¡Hasta luego amigos!

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Adriorn Darkcloak
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¡Hasta luego amigos!

Postby Adriorn Darkcloak » Wed Aug 02, 2006 2:09 am

Well, the time has come at last to say goodbye. 14 years mudding on Sojourn/Toril have made me many friends throughout the years, and I can only hope to remember all of them today. My family needs me more and more each day, and I wish to be with them more and more. So these 14 years come to an and today, with mixed feelings and happiness and sadness. For me this wasn't a game, but more a social environment. Yes, it involved killing, but there was more to it than just that. The complete package came with meeting many people from all over the world, making friends, seeing them on a daily basis, being creative and roleplaying your characters (..or whores), and enjoying a brief escape in this world of fantasy. I know if I would have waited another year I would have received all the retirement bonuses, but this is the perfect time to end it.

So, permit me to try and say goodbye to all those people that influenced me, played with me, laughed with me, helped me, whored with me, or generally just hung out with me. I truly apologize to all those I have forgotten in this post. Summarizing 14 years in 10 minutes is completely unacceptable, so I will try my best. But I sincerely hope no one takes
offense if I forget to mention you, for you are not forgotten.


Deneir, you were my first main contact with the immortals, and a wonderful one at that.

Eilistraee, you are the reason the mud is the good place it is today, the good changes come in, and RP is what it has never been before. I hope more can appreciate it. P.S. I hate those 3 guys.


Legion of Chaos: Xyzom and company taught me how to mud, and how a power guild operated.

Crimson Sigil: No other guild can ever compete. We did everything, and took mudding here to all new levels. What others are doing now, we did before.

Riders of Twilight: CS Part 2. The successor that almost surpassed the founder. The first guild I helped found, and where many of my closest friends joined together.

The Company: A new mud, and a new guild. The first guild I founded, where a group of friends sought to enjoy this game for its purest reason.

The Warders: My last attempt at founding a guild. The smallest guild I have ever been in, and the most tightly knit group of friends. We learned the mud all over again, as we had originally sought to do, roleplayed whenever possible, and formed, what I hope to be, true friendship.

Shadows of Imphras: What am amazing group of people you managed to assemble all together in one place. The vast majority willing to help players just for the sake of helping. Many are roleplayers, many are just players. But I am glad I was able to interact with you as a player.


The early years:

Sjesko was my oldest and dearest friend here on the mud. We leveled together, guilded together, and even left the mud together. I hope life has treated you well. Best mage ever.

Yasden & Mikayla, you two old farts. 14 years has never really separated us much. I'm sure that if I ever come back, you'll both still be playing. You are both good guys and I hope life treats you as such. Keep roleplaying Dan. Watch out for the 'canes Mik.

Kurz & Jerthal: Kurz, you are the best guild leader and zone leader this mud has and will ever see, as well as the best warrior, and your sense of dry humor will never be forgotten. Jerthal following in your footsteps as an excellent and spirited leader.

Dlur, you are now my oldest and dearest friend on the mud. We've seen, founded, stolen, vandalized, and been in many guilds together, and I will miss laughing together. I hate you for being the first person to PK me, and I hope the small armenian cobbler eats all your flowers while you're afk. I know we will remain friends.

Toddrick, fellow guildmember and founder, and only other remaining CSer. I hope all goes well, and farewell. You are truly a Righteous Potentate.

Aradune, my first and only real apprentice ranger. A good friend. Pipi Ranger #2.

Malacar & Maladryn. Two old timers that have always remained here with me. Good luck to both, and I am sorry if I did not say goodbye.

Asamoth, our monthly conversations and nostalgia were always refreshing.

Mytzle. Only druid to get a weapon nicknamed after. An old and dear friend. Long live mytzweave.

Mikar, a fantastic zone leader, always willing to teach others how to zone and how to play. I wish there were more Mikars still playing today. Sadly, there are not. You shall be missed old friend. It was a shame and tragedy to see you go.

Kyto, Marda, Dayn, Menoch!, Nepenthia, Tagad, Tavon, Daeron, and all the swedes. Too many more to list.

The middle years:

Dranix, you are the main star of this area, and one of the closest friends I had during this time. We laughed endlessly while in TC. May you and your wife find happiness everlasting.

Dlur, feh I already talked about you. :P

Arilin, stop making alts you damn evil illusionist. I hope you and your family will remain well.

Goroz, Ronble & Shalruk: A nice group of 5 we made. I wish you all the best. Goroz you are a star voker.

Silverast, a fellow book reader who shared tastes in good books. A good friend.

