teflor says quietly 'I would also imagine most are more interested of what you know, rather than how you came to know it.'

Ayra says 'I think they look for more information on the layers.. they've been consulting a woman in Zhentil keep that Tvorlites had captive'

Ayra says 'i helped free her so thats first hand.'

Teflor says quietly 'I actually came across her once.'

Ayra gives Teflor a warm embrace, holding him tightly.

Finally Teflor looked far enough down to spot Bimble.

Teflor swats at you like a fly! You must be bugging him.

Teflor growls at Bimble, 'come in my house again and i'll gut you like a fish!'

Feeling a little put of place, Bimble raced through the alley way and into the street beyond, crumpled contract paper in hand.

"Well I dont think Ayra or Teflor know how to read either!", snorted Bimble.

"Some people!", fumed Bimble.


Well if people that could read, or not read were bunching up to hug and kiss then Lorsalian and Lilira must be together thought Bimble.

After several hours of searching Bimble decided that Lilira was not to be found, so he put "Find a ranger plan #453" into action.

Walking around aimlessly and lost in the great pine forest, Bimble screamed "Ranger!" at the top of his lungs every few minutes. Occasionally punctuating the moment with a "Help Help! a bear is killing me!"

Several hours later some woodchoppers told Bimble to look for Longspindles near the dirty stinky Orc holds.

It was several days walk in Halfling steps, but Bimble was condident he knew the way.

On the second day of his trek he was awakened from his late morning slumber, by a white calvary horse nuzzling his face.

"On your feet Halfling! you are dangerously close to the Orc hold of Splitshield.", said a rough voice from behind the huge horse.

Bimble watched once polished boots, now scruffy and dusted circle the horse and appear on the other side - attached to Lorsalian's feet!

"LORSALIAN!", shouted Bimble and scrambled to his feet.

With sudden enthusiasm Bimble replayed the events of the last week in a torrent of information given in a almost undecipherable pace and tone.

The he stopped suddenly and crushed a dirty tattered piece of paper into the rangers hand.

"Read that!", cried Bimble.

Lorsalian carefully unfolded the paper and read:

There is something written upon it:

this is what i want you to do.
1. inform me on teflor's and ayra's actions in the next couple of days.
2. if you here anything about nilan report it to me.
3.keep a watch on the three Gurns,Lirela,and Lintral (be careful around
4. also keep a watch on Teej and Targsk the leaders of the goodrace and
evilrace in the strike force.need i stress caution on this one.
5. report to me anonymously.
remember be cautious always.

You say 'whats that say!'
You detach from reality for a moment, pondering.
You say 'I got paid already!'
You get a small leather pouch from a tattered silken sack.
You say 'look at this good stuff!'
You give a small leather pouch to Lorsalian.
You say 'magic fluids!'
Lorsalian says 'Sonon has put you on a dangerous path ... that of his spy.'
You say 'spy!'
You say 'me?'
Lorsalian says 'if you follow this sheet of paper.'
You say 'I dont spy, kinda wait for ppl to look down and see me.'
Lorsalian says 'He asks you to keep watch on the Three, and the leaders about Auz.'
You say 'whats it say? I figured it was bad.'
Lorsalian says 'against Auz, even'
You say 'I dont know who is fer or against anymore!'
Lorsalian says 'I am beginning to feel similarly.'
Lorsalian says 'I've placed mine in Lirela and Gurns.'
You say 'although Teflor has threatened to "gut me like a fish if I dont knock for cookies and tea."'

You say 'I like gurns!'
You say 'I like lirela'
You say 'Sonon is mean!'
Lorsalian says 'was once one with promise.'
Lorsalian sighs and frowns at potential lost.
Lorsalian shakes his head negatively.
Lorsalian says 'Strange that he would swear to protect Deshana and then turn to her enemies and embrace them.'
You say 'he is a master mage! who knows what they think.'
You say 'always commanding do this do that.'
You snort.
You say 'welp I already spotted Ayra and Teflor cuddling and kissing and swapping stories!'
You say 'I was kinda between a wall and door, and got stuck so I couldnt tell them I was there.'
You say 'kinda feel bad about that'
You say 'but Teflor got all mad when he found me.'
You say 'so I dont care!'
You say 'Ayra paniced and turned into a mist!'

You say 'which was kinda neat!'

Lorsalian begins to ponder on something.
Bimble makes a poking motion in thin air.
You say 'blam gone!'
You say 'less and less solid!'
You say 'o well no more working for Sonon!'
Lorsalian says 'do you know the properties of that green juice in that pouch?'
You say 'no!'
You say 'its poison right?!'
You say 'hes trying to kill me'
Lorsalian says 'I don't know.'
Lorsalian says 'could I see it again?'
Lorsalian gets a vellum scroll from his tattered silken sack.
Lorsalian says 'Sounds like something Lirela would weave'
Lorsalian gets a small flask filled with a greenish-brown fluid from his small leather pouch.
Lorsalian recites a vellum scroll.
You receive a small leather pouch from Lorsalian.

l in pouch
A small leather pouch (carried) :
a small flask filled with a greenish-brown fluid
[6] a scroll of identify
[3] a steel gray potion

You say 'poison I knew it'
Take it easy now! Count to ten, very slowly.
Lorsalian says 'It allows you to see shadows. Shadows of those who cannot be seen.'
You say 'O!'
Lorsalian says 'whether hidden by skill or magic.'
You say 'I get those sometimes.'
Lorsalian says 'Actually, that is a bit strong in wording.'
Lorsalian says 'You know the shadows are near, but you cannot see them.'
You peer intently around the room. Looking for something?
You say 'where!?'
Lorsalian chuckles politely.
Lorsalian says 'If you drink that, and there are any around, you will sense them.'
Lorsalian says 'sorry to alarm you.'
You say 'o!'

"I'm rich!" squealed Bimble in delight.

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Postby bimble » Fri Dec 10, 2004 4:46 am

Sonon! I know yer a Tvorlite now. I'm gunna yell at you when you pass the gates of Waterdeep!

Bimble shouts. "HEY Sonon is a Tvorlite!"
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Postby Sonon » Fri Dec 10, 2004 5:35 am

you little half brain why i oughta......

you may yell but remember what you said magic is scary bimble very scary

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Postby teflor the ranger » Fri Dec 10, 2004 6:22 am

You left out the part where Teflor told you that you have to knock in order to recieve tea and cookies.
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Postby Deshana » Fri Dec 10, 2004 11:08 am

Not to mention the fact that I'm allergic to Tef.
He hugs pine trees too much for my sinus stability.
Not to mention that he'd be a dull read even if they bound him in leather and edged the parchment with gold leaf..

*runs as Teflor throws things at her*

Well its TRUE!
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Postby Lilira » Fri Dec 10, 2004 2:23 pm

Why Bimble!

I had no idea I even rated on your list!

The worst part, I'm the easiest among the four to find, much to my chagrin on numerous occassions.

Ayra and Teflor hugging and kissing? This merely adds fuel to the rumors everyone's been hearing in Baulder's Gate. *tease* I'm sure there was a reason. :-)

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Postby teflor the ranger » Fri Dec 10, 2004 5:54 pm

*sigh* everybody loves a ranger.
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Postby Sonon » Fri Dec 10, 2004 10:46 pm

i sure don't

Alysia group-says 'Lilen immolates a terrified squirrel to a charred crisp with his devastating inferno!'


Lilen group-says 'where are all da trolls i was promised'

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Postby sotana » Sat Dec 11, 2004 2:42 am

More Bimble stories please!! They never fail to make me laugh :-)


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