Stoneforge Pt. 5

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Stoneforge Pt. 5

Postby Futaz » Mon Sep 05, 2005 6:21 pm

The business of the Stoneforge has once again brought me back to the High Temple of Vhaeraun. As I passed the Black Altar I find Nilan Al'Shadrazaar bowed before it. He nods in my directions acknowledging my presence before raising 'Shadow' to the altar and rising to his feet. 'Evening Weaponsmaster', he signs in the Drow’s secret hand language.

'Evening to you Hand', I reply in that same secret language.

'We need to discuss things. I think I have a few leads'

'As do I'

'I have been wondering about this forge and how it might be of great benefit to this city to our people. I hope to meet my contact this night. Then I shall have much to report. Well once I meet him perhaps he has news to tell. The human contact has been met with disconcerting looks....many within the walls of Mithril Hall look “alarmed” by the mere mention of this name. What do you know of this forge , my friend?'

'Great items of power can be created with this forge.'

'I heard many things about forges and the power that some possess. Hmm, items indeed. Perhaps even to benefit an army? Or perhaps even an army itself.' Nilan grins wickedly absently running his ebon fingers over Shadow's fine hilt.

'Or make a small army as more powerful than a large army.'

'A small army such as one of our people. Have you spoken to Dlavizz recently, Weaponsmaster? I have not had the occasion to speak with him since the battle with Auzormt'tvorl.'

‘Not since I presented our agent to him.'

'The human insists on getting more information before meeting with me. In exchange for his services I have of course agreed to terms of his payment'

'What information does he want?'

'I’m hoping to speak to him soon, then I’d like very much for us to meet. Well last contact he had entered the realms of the dwarves, he was in a tavern there. He said the reaction to the name Stoneforge was interesting and it appeared as though people either didn’t wish to speak on it or the were guarding their words tightly on the subject. He is going to return there and then he will meet me. I have agreed to his terms for payment. He desires me to aid him in luring some pathetic human out of Waterdeep so that he might bring justice upon him.'

'My curiosity has been peeked; my information was that this Stoneforge held a place of honor with the King of Mithril Hall. '

'Indeed and I found his telling of the reaction he received most strange.'

'Do you need my blades in this ambush?'

'I know not yet who his target is. If he completes our mission to our satisfaction and remains secretive, I of course will honor my word to provide him with this target he seeks to ...eliminate. But yes, perhaps you can aid me Weaponsmaster. I shall keep you informed on that lil payment once I know the target. I’ll send word to you on a meeting once this human meets with me. I predict we shall have much to talk of. If we can seize this forge or use it for Vhaeraun's people. This can be of great power to our city'

'Did your contact describe what the reaction was?'

'He said it seemed as if folks didn’t wish to speak on the name stone forge. He mentioned the name Bruenor Battlehammer, king....but needs more time to learn more'

'I may have found us a guide to the tunnels of the purple worms. I have come here to meet with him.'

'Great, now we can learn how that necromancer fits in. I shall contact you as soon as I hear from the human.'

'Yes, even with the pieces of the puzzle with have, there appears to be many more that we don't know about.'

‘We shall learn these secrets Futaz and use them to best serve our people.'

'Until we meet again.'

'Soon.' He bows deeply and departs the environs of the High Temple.

As soon as Nilan had departed a black shimmering shadow appears near me. When it dissipated rapidly it revealed Xilissisix an Illithid. I bow deeply before him in a gesture of recognition.

‘Greetings’ mentally projected into my mind by Xilissisix. Which is the way its kind communicates.

‘I hear you can take me to the tunnels of the purple worms.’ I tell it.

'Asez asked for my help in locating these same tunnels.'

‘I set him to that task, and now I like to see these worms for myself.’
It then leads me into the tunnels of the Underdark. We eventually came to the tunnels of the rock worm which I had previously visited Nilan. We proceed though them and into an underground river where I had to fight off three water wierds. We then entered a set of tunnels which were unfamiliar to me. After much backtracking, we came to a mud filled cavern where Xilissisix projected into my mind, 'look east.'

In this cavern was a huge purple worm with a baby one.

'That's the worm' it project into my mind.

‘How does one kill such a beast’, I ponder in my mind.

‘I have seen a group mages take one. They can stay out of its way. Since the worms would shallow anyone who engages it in melee.’

Now that I know were the tunnels of the purple worms are I can lead a expedition there to search them out.
Futaz Ul'Saruk de'Dubluth Kyor

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