The Weavers - A Warning

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The Weavers - A Warning

Postby Lirela » Thu Dec 23, 2004 8:51 pm

I decided it was time to see my friend, Arenivar. I know I’m being watched, I
know I’m in danger. Assassins visit me almost daily now, and in case anything
happens to me, she has to be prepared to take my place. Which puts her in as
much danger as me. I had to be sure my good friend was safe and knew of the

My guard, Kavik, of course agreed to go with me. I was traveling to a potentially
dangerous area, not to mention the village itself is overrun by all kinds of terrible
beings. Who knows what we would find, or what would find us.

The trip was uneventful for once...a definite relief. When we reached the edge of
town, I told Kavik I wouldn’t wait to deal with anyone between me and the temple.
We ran past the invaders unnoticed and entered Selune’s sanctuary.

I paused to look around once inside. The sick, injured and dying citizens of the
village congregated here for safety, comfort, and the healing services of Selune’s
priestesses, who appeared taxed, tired, and eternally concerned. I gave them a
reassuring smile and excused myself to the Inner Sanctum where I found

At first the High Priest didn’t seem to notice me as he went about his business.
Soon I got his attention and we greeted each other cheerfully. I told him I was
looking for Arenivar; luckily he was expecting her to return shortly.

In the meantime I took the opportunity to ask if my daughter, Katra had been
through the village. I had told her about the troubles here, and had thought
perhaps she would pass through on one of her journies. Rolane hadn’t seen her,
but he’d let her know I was looking for her if she did show up.

More bad news about Katra. Perhaps bad isn’t the word. I think it’s better to say
there’s no news at all about Katra, which is perhaps more distressing. When it
comes to your children, the unknown is always the scariest.

Thankfully, Arenivar showed up soon. I was getting worried about her, paranoid
even. I was afraid of leading Tvorlites here, and having them attack her on her
way back to the temple. So it was a relief to finally see her, and to see that she
was well.

She was happily surprised to see me, and we greeted each other with hugs. She
made a silent inquiry about Kavik, who until now hadn’t said anything. I
introduced him and explained why he was there, but he was too distracted
watching for intruders to notice and he continued to be silent.

Always a good friend, Arenivar gave her condolences in regards to my husband’s
recent death. I let my fatigue show then, and told her about my missing
daughter. She gave me comfort and would inquire among the village if she had
been seen.

But now it was time to get down to business. I wasn’t sure how to start
delicately, so I didn’t.

“Being a moonweaver has put me in a lot of danger.”

She didn’t seem surprised at all. “There are always those who seek our power,
and those who seek to suppress us,” she said. This was true, and I knew it.
Sometimes I feel threatened, and sometimes I feel like a freak show at the
carnival. Everyone either wants to see me weave the moonlight, or wants to stop
me from doing it for one reason or another.

I continued, “Agents of Auzorm'tvorl watch me from a long distance, waiting for
their chance to strike and keep my allies from getting copies of the necklace.”

She inquired about the others, and I confirmed we are all targets—Gurns, Lintral
and myself along with a small number of others.

Here was the hard part. I hate breaking bad news to people. “I wanted to pass
the warnings I've been hearing on to you. They obviously know of your existance
and abilities, so please keep yourself safe.”

Arenivar sighed and lamented, “In this war zone, I had thought... But no matter.
The past is not yet far enough gone, is it.” I nodded in agreement. “I will be
wary. My thanks, sister...”

And then she hugged me, and I hugged back. I don’t want anything to happen to
her, and I told her as much. “And in case anything happens to me.. since I do
still travel in my ministry.. well, you need to be available just in case.”

“Nor I you,” she replied. “We have shared much, including the Weave and the
presence of sister Noloth'e.” Ahh Noloth’e. I wonder what danger she could be
in. Hopefully none, but there is always a chance. Perhaps I’ll have to visit her
soon, as well.

She broke me out of my musings with a bit of comfort to ease my worries. “We
both have our duties, and they shall not falter because of a threat. But I will seek
a guard, much like you have.”

By this time I had spent far too long in one place, especially since my presence
puts everyone in danger, and especially her. I had to excuse myself, as much as
I wanted to stay and talk more to my dear friend.

With a blessing to each other, hugs and kisses, we said goodbye. I implored her
to please send for me if she should need anything, and with a wave to Rolane,
Kavik and I left the temple.

Selune, keep her safe. She may still be neded in this.

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