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As I pursued my hunt it took me to the surface. Nilan thinks he is the only Drow that roams the surface, but as Ul'Saruk my duties takes me to the surface quite often. The hunt took me near Waterdeep where I encountered Lilira. As I extracted information from her about Felton Omn. She start to tell me about another who had a lock of hair taken from her by Felton.
'How did he get a piece of her hair?' I asked Lirlira.

Lilira replied 'A story she must tell.. ooc: I think its one of the RP stories on the board,, an early one.'

'Please identify who are we talking about?'

'Tida. Though I understand he was asking questions of the sage up north...'

'who was asking questions?'



'Um,, the sage was unable to relay that information. I'm sorry. The knowledge was destroyed from his memory.'

'If you want more information seek out the sage.'

'Thank you for the information you provided me.'

I left to continue my hunt and quickly ran into Tida. I took the opportunity to interview her about Felton.

'Could you tell me how Felton Omn got a piece of you hair?'

'I had given a lock of my hair to the Mad Mage of Undermoutian to lock Trobraind in Undermoutain so we where able to kill him' was Tida's answer. 'From what I understand Trobraind had found it, and figured out what was going on and took it and gave it to Felton to use it as a foci object.'

'Has he used it yet?'

'He has used it on multiple occastions as he knows that I keep company with the bearer and the seeker. He also uses it to see if I am near a place he wishes to send his little minions and see if I will be there to spoin his efforts.'

'Have you heard about my hunt?'

'I have heard somethings about it. I don't know why your hunting him though.'

'It is my understanding that he controls the Tharantors.'

'That is my understanding as well. Now that Trobraind is dead.'

'The vision in the monolith shows tharantors attacking Dublyth Kyor.'

'Among other places yes.'

'I seek to eliminate them from the forces of the Vile one.'

'He is a hard one to find.'

'But he can be found.'

'Last I heard he is staying at the mountain where the Vile One's host is being made.'

'That would be the best place for him.'

'He rarely comes down to deal with things here. He sends his minions to do his dirty work for him.'

'He does come down.'

'What are his minions doing?'

'I only know of him coming down once.'

'To do what?'

'His minions are trying to kill off people or trying to "convert" them.'

'To supervise the attack on The Silver Lady.'

'Where did that take place?'

'At The Lady's lair'

'I'd like to inspect her lair, where can I find it?'

'I really don't know where its at. I know its down south of Waterdeep.'

'Is there anything else you can tell me about Felton?'

'None I can think of right now.'

'Let me know if you think of anything?'

'When I get back to my room in Waterdeep I'll look over my notes again and see if there's something in there that can help you.'

Given that the lair was located in the southern kingsdoms it didn't take long for me to locate the site of the Silver Lady's lair. On my way there from Waterdeep I met the ranger Telfor.

'Teflor, I am hunting Felton Omn.'

Teflor says quietly 'Kill him. What reason have you to hunt him?'

'Sounds like you'd like to be there when I catch him. And to answer you question he is a threat to my people.'

'You are mistaken Futaz. If that's your name.'


'I do not care to 'be there' as it were.'

'What am I mistaken about?'

'I do not care to 'be there' as it were.'

'Why is that?'

I didn't receive an answer he left the ferry and disappeared into the light.
Futaz Ul'Saruk de'Dubluth Kyor

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