Ill Tidaings of things to come.....

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Ill Tidaings of things to come.....

Postby Lilira » Thu Dec 09, 2004 6:39 pm

I stood outside the Dead Orc Inn. Lahgen had spotted me and came over to question me regarding the events in the swamp. Somehow during the conversation, the bard had reached over and cut a lock of my hair for himself and refused to return it. I was getting very annoyed at him when I was distracted.

As we stood and spoke, Tida exited the inn. Inwardly I groaned. I had heard she was looking for me, but our paths had not crossed until now. She spotted me and stalked over. Lahgen gave her a hug. I stood waiting, for she had the 'look' on her face, and braced for the explosion.

I raised my eyebrow at her, waiting for her to start, and she answered with a growl. This startled Lahgen, not knowing her moods as I do, and he looked at her face closely.

A little startled by her vehemence, I blinked at her and muttered, "You haven't seen me in weeks guildsister..."

"Yes I know, but I have heard," she uttered in her purry voice, "And I'm none too happy."

I gave a big sigh,, who hadn't I wondered to myself. To her I asked, "What have you heard?"

She took a moment to answer. I being impatient to have this out prodded, "Tida.... What displeases you?"

"Following around that ranger and the woman that calls herself an enchantress," she throatily growled, "Doesn't look good upon the guild that I hold dear."

"Well,,, its not like you've been around..." I began, starting to get irritated, how dare she question my loyalty to the guild, when she has been just as guilty of being absent.

"Doesn't matter. I have ears all over these realms," she interrupted, confirming my suspicions that she had me watched. This angered me further. The guild has been the only family I've had for the past years, no matter how often I've been absent.

I finished my sentence as though she hadn't spoken, "Off consorting with raisers of undead." I shuddered. Necromancers revolt me, and she had been spending a lot of time with that one.

My comment seemed to further anger her for she growled menacingly at me before continuing, "At least I consort with one that knows where he stands. Not a traitor."

"Traitor" I asked, "How easily you throw that word about."

"I know that ranger better than you think I do," she growled at me.

"That ranger has a name..." I sputtered, getting fed up. I narrowed my eyes at her in irritation.

"He is nothing to me anymore. So I will not utter his name ever again," she continued, narrowing her eyes with anger in return.

Of course, Lahgen had to put his oar in, "Lorsalian likes to call him 'It"

Absently I started humming angrily under my breath. Inwardly I winced as I realized what song it was, and allowed it to trail off. She was making me nervous and lately I had learned well the lesson of not being prepared. With a few sung words I summoned my shadowy armor to protect me. This started everyone off. Lahgen caused his form to shift and I heard Tida chant quietly under her breath.

Startled, I asked, "So,, would you attack me then?"

"Only if you attack first," was her answer. Lahgen looked at me, sensing the underlying tension in the air.

'I am not that foolish,' I told her. My hands clenched nervously. I was unarmed and unarmored, and I knew if she changed her mind there was nothing I could do.

After a moment of growing apprehension on my part as we stood, eyes locked, she growled, "I grow tired of this. We shall talk more later." With those words, she turned and stalked down the Street of Silks.

My mind a whirl, I only paid partial attention to Lahgen as he spoke of things. I retrained my attention on him as his words grew more hurtful. He actually gloated that it was a good thing that I was on the side of Auzrom'tvorl, having a fool there would better the chances of the alliance.

The dam holding everything back burst and I did something I have never done before. I slapped him.

Then I walked away, seeking solace in my music.

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