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RP News

Postby Auril » Sat Oct 28, 2006 5:03 pm

Check here, on the MUD, for RP Tips!

The RP-Quest Sphere can be readily contacted through mmail rpq, or
mmailing directly to one of our staff, or through email as listed in
'help email.' If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

The 'info rp' files contain a lot of information which you might
find helpful.

For RP information about older sessions, plesae see the associated
info files. info rp_archive2004 and info rp_archive2005 for now.

2007.08.05 Upcoming Event
-Nibefa of Calimport seeks guards to escort her to her new job and home
in Ashstone. Those interested should meet her in the Calimport Bazaar at
8pm Eastern on Thursday, August 9th, 2007.

2007.08.04 Questing
- Lorendel reported on his findings about an old mystery, accompanied
by Nalefax and Ganes.

2007.07.28 Questing
- Klovus spoke briefly with Seriana, and at length with Nilan and

2007.07.24 Sighting
- The Lady Ashstone was seen leaving the private quarters of the
Thain of Beluir, moving along Trade Way, and on the Ethereal

2007.07.21 Questing
- Nilan, Ssissu, and a messenger from Lord Zauviir spoke with
Lady Ashstone about various matters.

2007.07.14 Questing
- Nilan roamed up near the surface in search of some history.

2007.06.22 Questing
- Seriana, Rhoquinn, Lorsalian and Lorendel undertook a mission that
brought them overseas.

2007.06.16 Questing
- Nilan was seen speaking with a mysterious figure, before heading
into the caves west with an eye for some treasure.

2007.06.10 Questing
- The Lady Ashstone was seen speaking with Nilan, Seriana, Ezwar,
Nobadian and Sylvos in the Longhall.

2007.06.09 Questing
- Lorendel, Lorsalian, Roqn and Seriana had to wait to get back
on the road again.

2007.05.27 Sightings
- Lady Ashstone was seen conferring with a snow elf in the
Longhall of the Refugee Camp.

2007.05.26 Questing
- Jorinthal, Lilira and Lorsalian wandered from Baldur's Gate to
Ashstone with a sweet little bundle of joy, with golden hair and
eyes as green as his father's.

2007.05.23 Sightings
- A mysterious, darkly robed elf was seen walking through Waterdeep.
Reports cite his presence at the Arch-Mage's tower before travelling

2007.05.19 Questing
- Botef, Ezwar, Nilan, Targsk and Tibek were of some aid to King
Drulokerus, and may be remembered next Honors Day. Or not.

2007.05.12 Questing
- Faval, Lilira, Lorendel and Saelyan delivered an aromatic
package. Lorsalian chose a different path.

2007.05.05 Questing
- Botef, Ezwar, Lilira, Lintral, Lorsalian, Tibek, Sotana, and
Xemma were all seen, at varying times, speaking with Lady

2007.04.21 Questing
- With some help from diligent heroes, some applicants were
tested for a new position.

2007.04.14 Questing
- Botef, Ezwar, Nilan, and Tibek caused a commotion in Calimport,
before tying up their business in Havenport.

2007.03.24 Questing
- Ezwar, Nilan and Tibek followed a heir down a hole and
wondered at what they found there.

2007.03.17 Questing
- Lilira and Jorinthal delivered an urgent missive and a swift

2007.03.10 Questing
- Botef, Ezwar, Tibek and Mukumudklar investigated a disturbance
in the tunnel of Dread and arranged for some immigration to Dobluth

2007.02.24 Questing
- Lorsalian, Lilira and Rhoquinn boldly set forth and rescued
a lovestruck young man from the clutches of his kidnappers.

2007.02.17 Questing
- Botef, Ezwar, Tibek and Nilan undertook a simple mission from
the Darklake Consortium, meeting a colorfully wet merchant as part
of the bargain.

2007.02.10 Questing
- Kramel, Lorsalian, Lilira, Mufar, Tyldun, Inames, Netonosel, Vigis,
Wodat, and a mouthy half-elven minstrel accepted postings as guards over
a familiar caravan. Trouble ensued from without and within but ogres
perished under the assault on Jenna's.

2007.02.03 Questing
- Agum, Botef, Ezwar, Tibek and a mysterious stranger set out with
a caravan to A'Quarthus Velg'larn. Much chaos ensued.

2007.01.27 Questing
- Gormal, Lilira, Lorsalian, Pidibeple, Teldhun and Tyldun
followed a trail of grumbs and found a nest of trolls, and something

2007.01.20 Questing
- Respect for Vhaeraun, and a few other things, were on display at
a ceremony to honor Him.

2007.01.13 Questing
- Lilira and Lorsalian helped a damsel in distress by bringing her
sage advice. Meanwhile, a very pale elf was seen talking to a plant,
near the Ashstone Refugee Camp.

2007.01.06 Questing
- Nilan, Ezwar and Tibek escorted a bedraggled caravan into
Gloomhaven and met up with Romaguhuz and Hazhav.

