Anniversaries, Couple, and Marriages (in progress)

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Anniversaries, Couple, and Marriages (in progress)

Postby Lorendel Ebonmist » Sat Feb 14, 2009 6:52 am

Marriages and Couples

Bratlii (Gnome Conjurer) and Kanths Nightfalcon (Barbarian Warrior) 6+ years
Kanthas: Leader of Mortal Evils and Outcasts
Home: Bloodstone Barony
Brother: Glavron (lives with Trolls)
Met Bratlii for the first time at Cave City battling Undead
Weapon: Avernus, the Lifestealer (powerful , INT w/ Ego) Strong Beserk Powers (see Artifacts)
Father: A Warlord of the Northern Barbarian Tribes (missing)
Question: Does Kanthas still wear Dryas Collar of Servitude?
Bratlii: Birthdate: 5th day of the Month of Nightowl, Year of the Haunting
Father: Prubble (deceased)
Mother: Maremb (deceased)
Hometown: Ashrumite
Husband: Kanthas (?? aka Toddrick ???)
Known to keep company with outcasts, trolls, ogres, and other evil? (Freedom of the Press: Reporter fot Town Crier)

Dranix and Jenera
Cerlayne and Trolan Assoc=Oath/Gallistel/ Ceremony in An Abandoned Building in WD
Lady Ardanna Officiating/ Bestman:Rythas
Gartra and Rhoquinn Assoc= Pride/Sabertooth
Ternak and Galas Assoc=Oath/Gallistel (Seperated)
Necasio Greystorm and Narisse Rivermist
Jilael and Lythania Vallaris
Granark and Tarisa 1+ years
Suzeria and Bracx 3+ years ??? Suzeria and Myre / Varia Officiating
Sylvos Winteraver and Rael Morallen 25+ years
Roan cae Rwellyne and Kor Fallenbane (Pez and Miax) 100+ years Oldest/Longest Marriage
Alby and Elisten
Narisha and Bucak Maid of Honor: Falina / Best Man:Yurax / Lady Galas performed Ceremony
Triozdinak (Assassin) and Kasmarlyin Doomdagger (Duergar Cleric)
Bakal and Graknos Trueshield Trueshield Matriarch: Khyla Trueshield
Ardanna and Essete Officiating: Narisse Rivermist (Private Ceremony)
Venari and Cardolan
Shabat and Turt Winterchill
Bridin and Zaris
Moriathis and Zandrea
Nilan and Shaerylin Botav Officiating
Nilan and Elisten Fura Officiating
Nilan and Deshana
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Re: Anniversaries, Couple, and Marriages (in progress)

Postby Gormal » Sat Feb 14, 2009 6:56 am

Mplor and Varia was my favorite.

Please also add Ragorn and Kildran - luv4eva
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Re: Anniversaries, Couple, and Marriages (in progress)

Postby Ragorn » Mon Feb 23, 2009 5:19 am

Sorry, Ragorn is married to Thricia's anti-paladin, and I don't do bigamy.
- Ragorn
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