When too much sport is barely enough.

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When too much sport is barely enough.

Postby ssar » Fri Feb 10, 2006 7:29 am

We are on the eve of a period of fantastic sport!

1) The winter olympics in Turin, Italy is about to start - these games offer some of the greatest athletes pushing themselves to the absolute limit in some awesome ways. Can't wait for the Downhill skiing, Super Giant Slalom and Bobsledding especially!

(plenty of links for info about this available)

2) The best football comp (& game in general) on the planet has just commenced, the Super 14's Rugby Union season runs from now until the end of May - new format incorporating 2 new teams (a new Australian and a new South African team). Go the NSW Waratahs!


3) The legendary Roy Slavan & H.G. Nelson ("Roy & H.G.") recommence thier season of "This Sporting Life" of a Sunday arvo on JJJ FM National Radio again this weekend. Let's hope they also do a nightly segment on TV on the Winter Olympics like they have in the past as well!

http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/thissport ... efault.htm


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