The Hunt Begins

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The Hunt Begins

Postby Futaz » Tue Jan 04, 2005 5:22 am

I’d have gone to the Temple of Vhaeraun seeking his Hand. I heard a tale about the Thanators that presented a dilemma to Vhaeraun’s city. I spied Nilan at the altar with the confines for the temple.


Nilan pick up his head and spoke 'Oh, hello. I can not stay long, someone desires me.'

'What can you tell me about Fenton?'

'Felton. Felton Orm. Is that who you refer to?'

'I heard he controls the Thanators. Is this true?'

'It is said he is a powerful magi. 'It is said he controls them now that Trobriand is dead. A loyal follower of Auzorm'tvorl he is.'

'I remember in the vision of the monolith in the desert, that it is the Thantors that attack Dublyth Kyor.'

'It speaks of that yes'

'Then we should eliminate Felton from the equation.'

'He is very elusive or has been thus far.'

'What would it take to hunt him down?'

'I am unsure...'

‘I have been summoned. We shall talk further soon.' Nilan then bows and disappears into the darkness.
Futaz Ul'Saruk de'Dubluth Kyor
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Postby Futaz » Wed Jan 05, 2005 5:42 am

Nilan fades in from the darkness.

'Can you provide me anymore information on the Felton?'

Nilan replied 'Well he is a key player in Auzorm’tvoril army.'

'Is he residing on Toril?'

'There was a hidden cave up north ...he was responsible for the lady Ingisa's capture at one point...he held her in that very cave. Residing...hmm...I am unsure where he calls home these days...but all sighting of him have occurred on our world'

'Is Lady Ingisa available to help us find Felton?'

'No...not anymore.'

'Where else has Felton been sighted?'

'I haven’t seen him in some time... You seem very interested in him my friend.'

'Yes, the Thanator's threaten Dublyth Kyor.'

'Yes...not just here...but elsewhere too'

'Also if we take him out, there will be no Thanators to fight on the mountain.'

'In the enemies army I am sure replacements can be found...after all Trobriand was ...replaced'

'Has the missionary been replaced? And the enemy's army does not have unlimited resources.'

'I know he has been eliminated. I was there...he is quite dead I assure you. Now is the time for us to begin concentration our efforts on fighting Auzormt'tvorl himself....his pawns and players only serve as distractions...'

'The enemy's army does not have unlimited resources. We should continue to destroy what resources we now about.'

'Cut off the head and the body will fall...if you will.'

'Will they not be present when we strike on the mountain to cut of the head?'

'Perhaps, my old friend....though my efforts at this time must be concerned with Auzormt'tvorl's fall. I have....much to dwell on...these days.'

'If they will be an obstacle on the mountain it is best remove as many of them as we can before we hit the mountain.'

'Perhaps you can pursue these individuals...these obstacles my friend. Lately my days have been filled with training, gathering, and prayer.'

'Then I will pursue them.'

'Yes, that will be good if you can maybe discover more on the Felton Orm.'

'If you learn of anything concerning this matter send me word.'


I took my leave of Nilan, leaving him to his training. My hunt is just beginning.
Futaz Ul'Saruk de'Dubluth Kyor

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