Stoneforge Pt. 4

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Stoneforge Pt. 4

Postby Futaz » Thu Aug 25, 2005 6:56 pm

As I was training with the War-leader of House Rilynt'Tar in their Barracks, One of the soldiers of the house came to us. Sir, I have a message for the Ul’Saruk. Upon taking the missive from the soldier I recognize the hand which wrote he letter. As usual it is brief and to the point.


I have located one that goes by the name 'Stoneforge'. We spoke briefly, but he was called away. I shall attempt to locate him again. I have sought out a contact to gather us the information we need. We should speak soon. Seek me out when you find it...convenient

-Velg'larn- Hand of Vhaeraun

I took my leave of House Rilynt'Tar and headed to the temple. There is place Nilan goes when he has information to impart. I found him as I suspected at the Altar of Vhaeraun. Upon my entry he greeted me by bowing with his arms crossed.

Nilan signs 'Weaponsmaster...I trust you got my missive'

I signed 'Yes, is there news?'

'I have located a dwarf named ‘Stoneforge'


'My own trip up north I discovered a rogue with the sir name Stoneforge. We spoke briefly, just chit chat, as I did not wish to reveal anything'

'Did he mention how he got his surname?'

'You desired the origin of his name correct? Is there any other...more detailed information that you think might aid our people? We were speaking on the matter when he was called away, I plan to meet with him again. I also have a 'tool' I will dispatch to the dwarven city to obtain information. 'I was to meet with him tonight.'

'I desired the origin of his name and any information pertaining to the forge that is involved with that name.'

'Indeed, I think I shall have information soon, now that I have located one such dwarf that carries the name. 'I desired to keep you...apprised of the situation.'
'I would be carefully mentioning anything about a forge to this dwarf. The scout reported that the dwarf with the surname Stoneforge was a warrior in the service of the King of Mithril Hall.'

'Of course I will not mention the forge should I talk to him'

'If he received his name by being kin to this warrior he may lead you to the right individual I seek.'

'May I ask which individual you seek? I have no doubt that he is ...kin.'

'A warrior in the service of the King of Mithril Hall, who received his surname by having an adventure involving a forge.'

‘My agent will also try to learn of the origin of the name Stoneforge. Of course I have not mentioned anything involving an actual forge. I shall try to discover who this warrior is. The Stoneforge I encountered was not of this profession.'

'Profession? Ah, warrior.'

'Warrior. The Stoneforge I encountered was not a warrior.'

'You said he was a rogue.'

'Yes he is. One of my profession which at least got me close enough to speak to him.'

'Which may prove fortuitous.'

'Yes...or deadly cant trust rogues.'

'Do you have pressing business right now?'

'I have no pressing plans, Futaz'

'Would you accompany me on a scouting trip to the purple worm tunnels in the Underdark.'

‘Yes, I would indeed. Asez had already ventured into the Underdark and was unable to locate her.’

'I'd like us to make an attempt.'

'There are two worm tunnels, of which do you speak?'

'The ones where dwell the purple worms.'

'There are possibly two such locations'

'Shall I lead?'

'Do you know the way?'

'To one.'

‘Ok you lead to this one.'

I quickly guides out the Underdark gate of Dobluth Kyor and along the Veldrin Z'har. Where encountered a slight delay to clear a path though the creatures the inhabit this region. I mention to Nilan that I’ll have to send more patrols down there to keep those tunnels cleared.'

We shortly entered the Duergar settlement of Gloomhaven. The residents became agitated on seeing the two of us enter the settlement together. Their apprehension was probably due to their fear that we might upset the political balance between the clan or even the king himself.

As we stopped at the gate the guards became startled as Nilan skillfully picked its lock and let us out of the settlement. Needless to say they were happy to see us leave.
You place a wicked grin on your face.

Upon reaching the tunnel south of the Duergar settlement Nilan quickly set out to scout the area. He return with news of sighting a worm nearby. As we approached it to see if it was the type of worm we seek, it reared up and lunged at us. That was all it was able to do, between the two of us it was quickly dispatched. Further examining its corpse we discover it to be a black rock worm. We both set out to thoroughly search the tunnels. Our search yielded a locked hatch at the bottom of a pit. It is a four-foot circular hatch mounted in the rock of the pit made of a black metal and is completely
smooth, with a tiny keyhole near it's bottom. Nilan attempted to pick the lock, but the lock foiled his attempt by break his adamantine lockpick.

I signed to Nilan 'You said you knew of two tunnels with worms was this one one of them. Was this one of the two tunnels you were thinking of?'

‘Yes’ came his reply.

'Where lie the other tunnel you were thinking of?'

Indicating the way we came Nilan signs 'There are many aggressive creatures on the way. You can not sneak as I can.'

'If you are referring to the Scraggs, I usually run by them. They are slow and dimwitted.'

'Ok, do you know how to get to Menzoberranzan’s entrance.'


I quickly guide us though the Duergar settlement of Gracklstugh past their docks, over the Darklake where we run by the Scraggs and into the Dark Domain. In Dark Domain we sneak around the Drow patrols in the Dark Domain to arrive at the gates of Menzoberranzan.

From there Nilan guides us back though the Dark Domain and to a worm-burrowed tunnel. The tunnels seem familiar to me and as we proceeded deeper into them I start to recognize features in the tunnel. I signed to Nilan, 'I have been here before.'

'These tunnels?'

‘Yes. I do not see any worms.'

'I figured these worth checking cause it was close to Menzoberranzan. There is a purple worm near Menzoberranzan too. I ran into it once i just having trouble finding it again. I’ll need to check my map. Bah its not on this map. I know there’s a purple worm here someplace. 'I guess we go back so I can check all of my maps. There IS a purple worm near Menzoberranzan.'

'We should talk to Asez and find out where he looked.'

'And with the Llothite involvement I’d bet this is the tunnel we seek.'

We quickly return to the gates of Gloomhaven, where once again Nilan picks the locks this to time let us in. The residents don’t appear to be as agitated having realize that our business are outside of their settlement and we are only passing though. As we disembark the eel barge Nilan notices signs that there is a forge near by. ''Wait come back. Is there a forge here?' he signs.

'No' came my reply

'Mines have forges, no?'

'Ah, the forge of Gloomhaven lies on the other side of the river and it is not the forge we seek.'

'Just a thought.'

Upon our return to Dobluth Kyor we head back to the temple to formulate our plans.

'We shall have to return back there again.', states Nilan

'After we both check our maps.' I replied.

'You’ll need to follow up with Asez. I’ll see what I can learn about the name Stoneforge. I’ll also venture down there again too. Then we go together if I find tunnel'. He then bows in respect toward Vhaeraun's altar. 'Keep in touch I’ll try to find out more.'
Futaz Ul'Saruk de'Dubluth Kyor

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