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Postby Botef » Sat Feb 05, 2005 11:45 pm

The air was still as Botef made his way along the path through Cloud Peaks. Many weeks had passed since Azourm'tvorl had been slayed, yet Botef's mind was still surging with memories. He felt aggitated, as though a splinter had been lodged in his mind. Stopping in his place, he pulled a small pipe from his bag and lit it taking a few deep draws before resuming his step.

It was dawn when he reached the base of the Marching Mountains, the shadows of Mir forest a reminder of what had been left behind. His travels left him feeling confused and lonely, he longed to see his brother for they had much to discuss. As he approached the gates the young drow's on duty saluted. Botef nodded as he passed. Things were very different now, no longer the anonymous figure he once was.

The Black Mask Tavern was very busy. He pushed his way through the crowd towards the bartender to order a drink when a soft sting caught his attention. He removed a small dart from his arm and looked up seeing his brother Tibek sitting at a shadowed table in the corner, a goofy grin plastered across his face.

Botef smiled as he took his seat. It had been many months since he had been able to relax and really spend time with his brother. Weeks of seclusion, trapped in the darkness of his own mind followed by a long and gruesome battle with the Vile One had left little time to share. It felt good to be home at last.

"Im glad to see you kept our city safe." He smiled.

"But of course, I would never let something happen to Dobluth Kyor if I could so prevent it." Tibek grinned as he resumed carving the sigil of House Arken'viir into the table.

Botef relaxed in his seat staring up at the ceiling. "At least others can take comfort in knowning the world is a safer place, but we still have matters to attend to."

Tibek nodded, "I've already begun the hunt. We will find him, if he doesnt find us first."

"I trust you used the proper channels?"

"Indeed I did, I believe Kelzarik will have to use his agents on the surface to find us. However if he is infact still deep in the Underdark we will need further assistance."

Botef sighed as he sat in quiet, sipping his drink. So much had been accomplished yet things still felt strange to him, as thought his efforts had been in vain.

"Something isn't right about all of this. Im afraid I will be leaving you again soon, many questions have been left unanwsered. Im not quite sure what to make of all this just yet." Botef sat forward, swallowing the last of his drink in one gulp.

Tibek nodded, "There are many new faces in Dobluth Kyor. A young drow mage has been asking about you. It seems we are no longer the shadow we once were, your place amongst the Strike Force will certainly draw attention to us as word spreads of Azourm'tvorls defeat."

"All the more reason to address this with haste." Botef whispered, "Please, do be careful while I am away again. My contacts in the Underdark are very well connected, Im sure they can assist us."

Tibek nodded.

"If you need me before I return send word by the usual means. Do take care of yourself Brother, you are all I have left in the world." Botef smiled and with the wink of an he eye vanished.

Slinking through the crowd he made his way towards the Inn and retired to his room. He laid alone in the darkness and sighed.


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