Different people, same questions

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Different people, same questions

Postby Lilira » Sun Feb 12, 2006 6:45 am

I had received a message from Nilan asking me to meet him at Jenna’s Wayhouse. I arrived, and no one was there other than the normal patrons. I waited and still no Nilan. Concerned, I decided to head south to Viperstongue. I’d check in on the bard that lives there and see if anyone had heard from Nilan.

I wandered through the tavern, and past the auctioneer then headed up the stairs. There I saw Nilan standing in the hallway conversing with someone. Aware that we would be late and sensing a slight impatience in the drow’s stance, I decided to interrupt.

“Nilan,” I called impatiently, striding over to where he stood conversing with a tall, scarred, bald man. Something about him seemed familiar, but I couldn’t place it right away, my attention focused on Nilan.

Surprising even myself and blushing a bright crimson, I leaned over and kissed Nilan on the cheek, whispering in his ear, “We’re late, play along and let us leave here.”

The look on the other man’s face was appraising, before turning into a familiar smirk just before Nilan explained, “Sorry my dear, I was speaking with Lahgen.” My startled gaze shifted to the human bard. He had changed since I had last seen him, and not in an attractive way in my opinion. I have nothing against scars, but there was something about the way he carried himself that had me feeling uncomfortable. Remembering his love of conversation, I understood what had kept Nilan.

“You were supposed to meet me in Baulder’s Gate at Alyo’s,” I said, pulling an excuse out of thin air. Turning to Lahgen I added, “It has been a few years. You’ve changed.”

The bard nodded. “Had I known you were heading to Baulder’s Gate Nilan, I would not have bothered Danahg for transportation, and simply met you there. If you like, we can continue this conversation there.” I felt Nilan’s arm slip around my waist, and I blushed harder, fighting the urge to step away.

“We don’t have many chances to be alone,” I told him, choking back embarrassed laugher. I felt Nilan shaking with suppressed mirth, and wanted to melt into the floor.

“Until next time then Velg’larn,” Lahgen stated, and with a nod for me, he left.

As soon as he left sight, I sprang away from Nilan like I’d been struck with a lightning bolt. My face was so flushed it hurt, and I started stammering apologies. Nilan was blushing slightly, but chuckling at my babbling.

“Lets go,” I sputtered between coughs, “Lorsalian is probably waiting for us.”

We raced north, rushing to reach the wayhouse before Lorsalian decided to leave.

More to come later...

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