An odd message, a confusing plan.

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An odd message, a confusing plan.

Postby Lirela » Thu Dec 23, 2004 9:48 pm

I found myself in the living room of a house that wasn’t my own, talking to the
paladin of my Goddess’s greatest enemy, asking what she wants me to do to
help the alliance and answering her questions about my own intentions and
interactions. Answering to this woman is always difficult, but if it will help defeat
Auzorm’tvorl, I‘ll do it. I’m certain putting her own fate in my hands during the
final battle doesn’t please her either.

When a messenger arrived, I excused myself from the conversation for a
moment. Moving to the corner of the room for some privacy I inquired why he
had come. Someone wanted to talk to me. This time a rogue, in Waterdeep.
Timas. I didn’t recognize the name. I nodded to the messenger; told him I would
find the rogue as soon as I could. Lately it seems people are waiting in line to
talk to the Weaver. Either I’m doing something right and am able to spread
Selune’s blessings and message, or I’m doing something horribly wrong and
getting myself into some pretty deep messes. I sincerely hope it’s the former.

After the messenger left I took a glance at Kavik. He seemed to know what that
was about without even having to ask. I must be looking tired these days...

I returned to my conversation with Teej. Questions, so many questions. I always
do my best to answer truthfully despite the dance I have to perform. So many
people seek my counsel these days; not always those allied with me. Which is
why I take Kavik wherever I go. I can’t afford the risk of talking to these people

I left Teej with more questions in her mind than answers, I think. She’s probably
frustrated, probably thinks me a fool. But I see sides to people that others don’t.
After all, Oracle means wise counselor. The most unlikely people will seek out a
priestess if something weighs heavy on their heart. And that’s the position I find
myself in quite often. So, if I’m unsure about anyone’s allegiance, it’s usually
because I have some tidbit of information tucked away that makes me wonder if
everything isn’t as it seems. And those who come to me in confidence deserve
the respect of their conversations being confidential. That sometimes puts me in
a very tough position, and it’s starting to wear on me.

Well, on to the next meeting. On the way I asked Kavik one more time if he
minded standing around like that, not being part of the conversation. He assured
me once more that it was OK, and if he was going to do his job and protect me,
he wouldn’t allow himself to get distracted by conversation that was probably
meant to be private anyway. He said, in truth he didn’t even listen closely to the
conversation. It didn’t affect his job unless threats were made; in which case he
would jump into action. OK OK, I get it. He doesn’t mind, and doesn’t even
seem to want to be involved in the intrigues. There may be some wisdom in

Once in Waterdeep, I found the rogue who had asked to meet with me. He was
standing near the fountain, and greeted Kavik before greeting me. It didn’t
bother me, but I found it odd. He asked for a meeting with me, and greeted my
companion before me. Oh well. Some individuals aren’t raised by people who
teach them good manners. It’s no fault of their own.

I followed Timas to a small apartment in northern Waterdeep. Kavik checked the
room and the area outside upon arrival, sharpening his senses with some kind of
potion. Once he decided it was OK, I asked Timas why he wanted the meeting.

The rogue mentioned Sonon and his decision to follow the Priest of Auzorm’tvorl.
Then he outlined a confused idea of Sonon’s that made no sense to me. I
listened, asked my questions of the idea, told him I would consider my response
carefully and get back to him. He seemed rather pleased with this, and Kavik
insisted it was time to go. We had lingered there long enough.

At this time I thought it prudent to revisit Teej. She had said Lintral held a note
that implicated Sonon in some very hazardous actions. The dark mage was
there with his wife and gave me the note to read. Indeed, it seemed Sonon was
in over his head. I left the couple rather quickly, uncomfortable with the events
that were going to play out, but helpless to change them. If only I had more

Well, on to the next meeting. Hopefully a solution will present itself.

Selune help me, will I ever get any rest? I put my faith in you to guide my path
and help me through these hard times.

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