A call for aid!

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A call for aid!

Postby Lilira » Mon Feb 23, 2009 4:11 am

Lilira frowned, laying her cloak aside as she noticed the envelope sitting on the table just within her front room. Picking it up, she wandered up the stairs and into her bed chamber while examining it. After dropping her pack in the corner and stepping out of her boots, Lilira tugged open the door to her wardrobe and pulled out one of the myriad silk robes she possessed, this one a brilliant turquoise, and moved back downstairs to the small chamber she’d had fitted with a large copper tub and pump. After starting the long, mostly buried stove underneath and filling the tub, Lilira opened the letter and began reading it while the water heated.

A slight frown furrowed between her brows. It was addressed to the three of them. Her, Sotana and Ashiwi. After reading it through, Lilira chuckled. By no means was the bard without finances, but the extremes some of the wealthy would go to still surprised her. She had not seen or heard from Ashiwi since shortly after her return from sea, and Sotana had been long absent on her wanderings. Lilira was accustomed to it, even if she wished they could spend more time together. Perhaps this would be the perfect excuse. After dipping her hand in the water to gauge the temperature, Lilira wandered out her front door and pulled a familiar looking cocoon from her belt pouch. After verifying that it was the ‘safe’ color which indicated that Lilira was safe and merely had a desire to see the druid, Lilira cupped the cocoon in her palms and breathed life over it. The hard shell wriggled and cracked, the moth-like creature sliding out and flapping its wings to stir the blood within before launching itself into the air, almost immediately disappearing from sight.

Going back inside, the bard took her bath and dressed comfortably before putting on a pot of tea. Curling up comfortably in her favorite chair, Lilira settled in with a cup and her instruments to wait for her best friend and ‘sister’. Maybe she would know how to reach Ashiwi.


Such stillness. No current. No movement. Just brilliant sunshine drifting down and through the water, warming the streambed pebbles. How long had she been laying here, watching the colors bleed from green to blue to green again? Now movement overhead. The rippling pinpricks of tiny legs on the surface of the water. Dinner. With a flick of her tail she shot into movement, unblinking eyes focused on her target overhead. Then some deeply buried instinct forced her aside as she broke the surface, barely missing her target. A glimmerwing. A mental shudder then a silent laugh as her long-buried consciousness forced itself to the forefront. It was time to visit Lilira.


A soft tune floated through the open windows of the two story house. It was haunting, a complex melody that tugged at the heart and made one yearn for the scent of salt air, the rush of waves, and the creak of a deck beneath one's feet. A couple of children playing in the street stopped and looked over toward the gate with the hounds running across it, surprise on their faces. The bard lady’s music was usually more cheerful. They shrugged. “I guess now would be a bad time for cookies,” the little halfling boy told his taller friend who nodded before reaching out to tap the small boy on the shoulder then run off with a loud scream of delight.

Lilira heard the screech inside, curled up in her chair with her mother's lyre in her lap. The instrument was rarely played anymore, saved only for times when the bard wanted to feel close to Chentra. On the small table next to her was a flute she had been using as well, but currently her voice harmonized in a wordless song that stopped abruptly as a mist began to form in the middle of the room. A smile lit her expression as it thickened, coalescing into a pool right in the middle of her sitting room. The lyre was laid on the floor beside the chair, and the bard was standing at the edge of the moonwell when Sotana stepped through only to find herself wrapped in the bard’s embrace.

“Sotana!” she exclaimed with pleasure as the mystical portal began to dissolve without a trace. “You came. I was not certain you would make it in time.”

Sotana returned the embrace, laughing as she asked, “In time for what?” Leaning back, she looked at Lilira more closely. “What have you been up to this time, Lil?”

The bard grinned and pulled away, padding over to the table beside her chair and picking up the parchment that her flute had been weighing down against the breezes blowing through her window. “Nothing bad for once,” Lilira told her, laughing quietly as her gaze glanced over the missive again. “Some people just have entirely too much money, and they want our help spending it on something special.” With an impish grin, she passed it over to the druid. “I think we should call in some of our former acquaintances and comrades for this. It is a truly impressive mission.”

Sotana glanced over the paper in her hand, her eyes widening. Several heartbeats of surprised silence, then the druid began to laugh helplessly. She managed to regain control of herself long enough to choke out, "Impressive, indeed!" then she was lost to the laughter again.

Lilira giggled in sympathy. “Lets send out invitations for them to meet us. I love that field to the northeast of Baulder’s Gate. That farm nearby is an annoyance, but the field itself is very peaceful. A picnic is called for I think, where we can share the contents of this note.” She helped the druid to a chair and poured her a cup of tea before settling back into her own chair. Very soon the two women sat with their heads close together, laughingly making their plans.

This is an invitation for all RPers even though 'friends' were mentioned in the story, to show up Thursday, Feb 26th at 7pm at the flowery field near the Undead Farm. We plan on making this a weekly thing similar to Sotana's Monday adventures, but instead of dungeon crawling to create havoc and pcorpses, we're setting up some player run RP to give those who are interested in doing so the chance to come play. :-) Please note the Player Run aspect. :-) Oh and keep in mind... if an evil raced player or lich shows up... expect to be treated accordingly. Thanks and hope to see you there! - Sotana and Lilira

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