Bitter Circles

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Bitter Circles

Postby Lilira » Wed Dec 08, 2004 9:20 pm

I sat in my favorite hidey-hole in Waterdeep, a nice comfortable lounge few seemed to know about. The armorer who was an old friend of mine has never minded my being here, as long as I kept my messes cleaned up.

My thoughts ran in circles hand-in-hand with my emotions. Anger, confusion, self-loathing and hurt cycled bitterly through my thoughts. Once more my worth had been proven. I was not even given enough warning to defend myself, much less others.

The meeting with the priest the other night had gone badly. Teflor and Ayra for some reason _still_ unknown to me had attacked him. I had been caught completely flat-footed, and silenced by the priest. Of course by the time I had located the potion to free myself from his enchantment, the priest had fled and our search for him had turned up nothing. During the hunt, my questions to the two were ignored. Upon returning to the Monolith in the swamps, a creature of metal had attacked me. I fell quickly, having no time to cast what few protective spells I was capable of.

Through the grace of a cleric, I live again.

In an extremely rare fit of anger I had thrown hateful words at Teflor, raging against his deception. He met my words with calm, asking me if I still wanted to be part of his efforts. When we parted I was surrounded in the cloak of outward calm that has served me my whole life, but inwardly I still seethed. He still had given me no answers. His webs of secrecy were woven more tightly than mine own.

So I was left to sit in silence and brood. Did I really want to do this? I had been given an out on numerous occasions. One word knocked my thoughts to the side, putting an end to my spiral of doubt.


I had given my word on too may occasions to find the nearest hole and pull it closed behind me, no matter how luxurious or rat infested depending on the offer. If nothing else, my vows would be sacred.

So once more I pick up my lyre and my glaive and follow blindly, fool I may be for it, all the while hoping I may get what I seek… answers.
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Postby Sonon » Wed Dec 08, 2004 11:44 pm

we are all searching for answers. let me know if you get them.
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