A Parting of the Ways...

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A Parting of the Ways...

Postby Lilira » Fri Dec 10, 2004 5:01 pm

I sat in the restaurant in the bazaar writing notes for a song. I couldn’t get the damn thing right for my mind was in too much turmoil.

Tida appeared in the doorway, saw me sitting there and stalked over. I had a feeling this wouldn’t be a pleasant meeting after our discussion yesterday. I stood up as she approached me.

“Lilira we have to talk now," she growled at me.

“Of course,” I replied feeling resigned. I put my quill and paper away.

“Explain yourself. Why are you running with that ranger and enchantress? Knowing everything that we have done," she began, still with a growl. To say she was not pleased would be an understatement.

“You haven't been around. Everyone else has distanced themselves from me,” I muttered. I hate it when it sounds like I’m whining.

“You have brought that upon yourself," she pointed out.

“I thought perhaps to find out why he turned "traitor".'

“This guild stands for the side of the alliance. Not to have one of our own turn their backs on it," she continued as if I hadn’t spoken, “I trusted you. I told you things that I had done for the alliance only for you to turn and run to that ranger."

“I have turned my back on noone and shared nothing you told me with him,” I retorted. It was true, I really hadn’t. Contrary to popular belief, I might have started walking a different path from her, but I hadn’t betrayed anyone. “I have been there for the guild when needed.”

Tida raised her eyebrow. I could feel the sarcasm in that gesture.

Tida throatily growled “You have not been there when the alliance needed you; you have only been there when that ranger needed you."

“The alliance has never needed me,” I retorted, feeling myself flush with irritation.

“I told you before the alliance needs all that we can get, and yet you turn your back on us. This does not look good upon the guild, nor upon myself," for a moment Tida almost looked sorrowful, before her face hardened once more into a mask of anger.

I had a feeling I knew what she wanted, but I had to ask, “Do you wish me to step aside?”

She looked at me a moment before the words I dreaded left her lips, “Yes. You have come to disgrace the name of Realms Mist and should no longer hold the name."

Her words stung like a thousand angry hornets. I gasped with the shock of it.

“I never thought it would really come to this...” I murmured half to myself.

“If you should ever come to your senses and prove that you have then I might welcome you back. But for now, you have chosen your path."

I ran my fingers over the worn badge I’ve worn all this time since joining the guild. I took a deep breath, fighting back tears. I would not give her those too. I grabbed a hold of the edge where it met the fabric and ripped away a part of my heart along with the badge I threw at her feet.

“Then I'm gone.”

She bent down, picked up the badge, dusted it off and put it in her bag.

“Fine,” she growled once more. “Don't come running back when you realize that you where wrong."

I turned from her and faced the wall, still fighting back tears. “Leave me,” I told the mage, “You have what you wanted.”

Tida paused as though she wished to say something else, but left the restaurant. After her departure, I sat back down and dropped my head to the table soaking it with my tears.

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