anothery crazy amolol holiday again??

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anothery crazy amolol holiday again??

Postby amolol » Wed Dec 21, 2005 9:10 am

so the next crazy amolol holiday will be newyears

for everyone who joins we will throw a mini party for their time zone drinks food tables ect ect ect

ideas im tossing around:

door prize for one of each time zone one person from each time zone will be chosen at random (via diceing) to recive a door prize only entry nesicary is telling me what char you will be using and what door prize.

second idea a round of new years resolutions having dtictly to do with the mud such as i will give 5k plat to a random newbie i will convince one person to join the mud i will get my alts to lvl 50 ect ect no prize for this that i can think of. mebbe a prize for anyone who compleets their resolution EXA: within 3 months an item and some plats 6 months an item 9 months some plat and 12 months... yer sol (still tossing this around)

a prize for the best poem containing both new year and torilmud themes. maybe plats maybe an item or two might give prize to second and third runners up aswell

any other ideas are welcome.. more will come as i post/others post..

donations for this holiday can be made to wodat or tempinible.

any donations not used will be returned asap
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