Restoration of the Alliance, Part 4

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Restoration of the Alliance, Part 4

Postby Yasden » Fri Feb 04, 2005 1:37 am

A gentle, rhythmic creaking was the only noise as Targsk patiently waited on the Mirar cable ferry. Goran was watching him intently, so the troll didn't think of pulling out his boot knife and carving into the ships planks. The vessel's captain had reluctantly agreed to the plan the troll explained to him, under the sworn promise that any damage to the ship the troll would personally pay for.

Targsk didn't care. He wanted the priest's lifeless body at his feet, no matter the cost. The Alliance had to be protected.

Several hours passed, the sun passing its pinnacle and heading westward in the sky before he spotted anyone approaching. Granted, he had shown up early, but the troll was more than ready to be done with this nuisance that had plagued the Alliance and threatened to tear it apart at the very seams for so long. One silversaan, one priest, and three traitors.

The silversaan would definitely be a problem. Targsk had been unable to recruit much help lately dealing with anything related to the cause. Most of the denizens of Dobluth Kyor too engrossed in their own house wars, plots, and intrigues to lift a finger to aid the Alliance and probably save themselves from annihilation and extinction. He hoped the notices he'd posted there would encourage some to help. "Want kill human? Help today," was what he had slapped on a crude parchment in the mausoleum, the place most preferred to frequent.

Targsk glanced out the window of the control room again. A merchant. That had to be Nilan. Any real merchant walking these northern roads alone was asking for a quick death to bandits or nature.

Boarding the ship, the merchant entered the control room and removed his disguise. He nodded at Targsk.

'Well met, General. I see you're early.'

'You early too, Velg'larn.'

The drow nodded. He was probably almost as eager as the troll was to deal with the priest, especially after being commanded by Dlavizz to do such.


The two discussed the plan of action for the next few minutes, until at least others began to arrive. Goran's quarters were magically concealed from scrying, most likely against the eyes of mages on pirate vessels, so any who gathered here would be safe, and the plan would hopefully remain intact. The mage Sonon, as of late, had been particularly bothersome with his constant scrying.

Teej and several others in her party quietly boarded the ferry, giving only casual nods to the troll and drow. This was a tense situation, everyone knew it. The Alliance rested on the hope that this priest would die, his responsibility for the attack on Tsakchanar repaid in blood. If not...

Almost as if by miracle, several from the Malevolent Order, another faction of the evil races, heeded Targsk's and Nilan's call to arms. Many more trickled in, eventually totalling seventeen. Targsk's force, though smaller than Teej's, would be more than capable of handling the silversaan.

The troll received reports from one of Goran's crew who was watching the south with a spyglass every few minutes, waiting for word when the priest's entourage would exit the northern edge of the Neverwinter Woods. Teej, wary of Ayra and Teflor arriving without warning, quickly explained the plan to all.

'They not gonna show up,' Targsk murmured to Teej as she finished detailing the plan to everyone. 'Too quiet. Someone have big mouth.'

Teej shrugged. 'They will be held accountable, eventually.'

A shrill whistle echoed outside on the ferry's deck, letting Targsk know the party approached. The troll motioned for his group to follow, quickly going outside to prepare for the coming battle. Teshidee conjured a veil of fog to conceal most of their actions, and to block out most of the sunlight.

As he stepped outside, he noticed the deck of the ferry sat much closer to the surface of the water with all the bodies on it. The ferry had probably never had this many on it, ever. There wasn't time to ponder that, as Targsk saw Fen, Ticarios, Sonon, Sotana, and the priest approach the southern docks. Teej nodded to Targsk from the entrance of Goran's quarters, a nod of "good luck", and ducked her head back into the shadows.

With one hand, the General motioned for everyone to duck beneath the ledges of the deck. An eerie quiet settled over the area, only small breaking waves as the ferry neared the southern docks disrupting the silence. A metallic shuffling could be heard, and a bright reflection through the fog could be seen as the sun glinted off the silversaan's shell.

Goran's crew proceeded to discreetly clear the area, pretending to tend to other chores as a light shudder indicated they had docked. Targsk's hand gripped Chasindra tightly, a grin crossing his face. Several seconds passed, and nothing. Targsk felt the shift in weight as the immensely heavy creature entered the ferry. It wasn't there though.


That very instant, it proceeded to attack Maxler, and Targsk bumrushed the creature, throwing the invoker out of the way and slamming his shield into it. Everyone else jumped up and followed suit, the sound of metal on metal ringing louder than a blacksmith's forge. The creature didn't stand a chance, and Teej and her group came out to await the priest's arrival as the silversaan began to falter.

The creature fell, so overwhelmed that it never even got a chance to use any of its abilities of psionics.

Where was the priest?

Targsk looked to the doorway, where Goran stood, wide-eyed.

'We be full!' he screamed.

The troll spat a curse only he could translate to common, and looked at Teej.

'Time to ambush.'

Targsk literally leapt off the ferry, howling in glee as he slamming the priest to the ground, no sooner than his own feet had touched land. Sonon, seeing the troll, panicked and instantly fled, trying to seek the safety(?) of the Neverwinter Woods.

Fen and Ticarios grinned. Now came their part of the plan. They gave chase to the mage, who, in his own arrogance, had worn the most decorated and heavy robes he could, which made him trip and fall.

A hundred feet. That was as far as he made it before his head departed his shoulders. Sonon was no more.

Meanwhile, the battle raged on against the priest, who had lived up to his reputation of having the ability to summon thanatars. Three of them, which the priest had managed to summon, along with the priest himself, all were attacking the General.

Seventeen versus four seemed a bit unfair. But there were three thanatars, and a priest who could easily summon another tenfold. The thanatars were powerful, their attacks narrowly missing the troll, whose intense training had paid off, as he dodged every attempt at paralyzation they tried. While his focus on defense kept him from truly landing any solid attacks, the rest of the party fired spell after spell at the priest, melee weapons hit the fool from all sides.

But in the end, it was the fist of the elven cleric Anarii that dealt the fatal blow to the priest.

The priest fell, but there was no time to celebrate. Three thanatars still stood. One by one they fell, though the battle raged on for quite some time.

The electrical explosions of their bodies as they fell did not slay the party, but came close.

As the last thanatar died, the troll looked around. It was as he had predicted.

'Teflor and Ayra did not show,' Teej spat.

'They die next time I see,' Targsk shrugged.

'We did as was asked of us by the dragon,' Nilan said, as he prepared the corpse of the priest for transport to Dlavizz. 'Hopefully they will accept the priest's death in return for their continued support.'

Teej and Targsk looked at each other, concerned. They could only hope.

A cowled figure approached, apparently hidden all this time. The hood fell back, revealing Lilira.

A series of gasps escaped from Teej's party, shocked looks abound. The bard was alive.

'Look like loose ends tying up,' Targsk said to Teej.

She nodded. 'I think we saved the Alliance. Let's continue working together to strengthen our forces against the coming battle against Auzorm'tvorl.'

The two warriors shook hands, and their parties departed for home.
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Postby Yasden » Fri Feb 04, 2005 1:38 am

Sorry for the extremely long delay in this last part. Work and skill practice and the finale took up a lot of time. :P

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Postby sotana » Fri Feb 04, 2005 9:22 am

I'm thinking it's a compliment to my ability to pass unnoticed outdoors that you did not remark my presence as escort to the priest with Fen, Ticarios, and Sonon, eh? :-P
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Postby Yasden » Sat Feb 05, 2005 1:10 am

Updated to add you, Sotana. Total accident...but sure, think of it as a compliment. :)

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