A Plea to Area Creators

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A Plea to Area Creators

Postby Izisayyin » Fri Nov 07, 2003 7:07 am

With the new points regulation system on EQ, it seems like the first thing everyone is doing to the equipment is yanking any bonus status that Psionicists would use.

This is my plea to all of you to please remember Psionicists when you're adjusting the equipment and creating equipment.

We just got all this wonderful new code loving from Eilistraee, and now, as the EQ changes progress, it seems that our +pow/+maxpow/+psp equipment is not just being downgraded, but the +pow/+maxpow/+psp is going away entirely in favor of other stats.

Please, think of the squids!
Tanji Smanji
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Postby Tanji Smanji » Fri Nov 07, 2003 7:59 am

Agree, stop forkin over the squids!
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Postby Ambar » Fri Nov 07, 2003 9:48 am

Tanji Smanji wrote:Agree, stop forkin over the squids!

go color in your crystal thingie!
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Postby Izisayyin » Sat Nov 08, 2003 6:39 am

Izi is still feeling no love.
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Postby moritheil » Tue Nov 11, 2003 7:36 pm

Izisayyin wrote:Izi is still feeling no love.

Hm, how many of the areas that were supposed to come in have come in yet? I'm willing to bet there is better squid eq in the newer zones, just as Orc Halls had better leggings to replace nerfed ones.
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Postby Dizzin » Tue Nov 11, 2003 11:17 pm

And this is something that pisses me off too, why SHOULD orc hall have better eq? That place is a joke to do. First time we EVER did it, took a group of 10 people, a couple of them basically was one of their first zoning trips ever, and even going through super cautiously it STILL only took us just over 2 hours and with like 3 deaths. It's a zone that totes itself as level 35-50, yet it has what, a 2dam pfl helm? Wrist gear almost as good as wrist razors? I've heard the shield even fugging procs now?!

The zone is SG-like in difficulty.. oh.. now I see why it deserved such highend eq.

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Postby Mishre » Wed Nov 12, 2003 8:09 am

Whats a Squid? Illithids? psi's?! fairy tales i say! LIES! LIES! filthy LIES!

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