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time sinks

Postby Grxx » Sun May 02, 2004 1:07 pm

you gotta get rid of or greatly reduce them.

*ress fx, take it out, let people spank in a zone and cr and be zoning again in munutes

*failed ress, why does that need to happen, sometimes a great lot of trouble is went to by a few different people to make sure corpses get pressed and relocated for ress at a later time. then the ress fails and everyone time was wasted. plus the exp that then needs to done

*exp, reduce the amount of exp lost in a death considerably, especially at higher levels, let people play the game and have fun and die without having to do exp for 2-3 hours or more to get back the exp they lost even with the ress. make it easier to get in the first place. why make people struggle to get levels, and some classes are alot harder to level then others. just let them have them so they can play the game. trust me, if someone isnt ready for the high level zone they arent going to be fun. those people will still get a chance to see how much more challenging it gets and stick around doing easier things till theyre ready to move on. maybe say 47-50 is when it gets realy hard and when the exp loss is pretty severe at deaths. let people get zonable fairly easily, make them work for the status levels

*cr's, i think that a piece of eq or an item worn or kept in a bag that would prevent the players corpse from rotting is a good idea, that way if they didnt have time to cr for maybe a day or more they could leave it sit without worry. ive seen a !rot timer on equiped corpses work very well elsewhere but i could see a prollem with lowbies corpses piling up that way
there should also be a way to scrap the cr altogether, a way to get all your eq back minus the exp

*scribing, shouldnt take but a couple seconds to copy a spell. also i can learn a spell in my guild but i can mem one? should be about the same only instead of putting the spells in a book you put them in your head

im sure we can all think of little time sinks we could do without now that were adults with too many demands on our time already

many of us have moved out of our parents basements and into our own houses where we pay our own bills and possibly take care of our own children. we still love the game, we just dont have the time the it requires. we cant get locked into a zone all night forced to choose between a nights sleep and a set of eq that have taken us months or years to build. not cring is rarely an option. so we dont play, as much as we love the game we just cant give it the time it needs. games dont work like that anymore, with real lives and real responsabilties we need things like pause and reset. we have to be able to walk away when work calls or the kid come running in crying. and we want to be able to come back and pick up reasonably close to were we left off and not have to start over.

new players i think are good but with all the other multi player on line games now that are only going to get better and better we need to think as much or more about existing players and how can we keep them around. which leads me to a side topic, old players want new things to do.

time sinks are a big deal, we can do without them, let people just play the game, there no reason to make it take longer to do something with periods of idle wait time. way too much time is spent not playing this game playing this game. this is a game, it should be fun
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Viclor Voddyn
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Postby Viclor Voddyn » Sun May 02, 2004 1:57 pm

I agree with alot of that. I do think ress fx should be completely yanked or shortened dramatically.

And I would reduce xp lost until you get around level 40, that way reses wont become uneeded, but it will put down on the level 20-30 noobs begging clerics for a ress.

But I mean, as far as getting stuck in a huge zone at night....I don't know what could be done about that. MUDs dont have a pause buton, because more than one person is involved.
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Postby Grxx » Sun May 02, 2004 2:14 pm

i only said pause button to make a point. as for getting locked into a cr that takes hours you could simply eliminate the need to cr. let the group vote or something. cring can be alot of fun, it can also be the most hateful and time consuming aspect of the game. with sometimes hours where you just need to hang out by your keyboard and be ready or loose your eq. if the corpse didnt rot it could be delt with when one had time. if there was a 'reset' command of somekind eq could be recovered with a command leaving the player out the exp only and thats enough right there people wouldnt use it unless the needed to. or maybe instead it could be made so the corpse didnt rot so long as it had eq. then you can walk away for as long as you needed to without worrying the whole time youre gone about your eq. then you come back and ask the gods hey, will you please give me my eq? maybe they take a second deaths worth exp to discourage the practice but still help. ive always thought the gods policy not to help with things like that was pretty messed up. it not like they dont undestand, i mean they gotta

and i think 45-47 is where the exp should get herd and the deaths cost like 25% up till then the exp should be fairly easy; soloable. if youre gunna solo fights that are close you should get decent exp worth your effort if you win, with any class. deaths should only cost you 10% or so. that way people can get zonable. and that way people will find it alot easier to muster the courage to explore. sure there are going to be a few "taking advantage" power leveling alt after alt and exploring zones knowing that no matter whut they get their gear back anyhow. but i think this is a good thing. those are the people that got the missing class to complete any zone group and theyre the ones that are gunna be the leaders of the zone. evil pbase would be zoneable alot if we had a leader willing to lead alot. people get burt out and tired of leading

heck pick a day, advertise it, boot the mud with no mobs and give people an hour or two to safely explore all the zones they want in that time. let people map them out, a sort of 'zone leader' training day, i know theres alot more two it then knowing the map but i think it would do alot to give people confidence to lead something theyve maybe done b4 and never lead
Delmair Aamoren
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Postby Delmair Aamoren » Sun May 02, 2004 4:30 pm

could add a diablo like CR option. Option when leaving the game to have your most recent corpse transported to your guildhall. Cost of this would be a) corpse becomes unressable, and b) you loose exp or something. Just a thought.
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Postby teflor the ranger » Sun May 02, 2004 5:14 pm

hack and slash mud!! hack and slash!!!!
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Postby fotex » Mon May 03, 2004 4:55 am

mudding by its very nature is a time sink. if people do not have time to mud, they should not mud. RL > mudding
If I had any clue, I would not mud.

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