Xebes, a friend who enjoyed the game for the same reasons I did, and who complained for the same reasons I did. I wish you well in life.

Moritheil, a generous zone leader, always willing to bring anyone interested zoning. I wish there were more Moritheils still playing today. Sadly, there are not. You shall be missed old friend.

Jazdak, thanks for everything, and the rejuvs. Good luck old friend.

Elscint, Tanji, Dakn, Lanik, Ranor, Mithil & company...always remembered.

The later years:

Dhurn, and old, old friend, and an excellent player. Your luck shall remain legendary, as should your generousity. Roots anyone?

Lilithelle, one of the most generous players we have, who shares her knowledge and wisdom with all, specially us old noobs. If not for your leading, many would be afk at the inn. Too bad you're an elf. Thanks for everything.

Taishanos, I can say the same about you as I just said about Lili. Even the elf part. I enjoyed speaking with you always, and eatting crap together. Best #2 bard ever. Go soccerroos.

Cofen, damnit I can say the same thing about you too. What is this crap? Thank you for taking an old ranger along for the ride. Don't let people give you any crap.

Jalahon, omgwtfsamething. Another player who plays for the right reasons. Good luck in school my friend, and good luck with CHP. I still say 14 rangers.

Ifin, always willing to get a group together to go zoning. A good player and a good person. I hope you fulfill all your quests.

Sarell, a wonderful zone leader, always willing to just go out and spank a few zones at will. Fun and always in the mood. Miss ya chief.

Nilan, one of the best RPers we have, and a good human being. I hope you find the world you have been searching for. And the respect you deserve. Damn drow!

Lahgen, I can say the same about you as I said about Nilan. Except the drow part.

Lilira, another of the best RPers we have, and a good hostess. Please remind me when Supernatural comes on.

Sotana & Ashiwi, see above, and along with Lilira, thank you all for the RP Tournament. I hope you receive from everyone, including gods, the recognition you deserve.

Gormal & Touk, best dorfs ever. I'll have a beer for you both soon. Thanks for KT Gorm, meant alot. Excellent RPer as well, and an excellent player. Touk, thanks for the pirates and the giants, and AV as well.

Vakis, thanks for your comments to me. They meant alot.

Sipes, I'd french you, but people might think something of it.

Ghimok, damn mentioned again. Why doesn't this backspace key work?! Afk pipi, maybe caca, if not fart.

Deshana, keep roleplaying old friend, even with Drow.

Sylvos, a true ranger, an excellent player, and roleplayer..and more. May you and your family be well. Another damn elf. We should play AOE sometime.

Danila, I love your sexy body and...wait, she's me.

Netonosel, you damn clown. We became close very quickly, and you are one good gnome. I hope your business and family continue going well.

Areh, you truly are the Desert Guardian. Keep rping my friend.

Bilraex, a true barbarian. Excellent roleplayer and player. Tis sad to lose you.

Alendar, Nerox, Branthur, Lopi, Torkur, Toraza, Hil, Twyl, too many to list.

A big bow and tip of the hat to all the Rangers out there, the real ones, you know, the Human ones.


Nalaya, our contact was brief, but very sweet. You are very generous, and always up for anything. You are no longer a werewolf, ha. Best silencer ever. I hope you guys win in the Finals :) P.S. Kill smirn for me.

Lorsalian, you are the best RPer we have. Barnone. I hope you enjoy your time here somewhat more now you hasted bastard, and continue roleplaying your heart's desire. You are misunderstood by many, and it is a shame based on ignorance. Smart and intelligent, your humor reflects it. You will remain the best true ranger we have. I shall miss you. Please don't fine me.

Liran, AKA Smirn. Best druid we had, best halfling we have. You and I go back decades. I don't know whether that is a good thing or a sad thing, but I think we have grown together again these past months in friendship. A true friend, selfless in all your deeds. If people pick on you it is because they envy you. Continue enjoying the mud for all the right reasons. I shall miss you. Worst afkerinsultmaker ever.

I sincerely hope I did not forget anyone, although I'm sure I did. My memory sucks, and there are way too many alts and names for me after 14 years, but that is no excuse, and I apologize. Thank you to all those that were not mentioned, but whose daily interaction and occasional chatter made this a funner place. Thank you specially to all the clerics who ressed us for so many years.

I hope everyone finds their place and level of enjoyment, not only on Toril, but in real life specially. Find something you truly enjoy doing, and work at it. Always try to keep at the front of your mind that family comes first, that you should ALWAYS be seeking perfection in all aspects of your life, to better yourself and those around you.

