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Anniversaries, Couple, and Marriages (in progress)

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 6:52 am
by Lorendel Ebonmist
Marriages and Couples

Bratlii (Gnome Conjurer) and Kanths Nightfalcon (Barbarian Warrior) 6+ years
Kanthas: Leader of Mortal Evils and Outcasts
Home: Bloodstone Barony
Brother: Glavron (lives with Trolls)
Met Bratlii for the first time at Cave City battling Undead
Weapon: Avernus, the Lifestealer (powerful , INT w/ Ego) Strong Beserk Powers (see Artifacts)
Father: A Warlord of the Northern Barbarian Tribes (missing)
Question: Does Kanthas still wear Dryas Collar of Servitude?
Bratlii: Birthdate: 5th day of the Month of Nightowl, Year of the Haunting
Father: Prubble (deceased)
Mother: Maremb (deceased)
Hometown: Ashrumite
Husband: Kanthas (?? aka Toddrick ???)
Known to keep company with outcasts, trolls, ogres, and other evil? (Freedom of the Press: Reporter fot Town Crier)

Dranix and Jenera
Cerlayne and Trolan Assoc=Oath/Gallistel/ Ceremony in An Abandoned Building in WD
Lady Ardanna Officiating/ Bestman:Rythas
Gartra and Rhoquinn Assoc= Pride/Sabertooth
Ternak and Galas Assoc=Oath/Gallistel (Seperated)
Necasio Greystorm and Narisse Rivermist
Jilael and Lythania Vallaris
Granark and Tarisa 1+ years
Suzeria and Bracx 3+ years ??? Suzeria and Myre / Varia Officiating
Sylvos Winteraver and Rael Morallen 25+ years
Roan cae Rwellyne and Kor Fallenbane (Pez and Miax) 100+ years Oldest/Longest Marriage
Alby and Elisten
Narisha and Bucak Maid of Honor: Falina / Best Man:Yurax / Lady Galas performed Ceremony
Triozdinak (Assassin) and Kasmarlyin Doomdagger (Duergar Cleric)
Bakal and Graknos Trueshield Trueshield Matriarch: Khyla Trueshield
Ardanna and Essete Officiating: Narisse Rivermist (Private Ceremony)
Venari and Cardolan
Shabat and Turt Winterchill
Bridin and Zaris
Moriathis and Zandrea
Nilan and Shaerylin Botav Officiating
Nilan and Elisten Fura Officiating
Nilan and Deshana

Re: Anniversaries, Couple, and Marriages (in progress)

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 6:56 am
by Gormal
Mplor and Varia was my favorite.

Please also add Ragorn and Kildran - luv4eva

Re: Anniversaries, Couple, and Marriages (in progress)

Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 5:19 am
by Ragorn
Sorry, Ragorn is married to Thricia's anti-paladin, and I don't do bigamy.