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A Quandary, A memory, A CRY

Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2005 8:33 pm
by Lilira
I sat practicing. Lately seemed like an unending round of practice. While I practiced, my mind would drift. Pieces of conversations would echo through the halls of my thoughts. Arguments, angry words, some I am ashamed to say my own, and constant bickering. Our side in this war seems doomed. Forget about the different races not being able to put aside their differences and get along. It was more serious than that. The individuals who had placed themselves under Lady Teej’s leadership could not even get along. What could I do, if anything? Snatches of stories from times of war came to mind. What did a bard do in such times? The answer came to me in the form of a conversation I had with a fellow member of the alliance.


I had been practicing in a hovel in the woods south of Baulder’s Gate. The owner was kind enough to allow me his fireside. While he slept that night, I quietly practiced, strumming my harp. Suddenly I had the feeling we were not alone. A dark figure removed his cloak, and I relaxed as I recognized him.

“Good evening Nilan,” I whispered, not wishing to wake the owner of this home. He nodded politely in greeting. I had noticed occasionally that he seeks me out when times are quiet. Well for him anyway. Maybe my music soothes him, I know not.

“You have improved much over the last few moons,” he complimented me. I ducked my head in acceptance and muttered a thank you. I had gotten better. He had last heard me play shortly after…

We sat in companionable silence while I played. The assassin asked me to sing a song, something sad. I ran through the songs in my head and sang something appropriate.

I finished the song with tired fingers so I stilled the strings and put my harp back into its case. Staring into the fire I asked the first question that floated into my head.



“What are you fighting for?”

“My people,” he responded quickly. Too quickly. I’m a bard, I know about rehearsed answers.

“What about your people is worth fighting for? Do you do it because it’s right or because your god tells you to?”

“Because its right,” he replied.

My questions seemed to puzzle him. Actually I think they floored him, though tis hard to tell. He sat up and went through the history of the drow, explaining the division between drow and elves, his life before coming to the surface, telling me all kinds of things I had heard bits about, but never once truly answering my question. I continued gazing into the flames while his words washed over me. He spoke of his god, and how his people needed to be freed from the Underdark to return to the surface above.

I don’t pretend to understand religion. My father chose his god over my mother and I, leaving me a little jaded about the whole religion idea. I have heard people call Nilan a fanatic. He serves his god. How does this make him different from a priest who serves their god body and soul, or a knight?

He fell silent after a time, and mused about his words. He spoke and awoke me from my thoughts.

“I’m sorry, what was that?”

“Why do you fight? You have said yourself you serve no god, why do you prepare to battle in this war,” he asked. Turnabout is fair play after all. I thought for a few moments. This was not the first time I had been asked this, though I could not answer to the satisfaction of the last person who asked me. Then an image popped into my head. I described it to him while he listened attentively.

I had paused in Waterdeep to visit my halfling friend who had prepared a new batch of cookies for me. It had been weeks since I had stopped by the bazaar to play. Not since before. Apprehensively I had wondered what my reception would be. As I headed to the fountain, a little girl with a short cap of curls shrieked my name and ran towards me. Her exuberance at my presence brought several more younglings bouncing around clamoring for a song. No pitying looks, no vows to find and kill the butcher. Just simple unadulterated joy, that the bard who taught them songs had returned. I sat at the foot of the fountain, smiling faces surrounding me, untouched by the horrors of what was coming. My memory flashed the vision from the monument showing the destruction of Waterdeep and something clenched in my stomach. I smiled around it and began to teach a new song, making up hand motions to go with it. The sounds of their beautiful off-key voices echoed through my head as I finished my tale.

I looked away from the fire and met Nilan’s gaze.

“This might sound trite and overdone, but I fight for them. I fight for the ones who can’t fight for themselves. In the beginning my mind limited it to Waterdeep, my home. I have traveled much since then, and my horizons have broadened. So now I fight for the ones, whatever the race, who will be destroyed should we fail.”

As the last of the memory passed through my tired mind, it occurred to me.

Bards. It falls to us to heal the division. Now is the time to put petty arguments and selfishness aside.

It is time to begin a rallying cry that will shake the foundations of this world we would not see destroyed.

Songs, verse, stories!

Use the skills we have learned and mastered to sweep aside the hatred and distrust that threatens to choke us all!

Now I ask,, What do YOU fight for.

ooc: This was loosely based on a conversation with Nilan,, I didn't log it so don't shoot me or him.

Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2005 3:48 am
by Lahgen

I fight because it's the only game in town.

Otherwise I don't give a damn.

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 11:24 pm
by Lahgen
In the tent east of the Turning Point, they conferred. Lilira spoke to Lahgen of how he really must care for the Alliance, seeing as how he had once attempted to kill her over the mere suspicion of spying. After a bit of back and forth, they finally came to agreement: the Alliance will not survive if we bicker. They must work to bring cohesion back to the ranks.

Lilira held out her hand.

Lahgen met her hand with his.

They shook their hands in agreement.

"It begins here." stated Lahgen.

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 11:27 pm
by Clan Blindhammer
I agree with the Goblin Choral Director (Lahgen). I fight fer fightin's sake, and of course, endless mugs o Duergar rum.

Posted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 11:36 pm
by Lilira
With deepest Respect Your Majesty,

That type of thinking is what makes it difficult to pull everyone together.

You're planning on fighting to fight. Surely a great king like yourself must realize the need for discipline and morale in an army.

After all, if your troops are too busy fighting each other to march in the right direction, the enemy has already won.

Lahgen and I have managed to put aside our differences. Perhaps others could do the same?



Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2005 1:00 am
by Clan Blindhammer
Ye prolly should be leavin' the Kingin' and Leadin' to those that be Kings n' Leaders, lass.

Ye got Lahgen on yer side. Good. Now convince yer Leader its so and move on. Move on.

Kill off the rest of yer traitors and leave the turds on the ground where they belong - they know who I'm talkin' bout. Ye be knowin' yer damned self who as well.

Ye trim that fat, and ye got yerself a pretty tight knit group. The evils, we're not fer havin that kind o' problem, yer noticin'. None o' em are stupid enough to be tryin' to double talk an' play nice with the Tvorlites. All o' em be recognizin' a Leader, Troll or not, an' followin' him. None o' the evils are bein' dumb an' ridin' the line until it drops, not pickin' sides because their afraid o' breakin' the nail off this-that-and-the-o'er's-Gods finger. We be committed to endin' it, and thats the damned endin' o' it.

So yea, we're fightin' to fight and end the damn thing.

Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2005 1:40 am
by Lilira

I think I was just damned,,, with faint praise even?

*mischievous grin*

I mean no offense Your Majesty, and certainly I’ll leave the leadership to those who are capable.

*jaunty bow*

After all, I’m merely a bard and my talents don’t lie in tactics and strategies.

I sing Ladies and Gentlemen, and I entertain. I also try to help in the way I can. To bolster the flagging spirits of those who have waited so long for the battle to come.

To get people to set aside their differences,, you ‘evils’ as you call yourselves may work well as a group, but we need everyone to work together as one cohesive army, whether we are dwarves, duergar, human, orc, barbarian, troll, drow elf, grey elf, gnome, yuan-ti, halfling or illithid, surface dweller or from the underdark.

A hand offered in times of need, no matter the form of the one offering should be accepted.

I’ll step off the tree stump I’ve stepped up on, and wander away with a song, leaving my words for everyone to think on.


Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2005 6:13 am
by Clan Blindhammer
Feh, not sure if'n I'm likin' me women talkin' all the damn time. Now I'm really gonna have to yell at Cirath. Feh


Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2005 6:28 am
by Lilira
Talk about ruining a lady's mood.



Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2005 12:19 pm
by Tida
You asked why we are fighting. We all have our own reasons for being in this fight. Some are fighting for the sake of fighting. Some are fighting for their homes, while others fight for revenge. I fight for the hope to make a difference, and for the lives of all that I care for. So we may not all get along, but in a way we are all fighting for the same thing. To destroy something that wants to destroy us.

Tida -Passionate Spellweaver- Realms Mist

Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2005 3:06 pm
by Lilira
Thanks for saying it Tida.

Any other takers?


Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2005 8:25 pm
by Sonon
i fight because others fight. i don't wish the world to be destroyed i haven't become powerful enough yet i don't want to die.

Posted: Thu Jan 13, 2005 10:18 pm
by Lilira
Well then Sonon, you've just said it.

You fight for power. At least its a reason, if not one I understand.


Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2005 12:38 am
by Sonon
how do you not understand? what is there not to understand?

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2005 4:20 am
by Lilira
Not one to seek power myself... merely experience.