Bedtime Prayers

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Bedtime Prayers

Postby Lirela » Sat Jan 29, 2005 5:42 am

With a sigh, Lirela rolled the parchment containing her will and sealed it with blue wax and her signet ring. Then she gathered the items to be delivered with it and checked the moon's position in the sky, momentarily marveling at its radiant beauty. The messenger she had sent for should be arriving soon. She hauled the rather large delivery to the front hall, and as she set the packages down the page rang the bell.

By the time the boy returned with confirmation of delivery, Lirela was in her atrium meditating in the moonlight, preparing spiritually and mentally for the ordeal that lay before her.

    Dear Lady of Silver, please guide my heart and mind to do your bidding.
    Grant me the comfort of your blessings as I embark on the task you have set
    before me.

    I pray that, wherever she may be, you will continue to watch over my
    daughter Katra and someday return her home to me. There is a void in my
    being that only she can fill.

    Be with me and my companions as we journey to defeat Auzorm'tvorl. Guide
    my hands as I weave your Light, and protect those who need your protection.

    Finally, continue to shine your light on those we leave behind, as they are the
    reason we fight. Watch over our family and friends, that we may celebrate
    with them upon our victorious return.

    These things I implore by the Light of the Moon.

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