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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 3:31 am
by sok
ssar you must be mistaken. friday is nov 09, not 07. stop trying to confuse people.

should i even post thursday, since he already post friday? i'm so confused.

lastly, i'm extremely envious of your rain. i can't stand breathing this brown so cal air any longer. let me tell you now bad, it is. i'm driving to the dentist, and i can't see the san gabriel mountains, which can't be more than 1-2 miles north of the freeway. i should take up smoking to give my lungs a rest from this pollution.

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 3:28 am
by sok
monday nov 12, 2007 veteran's day

tue nov 13, 2007 sadie hawkins day

wed nov 14, 2007 got a new calender. i'm set up for next year.

Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 3:38 am
by Yasden
Prince Charles' birthday.

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 2:26 am
by sok
thursday nov 15, 2007

one of the longest day of my life. will this day never end

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 4:55 am
by sok
payday friday nov 16, 2007

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 11:30 pm
by sok
sat nov 17, 2007

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 9:52 pm
by sok
wed nov 21, 2007

World "Hello" Day

Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2007 10:37 pm
by sok
sat nov 24, 2007

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2007 11:58 pm
by sok
monday nov 26, 2007

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 7:03 am
by ssar
1st post in this thread for 2088.. er, yea.


Self-taught chopper pilot takes his first chopper for a spin:

Scamming the Scammers

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2008 10:24 am
by ssar
Today we pay respect to those who are Scamming the Scammers - a fine effort as described on the webpage here:


Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:34 pm
by ssar
Today is warm weather but thinking of snow day.

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:02 am
by ssar
How to take out a streaker day:


Yes, Symmonds dropped the shoulder/hit him with his forearm, decking him mightily.

Now if it were a nice girl...

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:36 pm
by Gormal

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2008 11:13 am
by ssar
Today is "Freeze for 5 Mins" Day..

"200+ people gathered at Grand Central Station in New York to pull off a 'frozen in place' act." ... ation.html


Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 11:54 pm
by sok
since work has crack down on my slacking off, i need to post a bunch of days on 1 post.

april 1 april fool
april 6 world marbles day
april 10 salvation army founders day
april 17 high five days
april 27 national hairball day
april 30 kirstenj dunst's birthday (1982)

Posted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 12:48 pm
by ssar