Lahgen ponders the odds

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Lahgen ponders the odds

Postby Lahgen » Sun Feb 12, 2006 3:33 am

A scarred, brooding figure walked the stairs of the Inn of the Dead Orc, returning to his room. As the door opened, he heard a familiar feminine voice welcome him. Lahgen looked to see that, yes, she was still there. Obernei relaxed on Lahgen's bed, laying on her stomach, resting with an open book next to her. Her drowsy reverie interrupted, she brushed blond bangs aside and fixed her frisky green eyes on him.

"I was about to say that you had been quick in your return...but I just realized that my attention flagged from my studies, and it has been far more hours lost in thought than I realized..." she looked out the window. "The morning sun has departed, and the evening sun is about to leave us as well..." she sounded a little sad.

Lahgen pondered her for a moment, remembering back to a few days prior. Having woken up one morning to find a woman sleeping at the foot of his bed was enough to jolt him into full wakefulness. He feared that it had been a corpse at first, though soon the young enchantress had woken up and bade him good morning as though they had been long friends.

Kindly demanding an explanation from the stranger, Lahgen had listened as she gleefully recounted how she convinced a halfling to pick the lock to his room as he slept. Lahgen, for his part, agreed to let her stay, as he was unsure of the best course of action to take. She could have been an enemy, or just a fool. But he did find her vaguely charming, and yet slightly annoying.

His mind back at the present, Lahgen pondered her. Was she just too poor to get her own room, perhaps? "Move over...I need to think." Obernei purred slightly as she sat up on the bed, making room for the scarred bard. Lahgen joined her on the bed, and leaned back painfully.

"Did you hurt yourself again?" Obernei asked as she pondered him. Lahgen shook his head. "No, I have yet to express my devotion today..." he replied, pondering his daily prayer to Loviatar. The enchantress shook her head. "No...I meant out there..." she looked down on him with concern. "Well...I did run into a hill giant on the way back from Trollbark, but otherwise it was calm. But the giant was weak, don't worry." She smiled at him, reassured. "You seem troubled..."

Lahgen nodded. " old acquaintance wished to speak of me on some issues of the past..." She looked at him. "What happened in the past?" Lahgen sighed slightly. "I died, that's what happened." Her eyes widened, and she hugged him briefly. "Did you worship..Her..before this?" Lahgen shook his head. "She was the one who had me returned to the Realms, I'm sure of it..." he replied with conviction. Obernai nodded. "I guess you do not want to tell me about it..." Lahgen looked up at her. "Well, you'll get to hear a little of it, when I go over my encounters today." Obernei nodded, and began to listen quietly.

"It seems that the Velg'larn wanted to know more about the spirit that possessed me, and of his weapon, that I wielded into battle. I found it a tad odd, but I made no issue of it, and told him what I remembered. Then...the bardess Lilira showed up." Obernei nodded. "She didn't seem to recognize me at first...of course, I've not changed one bit towards her, but she does not share my belief about things. But the odd thing is this...she seems to have taken to the Velg'larn. And he with her."

Obernei yawned, and looked up at him from her pillow. "Velg' mean the Hand of Vhaeraun?" Lahgen nodded. "It was vaguely baffling to me. I did not think that she would be the kind to be with one as he. But Nilan has had a history of relationships with non-drow." he smirked, as he remembered the druidess Deshana. "Now, Lilira is half elven, and his former love was an elf. I guess this means when he tires of the bardess, his next love will be a human," he grinned. Obernei giggled. "Such a fun story...a drow and a half elf together...perhaps there is hope for us all." she looked up at him.

Lahgen pondered. "But the really funny thing was, as soon as I had left Viper's Tongue, I felt a chill...a servitor of another of my comrades on the battlefield wanted my presence. That is why I went to the Trollbark ruins. And sure enough, he wanted to know the same things as the Velg'larn. Now I was finding things odd. But I would not give him what he wanted without a bargain first. He was not able to give me what I sought, but he did not lie about his lack of knowledge. So I told him..." Obernei nodded.

"Actually...before I told him, none other than the bardess showed up again. She too had been summoned. It seemed that Lintral had been charged by The Lady to find out more about us, in exchange for a restoration of certain places from Bloodstone...but something doesn't seem right about this at all." The enchantress ran her fingers across his bald scalp as she listened. "I suspect that Lintral is a rival of The Lady, and may seek to use the information I gave him for his own gain..." Obernei nodded. "It could very well be that. Be careful..." she said, her voice worried.

Lahgen patted her head. "I'll be fine. I'll have to be patient and see where it all goes. But I just realized, we haven't eaten yet...let's go to the tavern." Oberni nodded and headed for the door.
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