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Rude Rangers

Posted: Fri Dec 10, 2004 6:49 am
by Sonon
I had just finished up with a private meeting in my Waterdeep apartment when the ranger Teflor by name came in without so much as knocking and confronted me about the half brain halfling i had asked to tail him.
Teflor says quietly 'Your little runt nearly tripped me today.
i told him that bimble that was the halflings name was not my concern anymore as he had turned tail on me as half brains were wont to do.
Teflor says quietly 'If you care for him, tell him to be more careful.'
Teflor says quietly 'And if he wants to come in my house, to knock.'
i told him again that the half brain was no longer my concern finally he changed to a new subject.
Teflor says quietly 'I have some information for you as well.'
at first i didn't hear this as i was to busy growling something about him taking his own advice about homes and knocking. he said it again and this time i heard my curiousity was immediatly peaked but i played off my curiousity with a poor attempt at sarcasm.
i said in a sarcastic tone " you have information for me how sweet tell me dear ranger what is it?"
he didn't like that
Teflor says quietly 'Sarcasm becomes fools and morons alike.'
while i was thinking for a come back to this remark he kept on talking
Teflor says quietly 'Perhaps I shall respond with a half comment.'
at this i started to get nervous as i hate having to find out for myself what can easily be told to me.
i told him very impatiently 'get to the point what is it you have to tell me?'
he didn't like this either but he didn't say anything about but i knew he was getting impatient he then continued to leave me with the promised half comment.
Teflor says quietly 'You know, the priest spoke of you as well.'
before i could ask what the priest had had to say about me he was talking again
Teflor says quietly 'And if I were you, I would be more concerned as to what he had to say.'
and rudely before i could ask him any more he just left.
in my opinion that ranger Teflor could do for some lessons in manners not that i should be the one to teach him or anything hehe i am almost as bad as him not as bad but almost.

Posted: Sat Dec 11, 2004 2:23 am
by Sonon
i wonder what the priest said....