ress's for evils

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ress's for evils

Postby Latreg » Mon Jun 20, 2005 4:42 pm

those who can resurrect evils, Would you post a time of when you would be able to do resses, right now it's very hit or miss, mostly miss, but I thought this might help out the few of us that play. Even if you can only log your resser on for 5 minutes, people could be ready and waiting for you to speed things along. Dk is getting pretty full with corpses ;)
I would rather not send tells to alts etc I hate to bother people.
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Postby Llaaldara » Mon Jun 20, 2005 5:29 pm

I'll try and be on M-F between 2pm-4pm CST to ress any evils that might need it. If you need a ress when I'm not on, mmail me as Llaalna about it and we'll try and coordinate.
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Postby Birile » Mon Jun 20, 2005 7:04 pm

Llaaldara wrote:I'll try and be on M-F between 2pm-4pm CST to ress any evils that might need it. If you need a ress when I'm not on, mmail me as Llaalna about it and we'll try and coordinate.

It's this sort of willingness to help each other out that the ebils need more of. Good to see it's not completely gone.
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Postby Gura » Mon Jun 20, 2005 10:09 pm

shrug im usually on with ruraz. feelfree to send tells..if im afk i have capture. what times u normally on? vt might also be a better place to keep corpses.
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Postby alendar » Mon Jun 20, 2005 10:31 pm

I'm on quite often... send me a tell.... I'll log my evil resser....
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Postby Ambar » Tue Jun 21, 2005 3:49 am

usually on as Tasira, Aerisia, Alieshi, Shalia, Jenlea, Mavan, Narra, Telina, Ambar, Karikhan, sometimes Nisse now too

can always send me a tell (have captures if i am afk) or try to icq me ..

always willing to lend a hand! Don't keep eq on my evil cleric but have fly and have a corpse transporter too if thats needed as well .. can also use shaman to scry/spirit walk

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Postby Disoputlip » Tue Jun 21, 2005 12:02 pm

Just send a tell. People will say no if we dont have time, but often we either have time, or have time 30min later or something.

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Postby Lirela » Tue Jun 21, 2005 12:45 pm

I'm always willing to ress evils if I have time (and sometimes even if I don't), but rarely get asked.

No harm in asking, the worst that can happen is a person will say no.
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Postby Botef » Thu Jun 23, 2005 7:35 pm

I'm also willing to Preserve corpses in DK and VT any time I'm able.
I haven't been on as much as usual but I do try to log once a day to keep up on things. Just send me a tell or an mmail.

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Postby Wuva » Mon Jul 11, 2005 2:10 pm

I have evil cleric that can ress...Sakona...

Usually on as Wuva/Sashami just give me a hollar and I can help.
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Postby Ruxur » Tue Jul 12, 2005 1:30 pm

Zobex will talk with bubba to see if he will allow the nessessary pork rinds and lite beer to perform such a task.

Send a tell to Maxler, Xason, Gilphi, Or Ruxur, and if im just idling under the inn (ranger style), you prolly got yer ress.
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