Stoneforge Pt. 2

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Stoneforge Pt. 2

Postby Futaz » Sat Jul 30, 2005 7:29 pm

Futaz said 'Evening hand of Vhaerun'

Nilan said 'How are things...word trickles to me of your adventure'

Futaz signs 'What have you heard?'

Nilan signs 'Rumors do no justice I had hoped to learn the true happenings from you. Your adventure took you into the underdark, I heard.'

Futaz signs 'No it occurred here in the temple'

Nilan signs 'ah see...rumors are wrong', as he snickers softly, 'Glad that I chose not to give much credence to rumors. Tell me what occurred'

Futaz signs 'We received news of strange human in the underdark.'

Nilan signs 'a human. Interesting indeed. Have you encountered him? Who or ...what is he'

Futaz signs 'A houseless warrior from Ched Nasad came with news of a human female possible a Necromancer with a group of undead followers roaming the underdark south of Gloomhaven. He was fleeing Llothites who are also roaming in force in that area.'

Nilan signs 'Ched say. A journey to come here. Did Dlavizz get to meet him as well'

Futaz signs 'Yes, I took him to see him. We interrogated him here in this very room.'

Nilan signs 'I would hope the Llothites were dealt with...they did not enter this outpost here did they'

Futaz signs 'They did not approach this settlement.'

Nilan signs 'Very well done my friend. As Weaponsmaster of this outpost I see we are in good hands to have you. What did you learn weapons master'

Futaz signs 'All we learned is that there are forces on the move. I was hoping you can obtain more information for me'

Nilan signs 'Llothites I suspect.....I ran into some in Menzoberrazan.....while I was...spying. I have frequented the spider bitches city in the hopes of attaining information. I too believe that forces are on the move. In the underdark I have discovered wagons moving between the duergar factions and the city known as Gracklstugh'

Futaz signs 'Do you have any contacts in Mithral Hall?'

Nilan signs 'Mithril Hall....hmm I am sure I can locate someone if need be....what do the dwarves have to do with forces from the underdark'

Futaz signs ‘There may be a connection between a dwarf called Stoneforge and the activity of the two forces in the underdark'

Nilan signs 'that perhaps we may both look into'

Futaz signs 'Stoneforge is one of the warriors of the king of Mithral Hall'

Nilan signs 'Stoneforge....I shall commit that name to memory'

Futaz signs 'If you can obtain how this warrior got the name of Stoneforge that would be of tremendous help. '

Nilan signs 'I shall attempt to learn the origins of Stoneforge and his name Do you have any other evidence that the Llothites are involved? Did the agent from Ched Nasad report any connection'

Futaz signs 'Their involvement was to pursue the agent from Ched Nasad.'

Nilan signs 'Obviously they fear what he was to speak of'

Futaz signs 'If you can find out their purpose in the underdark that would give us another piece of the puzzle.'

Nilan signs 'yes I have been seeking information in the underdark. Was it he that you learned about Mithril Hall's involvement'

Futaz signs 'A word of warning, do not aggressively approach the human female.'

Nilan signs 'I know that wagons are moving... The human is a female?'

Futaz signs 'Yes. And now has three drow warriors as undead servants.'

Nilan signs 'Ah....I take it those are the three who...approached her...aggressively. Is anything else known of this female? Where she hang outs? Close to Menzoberranzan or close to other cities in the underdark?'

Futaz signs 'I do not know if they were companions of the agent for Chad Nasad or his pursuers. She is currently wondering the tunnels of the purple worm near Gloomhaven.'

Nilan signs 'Should I see this human necromancer woman I shall make no aggressive moves. Did Dlavizz have any desires? Does he desire us to make contact with this human...or simply...observe'
Futaz signs 'It would be best to observe her and remain undetected. He wishes to know of any rumors concerning this human woman.'

Nilan signs 'As I thought. We should keep in close contact Weaponsmaster. It would seem the safety of this outpost might indeed depend on it. Let us maintain in close contact...for our own safety as well as our city.'

Futaz signs 'Hence I am curious of any rumors you have heard about this matter since you are the first I have related what the agent for Chad Nasad told us.'

Nilan signs 'the only rumors I heard was that your were involved in an occurrence in the underdark. I had assumed it involved Menzoberranzan but I desired to locate you to be sure. I was concerned because of my little run in with the weapons master of the tenth house, House Duskryn.'

Futaz signs 'Be assured Menzoberranzan is involved.'

Nilan signs 'Of that I have no doubt.'