I hope I made everyone's stay here a more enjoyable one these 14 years. I always believed this was a game, like playing Nintendo or tic-tac-toe, and the important thing was having fun. So, through all my emotes, gsays, mistells and insane comments, I hope you smiled a little more.

Thank you for being part of my life for so long.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to afk, mango salesman trying to steal my emus.


Adriorn "Ettercap" Darkcloak
Warder of the Realms~

P.S. Best cuban mudder ever.
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Postby sok » Wed Aug 02, 2006 2:47 am

no!!!!!!!!!! we lost another. you will be missed
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Postby Malacar » Wed Aug 02, 2006 4:02 am

Hey, I was in CS too, Juan. :(

I will so miss you, bro. :/ You inspired me as a ranger in the early years, and it is an honor to call you my friend. :)
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Re: ¡Hasta luego amigos!

Postby Lilira » Wed Aug 02, 2006 5:23 am

Adriorn Darkcloak wrote:Lilira, another of the best RPers we have, and a good hostess. Please remind me when Supernatural comes on.

*laugh* *sob* *hiccup* OMG you brat... that actually got ya a tear. :P

You'd better drop by once in a while you old fart.
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Postby Nilan » Wed Aug 02, 2006 6:19 am

Adriorn my ol'ranger friend,

I think of those that have left over the years, I will miss you most of all. We had alot of fun times togther, fun rp too. I enjoyed all the times we spent over the years here, and no way im gonna ever forget em. Your not only are a credit to this game bro, (there are so few now a days that are), but a good friend of mine.

I wish you all the best! Because I hate to say good bye , how about I just say 'I'll see you soon"


Damn Ranger!!!

Good luck bro,

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Postby Kuurg » Wed Aug 02, 2006 10:09 am

Don't go!

wait. who were you?
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Arilin Nydelahar
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Postby Arilin Nydelahar » Wed Aug 02, 2006 10:45 am

You rat bastard Juan. You really need to shoot me an email or something. Just think, no more "god damn troll" south of WD. He'll miss you.
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Postby Pril » Wed Aug 02, 2006 11:25 am

You'll be missed Adri, I know I told you on the mud but i hope life brings you many blessings and you find your way through it with ease and accomplishment. Til we meet again.

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Well that did not take very long...

Postby Liran » Wed Aug 02, 2006 3:45 pm

I just had an Adriorn sighting!
He was only gone for one day, I had my money on three.. so who won the betting pool?

Anyways, he seems to be enjoying his new mud-free life:

Adriorn group-says 'I had fun yesterday'
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Re: Well that did not take very long...

Postby Arilin Nydelahar » Wed Aug 02, 2006 6:06 pm

Liran wrote:I just had an Adriorn sighting!
He was only gone for one day, I had my money on three.. so who won the betting pool?

Anyways, he seems to be enjoying his new mud-free life:

Adriorn group-says 'I had fun yesterday'
Adriorn group-says 'got so bored I started killing ants outside'

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Postby Bilraex » Wed Aug 02, 2006 7:06 pm

Feh, you will be back!

And even though Humans smell and live in that shit hole of a place called Waterdeep, and Rangers , well what can I say about them. You were still my favorite.
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Postby Ashiwi » Wed Aug 02, 2006 8:10 pm

Well drat. It was great to have you around, Adriorn. You were mucho gusto, or something like that. I never took a second language.

Grassy ass, babes, and be good!
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Postby alendar » Wed Aug 02, 2006 10:11 pm

i only have one thing to say...

i can only hope when i do retire, i am as respected and liked (loved) as much as you were my friend.

good luck in all you do.

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Postby Jhorr » Wed Aug 02, 2006 11:13 pm

Adios a uno amigo verdadero de Toril....

Congratulations on your decision.

Warmest regards,
Jhorr (Toraza, etc.)
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Postby Imis9 » Thu Aug 03, 2006 12:00 am

Retirement? Feh, what the heck is that? Real life? I thought we banned that in our charter? :P

Seriously though, good luck with everything and don't let something like retirement stop you from logging on to babble with old friends mightily. You'll be missed around here. Hell, I wonder if I would've kept playing back in '95 or '96 when I died in UM as a newbie if you hadn't cr'ed my ass. Someday we'll get that damn ettercap!

Take care and don't be a stranger,


PS Hey, now we get to split your restricted stock/stock options!!!
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Postby Tanji Smanji » Thu Aug 03, 2006 12:28 am

Forever ~
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