Yet another cryptic summons

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Yet another cryptic summons

Postby Lahgen » Thu Aug 11, 2005 2:37 am

Dressed in fine silks from Alyo's, Azelrus sat at Cleric's Path, tending to the deceased who awaited rebirth. As she chatted happily to the cleric Branthur, an urchin came up to her, running. "Miss Azelrus?" he asked. The cleric stood, looked at him and replied kindly, "Yes, child?" The urchin smiled up at her, holding out a small paper in his dirty hands, and handed it to her. Azelrus nodded, accepting the note, thanking the child, as he ran off. Azelrus immediately looked at it. It began with a greeting, and read:

You are invited to a meeting this evening that may
have a connection to something you know about.
My pardons for the deliberate vagueness to this
message. We will be meeting this night at nine bells
(9'o'clock pm EST) in a small clearing to the north
east of Waterdeep over past the turnoff to Lake
Hope you are in the vicinity and able to make it.

Lilira Shadowlyre

Azelrus sighed. "Not more cloak and shadows nonsense," she muttered to herself, remembering Lorsalian's trickery at the ship. Yet, if she was needed, she had to go, regardless of her feelings on the matter. Perhaps merely her presence would bring good fortune to the proceedings, lowly and loyal servant of Tymora that she was.

What little the notewriter did deign to reveal nagged at her. Could she too have some connection to the trouble that Sotana revealed?
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