Last Minute Messages and Musings...

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Last Minute Messages and Musings...

Postby Lilira » Mon Jan 24, 2005 4:23 pm

I paced back and forth in my room at the Dead Orc. In one hand I twirled a quill as I fought with indecision, my other hand raking my hair out of my eyes. My steps faltered as I turned and the missive sitting on my pillow drew my eye once more.

The pristine parchment with its watermark screamed wealth. I had broken open the burgundy seal with puzzlement at the strange mark, and had scanned past the flowery greeting of “Unto Lilira, blah, blah” penned habitually by scribes. Such nonsense was for nobles, of which I am not, so it meant nothing to me. It was the body of the missive that wracked me with indecision and caused a burning sensation in the pit of my stomach.

“Lysiana Silverdew, Lady of House L’thelias requires your presence immediately in Leuthilspar. You are to travel there in whichever style is most expedient and make your way to her home.”

For a moment after the meaning of the words sank into my mind, I was tempted to immediately respond by telling her to take her summons and stuff it and herself into the deepest darkest hole of the Underdark. I was outraged that this woman, my great-grandmother thanks to the accident of my birth, would presume to command me after the circumstances of our last meeting. I still remember the flare of her nose as though she had detected some foul odor when I was ushered into her presence after my mother’s death.

The battle with Auzorm’tvorl was nearing. My old self would have answered her without delay, showing up as ordered. Now, I knew this battle took precedence over all. But I had some time. Very little, but I had it. Should I travel as bidden? With the assistance of a friend, I could be there quickly indeed. But why should I give her the satisfaction of my running to her side when she called me?

No. She would have to wait. I would not have her think she held any power over me. If I survived… if… I might show up, if only to lay those personal demons to rest. For now I had to see if my assistance in the preparations for battle was needed. I penned a quick little "Sorry but that's not convenient" reply. I'd find someone to take it to her later. I brushed my hair out of my eyes again. Time for a haircut, wouldn't do for it to obscure my vision at a bad moment.

After all… it wasn’t every day a girl got to run off to help destroy a god. Think of the story! Think of the glory! Think of the song ideas!

I’m terrified.

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