The Morning After, and Spreading the Word.

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The Morning After, and Spreading the Word.

Postby Lilira » Wed Oct 26, 2005 8:23 pm

The bard woke up with a screaming headache and moaned. It felt as though a battalion of dwarven miners was in her head with their picks, picking away in search of treasure. Her mouth was dry and foul tasting. The wine which had tasted wonderful the night before had left a sour taste in her mouth. It was no surprise to the bard. When last she had been in Calimport, she had picked up two bottles of Hamid’s finest. Last night during their planning session in the room procured for their use at The Way Inn, she had gone through both bottles single-handedly with the other two ladies watching bemusedly. While aiding with the challenge plans, the bard had been determined to drink herself under the table, knowing she’d be safe with two of the most formidable ladies Lilira knew.

However, as the bard moaned again, and pulled the blanket over her head to block out the evil sunlight, it was apparent she had been unsuccessful in her attempt. Her dreams had still been filled with an angry fiery haired elven woman pointing a moonblade at her, a beam of light hitting her in the chest, and shadows stepping into view to dance with bugbears and snakes.

Fuzzily, the bard remembered promising to pass the word of the contest, heralding it from town to town as well as speaking to other bards to pass along the message. Arrangements had been made to set up a registration point, and the days Lilira would be receiving people were set. The point was to generate as much interest as she could.

Giving in to the inevitability of movement, the bard sat up, cursing when her bare feet hit the cold floor. Wincing with each step she rummaged through her bag for the flask of tea Sotana had handed her last night and took a swig to rinse her mouth out, and settle her stomach. Squinting, she peered around the room, eyes pausing on the empty wrappers, bottles and tea cups. As she took another swig of the tea, her tired and hazy mind was trying to work. She would not attempt to hide in a bottle again.

“Clothes,” she muttered, looking down at her rumpled silk pajamas. Alyo’s was a regular stop in Baulder’s Gate, and Lilira was still collecting the garments the woman sold in every color of the rainbow.

Dressed in her travel gear, packed and with her headache receded to a tolerable level, Lilira headed out the door thanking the Innkeeper of the Way Inn, and heading back to Waterdeep.

Upon reaching the city she made her way to the Market Square and shouted there, “Adventurers! A challenge has been issued! Join us for Fun, Games of Intellect and Brute strength!! Contact Lilira Shadowlyre, M’Lady Sotana the druidess or M’lady Ashiwi Autumnmoon! Tel'arato Dagor en Halda'cuu!”

Then she shouldered her pack once more, and singing her cheerful traveling tune, left the city to head south to Baulder’s Gate to repeat the same message.

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