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Smart Crim

Postby ssar » Fri Feb 10, 2006 11:23 pm ... 16,00.html

"A Palmerston North thief was nabbed when she was tricked into returning to the scene of her crime to claim a "lucky shopper" prize.

Amy Adams, 17, appeared in Palmerston North District Court on Tuesday and was convicted of shoplifting and sentenced to 40 hours of community work.

Adams stole $40 worth of chicken pieces from The Mad Butcher shop in Palmerston North on January 8. But rather than being caught red-handed, she was caught after being trapped by a store "promotion".

After surreptitiously moving three packets of chicken portions to a freezer near the shop's exit, Adams made a dash out the door with her booty.

However, she left a trail of evidence behind – video footage of her face on the shop's security cameras.

Store owner Wayne Gerrand said shoplifters were a problem and when Adams "did a runner", he tried to think of a novel way to catch her.

The result was a scheme that involved putting up a picture of her face with the words "This Week's Lucky Shopper".

"I just thought, 'Bugger it, let's give this a try,' " Mr Gerrand said.

The plan worked perfectly. Adams and a friend came into the store wanting to know what she had won. She admitted taking the chicken and two bags were recovered.

Mr Gerrand said the plan was not a masterpiece of ensnarement. "It was just lucky. It does defy logic that somebody would actually respond to it."

Adams was also ordered by the court to pay $40 restitution for the chicken."

Nice effort

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