A New Approach

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A New Approach

Postby Lirela » Wed Jan 05, 2005 5:16 pm

Lirela lay in her bed looking up into the darkness of her bedroom, her shimmering blue hair spread out like a halo around her head. She couldn’t sleep. She conjured orbs of moonlight to dance on the ceiling, allowing herself to be hypnotized and calmed by them. This always helped her think.

    “Well, I really put my foot in it this time. Why did I have to go ahead and get into all the politics? Yuck. The backstabbing, the secrets, the bickering. I just couldn’t take it anymore. Can’t these people see what’s happening? For a Priestess of Selune to call for order...now that’s something. Chaos is what we have here. And for our pathetic chaos to conquer Auzorm’tvorl, who is Chaos incarnate, it just won’t ever work. He’s got to be loving this.”
The orbs swirled around each other, bouncing merrily on the ceiling. Lirela’s eyes followed them as she sorted her thoughts and feelings.

    “Well, Lirela, you need to keep yourself out of the politics and away from the leaders, unless you want to get yourself into deep trouble with that flippant tongue you’ve developed lately. And you need to find another way to be helpful.”
Lirela sighed, and the dancing orbs seemed to sigh with her, suspended near the ceiling, floating up and down with the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. The thoughts in her head began to stir again after their moment of rest, and with them the moonlight orbs began to stir as well.

    “I know a lot of what needs to happen, and I think everyone knows bits and pieces. But nobody is making sure everyone is on the same page. But it’s certainly not making me very popular to suggest we could use more direction. If no one can agree that we need more information from our leaders, I guess I might as well be shouting at the rain.”

Lirela bit her bottom lip for a moment, her eyes following the dancing lights as they began to spiral faster and faster, much like her own ponderings. And then the orbs suddenly stopped, forming in the pattern of Selune’s symbol...two feminine eyes with a ring of seven stars surrounding them. She had it. She knew what she would do, and only hoped it would be received with thanks.

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