12/15/2006 Questing
- Lilira, Lorsalian and Roqn were seen in the company of the Lady
Ashstone, presumably for merchantile discussions.

11/18/2006 Questing
- Lintral, Teej, and an unnamed drow merchant were seen in
the Ashstone Refugee Camp, speaking with Lady Ashstone.

11/14/2006 Sighting
- A drow elf in disguise was seen talking with nobody in
particular, in Kang's Tavern today.

11/03/2006 Questing
- The Lady Ashstone entertained Simimiom, Lilira and an unknown
merchant before leaving on an unspecified errand.

10/28/2006 Questing
- Agum, Tildan, Tildane, Tyldina and Tyldun were seen escorting
an unusual elven druid northward from the Turning Point.

10/28/2006 Questing
- Lazus set out to find a lost lamb, and turned up an Aster.

10/26/2006 Questing
- Some newcomers visited with the Lady Ashstone. One brought
wine, and one brought a plant.

10/21/2006 Questing
Lorsalian, Lilira, Roqn, Lazus and a confusing halfling helped
guide a wagon to Baldur's Gate, before setting out on an ill-fated

- The following people have been seen speaking with the Lady
- Futaz and Nilan
- Lilira and Sotana
- Tyldin, Tildan, Tildane, Tyldina, and Agum
- Lahgen
- Nonox
- Lintral
- Gormal
- Mirlantharn
- Lorsalian
- Pava
- Rondandal
- Ciresit
- Teflor
- Minofagal
- Itasha
- Simimiom

10/12/2006 Sighting
A sudden snow squall hit the Ashstone Refugee Camp, only to disappear just as
quickly. The Lady Ashstone dismissed it as unimportant.

10/07/2006 Questing
Lorsalian, Roqn, Smirn and Lilira found the trek from Mithril Hall
to Waterdeep to be stickier than expected.

09/30/2006 Observation
Guards in Griffon's Nest milled about anxiously, reporting a
disturbance before returning to their duties.

07/20/2006 Progression
Scouts and visitors report that the development of the Keep
of Ash and Stone progresses readily.

05/10/2006 Questing
- Bibad ran an errand for a banker, and got a small gift in

05/10/2006 Questing
- Afu, Botef, Ezwar, Gruy, Nilan, Teshidee and Tibek sought to
survey mercenaries, who vehemently declined the honor.

05/05/2006 Sighting
- The Lady Ashstone was seen speaking with Futaz, Tyldin and

05/01/2006 Sighting
- The Lady Ashstone was seen in the longhouse, speaking with

04/29/2006 Questing
- A familiar young woman's possessions were recovered by Agum,
Gruy, Sarrshis, Tildan, Tildane, Tyldin and Tyldina.

04/21/2006 Questing
- Gruy danced through the Valley of Crushk with a new friend.

04/18/2006 Questing
- Ciresit traveled far and wide.

04/17/2006 Questing
- Tida and Lorsalian escorted a sizeable group of people and a
wagon to a quiet place east of the Turning Point.

04/15/2006 Questing
- Mages will do well to avoid Menden on the Deep when Agum,
Ciresit, Tildan, Tildane, Tyldin and Tyldina are visiting!

- A large caravan of hooded figures entered Dobluth Kyor from the
Underdark and disappeared into clouds of magical darkness.

04/08/2006 Questing
- A horde of orcs led by Bibad, Meegwan and Latreg, accompanied
by Futaz, fell upon an elven travelling party and destroyed it

04/01/2006 Questing
- Agum, Bibad, Eya, Tildan, Tildane, Tyldin and Tyldina crossed the
Realms looking for a staff, and were told it's the wrong one. But
they still got paid!

04/01/2006 A Notice
- Lord Piergeiron extends his thanks to all those who helped defend
the City of Splendors from the unprecedented swarm of orcs, goblins,
and other dark creatures. With such aid, Waterdeep prevailed!

04/01/2006 Sightings
- Randar and his kin raided the Sedawi village for food and were
heard laughing and singing war songs.

03/18/2006 Questing
- Tyldin, Tildan, Tyldina, Tildane, Agum and Kadislan went into the
Underdark and had more fun than a barrel of wheat.

02/18/2006 Questing
- Agum, Ekiga, Nilan, Sonon, Tildane, and Tyldun delivered lunch to
an evil wizard. Rats!

01/21/2006 Questing
- A group of adventurers chilled the ardor of the most rabid of fans.

01/20/2006 Questing
- Krelg's place was over-run by paladins, rangers, and like-
minded folk, but no trolls or drow, and only a few bottles of wine
were hurt in the process.

01/7/2006 Questing
- Lahgen met up with Tyldin, Tyldina, Tildane, Tildan and Agum,
before they all met up with trouble.

01/6/2006 Questing
- Lahgen visited Lord Eltan to convey the Lady Ashstone's

01/5/2006 Questing
- Fen and Keya rescued the Sedawi from a quiet menace.


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