A foolish request for aid.

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A foolish request for aid.

Postby Lorsalian » Sun Aug 28, 2005 7:49 pm

Lorsalian leaned back against the stone wall across from the Inn of the Dead Orc in the human town of Waterdeep, taking in the ebb of the city and mentally going over the list of supplies he'd come to obtain: salt, sugar, some tent canvas ...

“Hello, Ranger.”

He looked up, expecting to see an expertly-fashioned disguise over white hair and ebon skin. Instead, he saw one of the city's fools, dressed in a painfully bright array of mismatched colors. He nodded in acknowledgement, then returned to his list. Yeah, that's about it, time to head out again.

The fool pressed on, “It's fun to taunt people, but it can be dangerous.”

“Yes, insulting someone with a sword pretty much proves your profession.” Lor replied, snickering, and guessing by this time that this wasn't a random targetting or simple joke.

The fool chuckled agreably. “Do you have any suggestions for future pranks, and victims?” he asked, grinning wickedly.

Lorsalian stared in belief for a moment, then pondered. “Anything like that would need to be well thought out I'd say,” he mused, “I'll let you know if I can think of anything.”

“Well I certainly appreciate any assistance you can provide...the more people involved, the better the prank!” This jongluer seemed to be very enthusiatistic about his work.

“Nothing dangerous though ...” Lorsalian cautioned. “Would take the fun out to chuckle in a cell, I'd say.'

Seemingly not hearing the second part, The fool replied, 'Part of the job involves assessing the potential threat level of the victim, should he turn hostile.'

Lorsalian's expression dropped as he recalled Kanrol for a moment. A thief who had injured and chased the not-yet-a-ranger-then out of town, he'd been the later target of an elaborate prank designed to make him choose an honest path. It backfired horribly. Dozens of people were nearly killed, and Kanrol just barely missed the axeman's blade. The ranger had never been as sore as when he'd returned from tending the wounds of those hurt, only to drop right into a punishing set of training exercises his mentor, who'd seen it all, had his student complete. “And not only to you – The target could take it out on others if you're not careful.”

“That is true,” the fool nodded, then grinned and cackled as he looked into the inn's entrance hall, “Watch as I assess that adventurer's threat level. I'm going to moon him, retreat west, and see if he pursues!”

With that, he dashed into the building, stood in front of him, and unceremoniously mooned his target, pausing in his escape only long enough to tug his breeches back up. Not a single person even seemed to notice.

“'appears to have spent too much time at the bar. Blank-faced,” the ranger observed when the fool returned, giggling.

'Ah that was fun, and it's all part of the job. That may be true, but entertaining nonetheless.' he said with a wink.

Lorsalian cocked his head to one side, pondered, then nodded. “Perhaps, I'll just – take take your word for it. Exposing myself to someone with the tools to cause a very ... let's just say embarassing? injury just doesn't seem like fun to me. All in the assessment, I suppose.”

The town fool nodded. “Well I appreciate your potential assistance. It's about time for me to take a nap now, so I will take my leave.”

“Appears I'm spending the night,” the ranger resplied, staring at the sky and guessing the gates were long closed, ”Too long in town. Oh well” he sighed, then waved at the fool, who giggled and wiggled his bottom tauntingly at Lor before leaving.

Lorsalian rolled his eyes, then chuckled. He was ridiculous, but infectious. As he made his way via a couple of tunnels to a clearing outside of town, however, he couldn't help but think up several jokes, if not pranks.

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