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Postby Gurns » Fri Feb 25, 2005 11:05 pm

He lay in bed, warm against her back, until her breathing fell into the deep, slow pattern of sleep. Slipped out of bed, and out of the room. He avoided the squeaky boards easily. Oh, he had done this before. But never like this.

But it was time.

Her husband was there, raising a sardonic eyebrow at the naked bard. Together they walked quietly down the hall.

The bard dressed, collected his things. Amazing how much one accumulated, living in one place for five years. Or was it more?

"We'll miss you," said the necromancer, quietly.

"I'll miss you," said the bard. "But...I can't stay. I wouldn't have stayed this long, a bard wanders, you know. But..." He shrugged.

A nod.

The bard found quill and pen, and scribed a note: I love you. Always.

"Give her this, please."

Another nod.

"Keep well. I'll see you somewhere, sometime."

The bard slipped out the door, into the night.

She lay in bed, staring at the wall. A tear welling in the corner of her eye. Breathing in the deep, slow pattern of sleep.

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