Futaz signs 'What happen with the tenth house?'

Nilan signs 'When last I went there House Duskryn was attempting to gather agents to aid him'

Futaz signs 'I will pass this on to Dlavizz Rhe'Shashal unless you see him first.'

Nilan signs 'Prior to that I along with some allies and my daughter were dispatched by the house Rilynt'Tar to investigate the new merchants...and wagon activity in the underdark. Then after that I had been going into Lloth's city to discover any involvements that might concern our city. As I stated before, wagons were moving involving the duergar and the city Gracklstugh. I further went into Menzoberranzan and discovered rumblings of agents of the spider bitch Lloth being recruited. When last I entered one of their secret meetings the weaponsmaster of the tenth house was present. He was speaking to what looked like a would be agent of Lloth and a mission. I heard them speak of our When I attempted to gain more information the weaponsmaster recognized me as Vhaeraun's and attempted to slay me'

Futaz signs 'These agents have been hunting purple worms for spell components.'

Nilan signs 'spell components? be used in battle plans ?'

Futaz signs 'There use has not been determine.'

Nilan signs 'We should be wary...and try to learn its case we must later defend against it. Always better to know thy enemy yes?'

Futaz signs 'or seize it for our use.'

Nilan signs 'Should the opportunity arise.'

Futaz signs 'Dlavizz Rhe'Shashal would like to see the opportunity created.'

Nilan signs 'Then perhaps you and I can work together to see that the opportunity is capitalized on.', as he bows low arms crossed.

Futaz signs 'It is my plan.'

Nilan signs 'For Vhaeraun’s glory and the power of our city. 'I enjoy working with you weaponsmaster. We have always made a good team no?'

Futaz signs 'May Vhaeraun guide you in our hunt.'

Nilan signs 'and may your sword swing true striking deep into the hearts of those that oppose us'

Futaz signs 'You mean swords.', as he brandishes both of his swords.

Nilan signs 'yes heh swords. Maybe you and I can take a walk up north to Mithril Hall as well as go into the underdark see what we can discover.'

Futaz signs 'I was thinking of duping a dwarf to look for Stoneforge for us.'

Nilan signs 'That I can do. How much and what would you like me to tell him?'

Futaz signs 'Just see if can find Stoneforge and obtain the origin of his name. Pay him for his services and keep him in the dark about everything else. Stoneforge is a secondary target. The primary targets are the Llothites and this human woman'

Nilan tells you 'of course'

Nilan tells you 'yes do that. I'll finish posting bout the tenth house incident'

Asez enters from the north.

Futaz signs 'Hello Asez.'

Asez signs 'Good evening brethren.'

Asez bears a tattoo of a beholder bears his left cheek while on his right another tattoo that of a web spinning spider bears his right.

Futaz signs 'Asez what can you tell me about the tattoo on your right cheek?'

Asez signs 'I don't speak of it much. It angers me deeply. It was a token of my bereaved,’ he snickers, ‘Mother. A birth mark if you would like to call it. I was given it on my 48'th birthday. The day I was exiled from their camp'

Futaz signs 'We will be speaking of Llothites will this anger you?'

Asez signs 'I hold no anger to that of the spider queen. Just of my vile mother.', as he bows his head in silent homage.

Nilan raises his eyebrow.

Asez signs 'I wouldn’t dare go against the queen. She is a vengeful one'

Nilan spits openly at the mention of her vile name.

Nilan signs 'The spider bitch is no queen...and I will boldly proclaim such...for there is nothing she can do to me...I know where my allegiance lies'

Futaz signs 'Where do you loyalties lie. Nilan and I serve Vhaerun and this city.'

Nilan signs 'Let us not speak her worthless name in the sanctity of My Lord’s temple.'

Asez signs 'I would not.'

Nilan touches his insignia and bows low his voice a bare whisper.

Asez signs 'I apologize for bringing any of that up. I lost my sense of tact.', he bows deeply before Nilan, 'I am of this city and I will serve it therein'

Nilan signs 'this is your home now'

Asez signs 'yes.'

Nilan signs 'I too had a House, Asez. I do not call them family....drow have no family...'

Asez signs 'I hold with that.'

Futaz signs 'Dlavizz Rhe'Shashal, the High Priest of Vhaeraun has given me an assignment and I would like you help in completing it.'

Asez signs 'I would think it is right. I thank you for this opportunity to show my fealty.'

(I leave the rest of this story for Asez to tell. Check out
Futaz Ul'Saruk de'Dubluth Kyor

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