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Character RP Profiles

Postby Sesexe » Wed Jan 26, 2005 9:19 pm

The In-Character Profile Template

Begin your cut and paste after this line:

Code: Select all

[b]Name[/b]: ?
[b]Nickname[/b]: [i]Nicknames others call your character.[/i]
[b]Aliases[/b]: [i]Other identities your character is known as (not necessarily alts)[/i]
[b]Guild[/b]: Orbdrin D’oloth
[b]Guild Title[/b]: [i]Guild title in drow (translation in common)[/i]
[b]Rank[/b]: [i]Guild rank in drow (translation in common)[/i]
[b]Mantle[/b]: [i]50th level title (translation in common)[/i]
[b]Location[/b]: [i]Your characters established hometown or where they are most likely to be found.[/i]
[b]Class[/b]: ?
[b]Level[/b]: [i]Current level[/i]
[b]Gender[/b]: [i]Male/Female/Other/None [/i]
[b]Race[/b]: ?
[b]Alignment[/b]: [i]Your characters interpreted alignment in D&D terms (if evil are you CE, LE, or NE?)[/i]
[b]Age[/b]: [i]Your characters current age.[/i]
[b]Height[/b]: [i]# inches (and in feet)[/i]
[b]Weight[/b]: [i]# lbs[/i]
[b]Eye Color[/b]: ?
[b]Hair Color[/b]: ?
[b]Marital Status[/b]: [i]Single/Married/Divorced/Widowed[/i]
[b]Mark/Symbol[/b]: [i]What is your characters personal mark or house/clan symbol?[/i]

[b]Innate Statistics:[/b]
[b]Str[/b]: ???  [b]Agi[/b]:  ???  [b]Dex[/b]:  ???  [b]Con[/b]:  ???
[b]Pow[/b]:  ???  [b]Int[/b]: ???  [b]Wis[/b]:  ???  [b]Cha[/b]:  ???
[b]Hit Points[/b]: ??? natural (??? adjusted)
[b]Move[/b]: ??? [i]Character’s maximum innate movement points.[/i]
[b]Armor Class[/b]: ?? [i]Adjusted armor class fully geared.[/i]
[b]Hitroll[/b]: # [i]Adjusted hitroll fully geared.[/i]
[b]Damroll[/b]: # [i]Adjusted damroll fully geared[/i]
[b]Adjusted Saves[/b]: PAR[?]  ROD[?]  PET[?]  BRE[?]  SPE[?]
[b]Special/Innate Abilities:[/b] [i]innate racial or RP rewarded abilities[/i]

[b]Physical Description[/b]: [i]What is your character’s description?[/i]
[b]Personality Traits[/b]: [i]Pick 5-7 separate words that best describe your character.[/i]
[b]Interests[/b]: [i]What does your character like to do, or normally find themselves doing?[/i]
[b]Goals[/b]: [i]Your characters long term RP goals, that is, what they hope to achieve. (No not restrings and spiffy spell effects, but like does he/she want to rule the world? Destroy Waterdeep? Rebuild Bloodstone and rule it? Etc. Things of this nature.)[/i]
[b]Hobbies[/b]: [i]In game activities your character spends a great deal of time doing that doesn’t involve killing.[/i]
[b]Current Status[/b]: [i]What is your character currently up to right now? What’s their number 1 priority at this moment in time?[/i]

[b]Religious Beliefs[/b]: [i]Does your character worship a god or goddess? If so who? Are they an active follower, or token worshipper only?[/i]

[b]History[/b]: [i]What do other characters know, could know, or you would like them to know about your character?[/i]

[b]Personal Sayings:[/b]
[i]What things does your character say a lot? Any personal mottos?[/i]

[b]Weapons of Note[/b]:
[i]Any special weapons your character uses you’d like to mention?[/i]

[b]Magical Items of Note[/b]:
[i]Any special magical items your character uses you’d like to mention?[/i]

[b]Character Portrait[/b]
[i]Include a link to a picture of your character, or an image that comes closest to what you perceive your character looks like.[/i]

End your cut and paste before this line.
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Postby Sesexe » Wed Jan 26, 2005 9:23 pm

Example Character RP Profile:

Name: Sesexe Daemonyss (Currently. Formerly unknown)
Nickname: Seksi
Aliases: Limlila
Guild: Orbdrin D’oloth
Guild Title: Sham'aroth Ra'ri (Unholy Apocalypse)
Rank: A'ni ('General' - Lieutenant)
Mantle: Quar'valsharess d' Elge (Goddess of Destruction)
Location: Dobluth Kyor
Class: Invoker
Level: 50
Gender: Female
Race: Drow
Alignment: Chatoic Evil/Neutral
Age: Unknown (current Drow host body approx 244 yrs)
Height: 56 inches (4’ 8”)
Weight: 72 lbs
Eye Color: jade (dark green)
Hair Color: white
Marital Status: Single
Mark/Symbol: A black lightning bolt breathed in flame.

