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Postby Vigis » Sun Feb 11, 2007 6:16 am

Vigis looked at each and every one of the people he had abandoned earlier. Lilira glared icily and Lorsalian held his breath; both wondered what the Northman would do.

Jenna began berating Kramel, his dark and stinking braids slid over his shoulders as the charges were leveled.

Vigis screamed in outrage! "You Jenna! I heard you plotting with the ogres, I heard you plotting against this group!"

When the group had set out from Waterdeep, it had been accompanied by a man whom would forever be referred to as "fool".

Fool convinced the gullible group to cast Vigis aside. After all, what was one single barbarian compared to the treasures the group had been promised?

Slowly and teasingly, the thread of magic began to snake over Kramel. The unfortunate Dwarf warrior had not realized that death was hiding in the shadows. Lorsalian sat against the wall, he couldn't tear his eyes away from Jenna, his purity kept his innocent eyes riveted to her body.

From the deepest shadows, the deepest warrior appeared. Wodat comes forward screaming his resistance. The creatures begin to falter and flee. Wodat glances back at the warrior who had kept him alive.

Vigis knew he was neither wanted nor needed. He was never one to trust another individual, but he was willing to kill.

When Jenna screamed for protection, Vigis grinnned. He had never provided protection, but he could certainly provide fear.....
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