So true, So true

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So true, So true

Postby Osod » Sat Aug 14, 2004 8:26 pm

I found this in the dikumud FAQ, I thought this is almost analogous to that thing Nermal told us all to look at a number of years ago about women in the workplace.
"What are some other things that I should know?"
Don't be annoying. Such things are constanly whinning to other
players and wizards will be the quickest way of being rejected
by the players of the mud.
Avoid player killing unless it has been explicitly allowed on
the mud you are playing. Usually if player killing is not
allowed on a mud, and someone violates this, it is dealt with
very sternly.
Avoid unnecessary shouts. Such things as shouting
generally do nothing but annoy other players and can be taken
care of by using tell or say.
Don't litter. Leaving junk around does nothing more than drain
the machine's resources. See if the mud you are playing has the
junk command, sacrifice command, or a dump where you can
dispose of uneeded items.
Remember, that it is only a game and the main purpose is for
you, as a player, to have fun, explore, and talk to people. And
do not let mud playing take priority over your school/job work,
which happens all too often.

As a whole, how many of these rules do we break as a mud/individuals? Especially that last part.

-Osod, formerly Xyr

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