Innate Statistics:
Str: 100 AGI: 87 Dex: 80 Con: 58
Pow: 44 Int: 100 Wis: 34 Cha: 84
Hit Points: 90 natural (661 adjusted)
Move: 132
Armor Class: 10
Hitroll: 5
Damroll: 4
Adjusted Saves: PAR[0] ROD[-4] PET[-2] BRE[-12] SPE[-11]
Special/Innate Abilities: levitate, darkness, faerie fire, underdark sneak

Physical Description:
This female is crowned with sinuous ivory tresses that spill down her slender neck and
coalesce upon her slim shoulders within a spiked leather hair brace, leaving the rest to
dangle like a tail a breathe above her bottom. Her soft jade eyes are framed by arching
white eyebrows and a set of crimson lips, from which the points of two elongated
canines protrude ever so slightly. The majority of her chocolate body is comprised of a
pair of smooth unmarked long legs. Her subtle pointed ears poke almost unnoticeably
from under her snow like hair.
Personality Traits: Driven. Detached. Fearless. Impatient. Judgmental. Domineering.
Interests: Varies chaotically.
Goals: Formerly to accumulate the 7 sins and the 7 virtues of man. Currently goals are uncertain, but believed to somehow involve the Vile One.
Hobbies: Planar Travel, Researching Racial/Ancient Histories.
Current Status: Engaged in private missions for the Church of Talos and Kossuth.

Religious Beliefs: Sesexe does not currently ‘worship’ any Forgotten Realms deities in the normal sense, but does commune on occasion with two distinct deities, Talos the Destroyer, and Kossuth the Lord of Flames. The Talassan church considers her more of a living manifestation of one aspect of their god, and as long as she continues pursuing her apocalyptic destiny, Talos allows the misconception to continue. This move has granted the Storm Lord a slight influx of new power, as Drow and other Underdark races have begun to join his priesthood, as well as a growing influx of female worshippers to the otherwise male dominated clergy. When in her presence, the priesthood honors her with the high priestess title ‘Lady of the Storm’ with all accompanying benefits. Her fiery and often destructive nature grants her equal standing within the Kossuthan clergy where she is known as the ‘Dark Inferno.’

History: Little is known for certain about the highly erotic entity called Sesexe. What we do know for certain is that she currently resides within a clone of the formerly living necromancer, now turned undead lich, Llaaldara. An uneasy alliance exists between the two for the moment, and whether the lich purposely provided a body for Sesexe or not is unknown at this time, and the two certainly aren’t sharing. Bard tales speak that she could be a secret disciple of Mephistopheles, or some kind of devil. More informed sages indicate that she is more likely a possessor demon, but where her own body resides can only be speculated at. Some fireside ramblings play at her being a wife of the demon lord Graz’zt, the Dark Prince, which would certainly explain her vast and uninhibited sexual appetites. Who or what she is remains to be seen, but it is certain that few can match her sorceress abilities let alone pierce her iron will.

Personal Sayings:
Luth ust, joros erg'lesen gajak
(cast first, ask questions later)

Yorn z'hrenen areion ussta khel saph vlos
(Power flows through my body like blood)

Flamgra mina dro, lu' lil'alure ulu ninta ul'nussten.
(Burn them alive, and dance to their screams)

Weapons of Note:
an adamantite paddle engulfed in spidery flames

Magical Items of Note:
Apocalypse, the flaming cloak of Malyk the Destroyer
a wispy cobweb chiffon body-veil

Character Portrait
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Postby Sesexe » Wed Jan 26, 2005 9:26 pm

What's this all about?

There's a project I've been working on for a while now, and I've decided to open it up beyond my guild to whoever else wishes to contribute and be a part of it.

I'm not going to be done it anytime soon, as it involves me learning a program or two to make it work how I want it, and maybe purchasing one of them as well, but if this template inspires anyone to get more into their RP, then so be it.
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Postby Sesexe » Thu Jan 27, 2005 5:47 pm

Just an FYI.

Anyone who fills out the template for one of their chars, and includes a link to a picture they'd like to use to basically represent their char, will find their char in the system/project I'm working on. It doesn't matter if you think I hate your guts or something. Looking for a nice spread of players to be honest.

Any questions, feel free to ask.
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